Adhaalath Party objects to compulsory creative arts subject in new curriculum

The Adhaalath Party is working ceaselessly to ensure that music and dance are not taught as compulsory subjects with the introduction of the new education curriculum next year, Sheikh Imran Abdulla has declared.

“Adhaalath will take all necessary measures against this,” the religious conservative party’s president said on his Facebook page on Thursday (October 23).

Music and dance have reportedly been included in the new curriculum as part of a compulsory creative arts subject from pre-school to grade three.

Islamic Minister Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed – a senior member of the Adhaalath Party – has also officially requested the education ministry to make the creative arts subject optional.

Asked about the issue at a press conference of the cabinet’s Social Council on Thursday (October 23), Education Minister Dr Aishath Shiham said the whole curriculum was based on Islamic values and codes of behaviour.

“There will not be anything that conflicts or differs with Islam anywhere in the curriculum,” she insisted.

Islamic Minister Dr Shaheem meanwhile criticised the media for reporting the issue in a way that prompts concern from the public.

Shaheem noted that Quran was included as a compulsory subject in the new curriculum and declared his support for efforts to “broaden Islamic education and Arabic language”.

“We value [the education ministry’s] efforts. Along with that, I believe that we can discuss together in a friendly manner to solve the [dispute over compulsory creative arts],” he said.

Shaheem added that he did not wish to comment further on the issue at present.

However, Shaheem told newspaper Haveeru last week that “hundreds of citizens” were concerned about plans to teach music and dance as compulsory subjects.

Shaheem also denied claims by State Minister for Education Adam Shareef’s that the cabinet has approved the new curriculum, which is currently being implemented in a few schools.

While the social council has discussed the curriculum, Shaheem said the issue has not been deliberated by the full cabinet.

He noted that former President Dr Mohamed Waheed’s administration had decided to make music and dance optional subjects.

Several religious NGOs have also objected to the creative arts subject, claiming that music is haram (prohibited) in Islam.

NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf put out a press statement last month describing the decision to make music and dance compulsory as an “insult to Islam”, contending that music is prohibited in Islam.

Shaheem meanwhile warned that forcing children of parents who consider music haram to study the subject could worsen extremism in society.

The education ministry should accept the Islamic ministry’s advice on the issue, he said, expressing confidence that President Abdulla Yameen would amicably resolve the dispute.


20 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party objects to compulsory creative arts subject in new curriculum”

  1. Even Saudi allows dance.

    The education Minister needs to be bold and take on the salafists, who likes to create 'mischief on earth'. Other wise Minister needs to resign.

    Maldives is a small country that does not need such useless internal strife.

  2. It's not that the creative arts such as music and dance are prohibited in Islam. The fact of the matter is that small minded bigots have no idea what the creative arts is all about.

    Yes, the education ministers boldly needs to say "overruled" to these bigots.

  3. Music can be taught in islam.. Arabic Nasheed are allowed just not instruments or female dance. They only tried to stopped music instruments that against Islam.

  4. Bloody hell; the people will be concerned when this much hypocrisy is depicted!

    If these subjects do not fit into categories that should be taught in schools of the Maldives based on principles of Islam, then come out with proof and say it in another gig " FOR THE RELIGION, FOR THE NATION " one more time!

    There is no difference these subject being taught compulsory or optional!

  5. Music always bring joy to human life and wonderful subject to motivate teenagers.

  6. I hope the government has the courage to stand against these primitive people.

  7. ha hahahaaaaaaaaa
    yooooooohahaha magots,really magots, run,run
    where is ali rameez?

    sorry he stopped singing

    what can we do now?
    thothube will sing

  8. It is really unfortunate that the focus of the argument is being lost. The question really is whether we are prepared to make music and dance compulsory if the we have chosen to be Muslims given that the more conservative Muslims would not see it as counter to their beliefs.

    If these can be offered as electives, it may reconcile all differences. Then all those parents who want their children to adopt music and dance will have the choice. if you do not want to be forced into wearing the hijab, you should not impose your own views on music and dace on others either.

    Lakum deenukum valiyadeen!!

  9. it would be more suitable for an Islamic nation to make hijab compulsory, because no religious scholar says wearing hijab is haram, but many religious scholars say that music is haram, so where is the so called ethic freedom for those who believe that music haram?

  10. "Shaheem meanwhile warned that forcing children of parents who consider music haram to study the subject could worsen extremism in society".
    So what? You can always shoot them if things get worse. Salafi is actually an insult to Maldives. We don't need their opinion.

  11. There shall be no singing, dancing, music, painting, poetry or sports in the new curriculum.
    The only compulsory subjects shall be Islam, Islam, Islam, Islam, Islam and Islam.
    Got it?
    (Indian visa office is still closed. Go to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan)

  12. @MOHAMED

    One day hijab will require, we must take a step first always move toward Islam.

  13. Is there anything better than seeing children singing,,dancing,playing ,smiling,laughing--as happy as can be..If that offends anyone,,then in my opinion,,there is something sadly wrong with you..

  14. thou shall only grieve, never smile, thou shall live in fear, and never reject joy. though shall only ask for forgiveness (even though thou have no idea what thou should be forgiven for).

    thou shall look at woman as sex objects that needs to be covered, and if she is not, thou shall behave like an uncivilized animal and lose thous control fulfill the animal desires.

    thou shall judge others and find faults cause thou will be judged on judgment day. so might as well judge others and sin like freak.

    and thou shall reject living life. thou will only submit to fear, anger, remorse & jealousy.

    this is the adhaalath way.

  15. @asstar

    I agree. Most islam teachers are abusive thugs who should have no business teaching anything even remotely related to Islam.


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