AG Office appeals to overturn Civil Court’s ruling on Addu City Council

The Attorney General’s office has appealed at the High Court to overturn a Civil Court ruling that the criteria established by the Local Government Authority to determine cities are invalid.

The High Court of the Maldives said that the case was now in the High Court but it had not yet scheduled the hearing.

The Civil Court delivered the verdict day before yesterday after the case was filed in the court by Hassan Nasir of Hulhudhoo, a citizen of Addu Atoll.

In response to the allegations in the trials conducted in Civil Court the state argued that the Decentralisation Act does not say that the presence of all the members of the Local Government Authority are required when making a decision.

However, the judges ruled that the Local Government Authority was a national institution, and therefore its work was to be conducted similar to how other institutions were conducted.

The first time President Mohamed Nasheed declared Addu Atoll a city, the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) filed the case in Civil Court, citing a law that a Local Government Authority shall be established to make a city, and the Local Government Authority shall also establish a criteria to determine cities and determine whether the subject atoll metthe requirements.

The Court then ruled in favor of DQP and ruled that president did not have the authority to declare Addu Atoll a city without completing the procedure mentioned in the Decentralisation Act.

The day after, President Nasheed established a Local Government Authority consisting solely of Home Minister Hassan Afeef. Afeef established the criteria and determined that Addu Atoll mets the requirements to become a city. The president then declared Addu a city for the second time in January this year.

With four days before Addu was to hold its City Council elections for the first time, the Civil Court ruled that the Local Government Authority’s criteria was invalid and the Elections Commission was forced to cancel the City Council elections.


6 thoughts on “AG Office appeals to overturn Civil Court’s ruling on Addu City Council”

  1. Question to be answered by ALL PARTIES, GOVERNMENT,POLITICIANS,COURTS AND ALL CONCERNED INSTITUTES.Why the hell on earth we had an election to decide a CITY or whatsoever before the the council election.WHY THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY IDEA OF ALL THESE NONSENSES TILL NOW.WHY NO CONCLUSION WAS MADE BEFORE THE ELECTION.Who will take the responsibilities?
    Now i know that the government,all parties,politicians,institutes and courts acting now are nonsenses.Non of them is working accordingly.So greedy and selfish, works only for their own benefits.
    This is time to stand up and work for a better Maldives.WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER MALDIVES.We need to have body or a party to be registered to solve all these useless colors.We have flag it SHOWS the colors of nation.
    I kindly request from Dr.Munawwar to come out,register a party and try to solve all these probs that our nation is facing.We will support it and grow it by the people and for the people.If we look into any corner of this country we can see the darkness ahead of us.there is no light at all.No parties are working for the nation.They all works for their own benefits.
    If Adduans are not eligible to vote then the rest of Maldives too.It clearly shows that laws,rules and regulation is not by the people and for the people.
    Its the majority of Adduans, who decided addu to become a city.So all should support it and make it happen before this election.But every single person try to create problems into this matter .No one supported to have it solved. What a nonsenses they all have created and they all have failed.
    We know that there are lots to be done in addu to become a city.Still we can go forward and build it with they way that adduans need.Improve health care,education,running water,sewage,roads and create jobs.Thats first Aid or basic needs to begin with.Lets built it all Maldivians get the benefit from it.We(adduans) are in reality in a worse condition then ever before.Lets have action before the words.”Yes we Can”

  2. Why are u asking Dr. Munavvaru to form again another party? how can he solve it? Clean the courts and the Judiciary first and then all will get fair trials and Justice will prevail......we don't need another party to be fed by our money again....

  3. Finally we have come to a conclusion after a huge challenge faced from all people without common senses.It is very clear for me and all those who has their common senses, that Addu should be voting for a city council.

    We had an election earlier to make up our minds to decide whether we will be voting for a city council, and from a good poll Adduans has decided it will be voting for a city council.This was very clear to all Maldivians.The decision of the citizens of Addu.Where all laws,rules and regulation should be applied accordingly.
    The one who went court with this matter at the last stage does not know how to write or read and there is no school he has attended.He does not know that what he was doing.means that some stupids are hiding at the back stage by hoping that they can win.But everything went against their will.
    If majority is on one side, Addu to be a city, those hypocrites should be cooperating instead of creating problems and putting themselves into hatred of the majority.
    How they can open their mouth now,who will accept them from the society if they are so negative and without any vision for the mission.They do not see the big picture and the real image.
    If anyone wants be a politician them first of all they should have a good vision of future or otherwise they will be failed at the very beginning.They will feel it now.The result of their work.
    Addu is place with +30'000 people.They are so keen to develop their home land.If anyone has doubt about it go and see the history of Addu.
    How many years they have suffered,how many offers they received to develop it and its all been rejected by former Governments.But let us all Maldivian be with Adduans and cooperate with all bodies to develop Addu for a city which can be better then any city in Maldives.There are lots to be done to reach the final stage.There will be lots of challenges ahead of us, but we will not turn back again and we will go forward to reach our goals.
    We will have hatred within the society it is very clear to all Maldivians.But lets keep the jealousy on one side and keep moving forward to achieve the vision and decision of Adduans.It will be benefited by all citizen in Maldives.

    At least we have a city name, means that we should be provided with our basic needs in next few months or within a year.We have schools,hospitals,roads,international airport and port but those areas needs lots of improvement.We do not have running water and sewages,these areas also should implemented.We are not only
    just working for name.We are hoping for addu to be develop as a good city in next few years.

  4. Addu boy,,,well said,,,I hope your dream comes true.Ask your people to have great pride in their Atoll,if they show this,then the whole world will want to see..Good luck...

  5. Bye bye DRP....even if u get a chance to rule this country from 2013 u cannot play what u have been palying with the people of God...u guys thought ppl from Addu were ppl of another race, color or origin


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