Alhan Fahmy questions impact of Gayoom’s political return

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Alhan Fahmy has heavily criticised former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s return to the Maldives, claiming the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) honorary leader’s sole motivation to re-enter the country’s political landscape is to keep alive his family’s leadership legacy.

Fahmy claimed that he believed Gayoom’s presence will not ultimately help the cause of the DRP.

”No matter how many candidates from the DRP run for the local council elections, the party cannot win these elections,” Alhan claimed. “The DRP cannot also win the presidential elections for the coming 500 years.”

Representatives for the DRP were not available for comment when contacted by Minivan News in regards to Fahmy’s comments. However, DRP Deputy Leader Ibrahim Shareef said earlier this week that the assistance of Gayoom during the local council elections would be welcomed, though he added that the party’s leadership had not at the time been informed of his exact plans.

“He [Gayoom] is our honorary leader and enormously popular right now,” Shareef said. “While we will appreciate his help during campaigning, we have not been informed of his plans right now.”

Gayoom last year publicly announced that he was leaving the field of politics and would not get involved in such affairs anymore.

However, he has since promised DRP members, including former Deputy Leader Umar Naseer, that he would return to help with campaigning in local council elections, though Gayoom stopped short of confirming any future presidential ambitions.

Fahmy, who was himself a former DRP MP elected to parliament on the party’s ticket, was dismissed from DRP after he voted against the party in a no confidence motion concerning Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed back in 2009.

Fahmy has also criticised the religious Adhaalath Party, claiming it was attempting to topple the government by using the religion as a political weapon.

Recently, Adhaalath Party member and former State Islamic Minister, Sheikh Ahmed Shaheem Ali Saeed, resigned from his post over concerns he held about government policy in relation to Islam.


23 thoughts on “Alhan Fahmy questions impact of Gayoom’s political return”

  1. I doubt if Formaru face another erection with all his experience, he can get 99.9%, my estimate is around .0001%.

    Lets wait and see.

  2. Maumoon's son Gassaan is running for Thimarafushi Island Council. This is why he is in Maldives. to support his son. With Maumoon Qayoom it is always a family matter. gayoom, i pray allah teaches you a lesson for your nasty ways.

  3. How does Adaalath Party come in the picture.. :).... This article is about what Alhan Fahmy feels about Gayoom returning to politics.. So what is Adaalath doing there...

  4. adhaalathu meehunge keeehnnu moyamoon faidhoshah sajidha jehsiyey emeehun ves arabihyya ge dhidha moyamoon lahvaa nagaa iru ekalaange faidhoshah sajidha jahaankan ney ge ennu emanthiri ge bodubudhah saa vaaneyo

  5. Only Maumoon can save us now... Maumoon might be a corrupt and a dictator - but Anni is worse.

  6. All of u may utter out what u feel. Even now gayyoom will get the most votes in a pubilc election.

  7. A high-class whore berates a hypocrite. Sigh! When will we be free of these wind-tunnel speeches which are probably paid for by the second. Sad state of affairs we're in.

  8. @Yupe
    i agree. Anni n crew is not only corrupt but the guy doesnt have control over how the country is run.

    Worse is an understatement.

  9. In a way, many people who really disliked Maumoon will feel relieved at this turn of events. After being too quiet, and giving us doubts on whether or not he truly is cunning dictator material, he seems to want to return to his former place in our hearts.

    What we are observing here is the wiles of an old broken, dangerous man.

    Anni is not great, but his vision is the closest to anything i want for maldives. I will support him and stand by my vote.

  10. not a fan of Maumoon, but neither of Fahmy the hypocrite.

    i have not forgotten, Fahmy's praise and worshipped words during presidential elections towards his excellency the one&only maumoon.
    I have also not forgotten Fahmy using religion tool to promote maumoon and defame Anni (ganjabo rhetoric remember) during the presidential election.

    SO Fahmy should is not the right person to make above comments(in article), UNLESS he admits he is or was a hypocrite and apologizes for it.

  11. Maumoon is the king. Maumoon is the center of contemporary Maldivian politics. Its is a struggle between his supporters and those who hate him.

  12. I love this quote: ”No matter how many candidates from the DRP run for the local council elections, the party cannot win these elections,” Alhan claimed. “The DRP cannot also win the presidential elections for the coming 500 years.”

  13. "The DRP cannot also win the presidential elections for the coming 500 years...".

    A ridiculous statement without substance and coming from some one like Alhan who does not know what to do with his words.

    If democracy will mature in this country as we hope, winning in elections will depend on the principles of the party members. MDP does not have it yet and neither does DRP...

  14. I WILL VOTE for Anni firstly because he is democratically elected President; secocndly he has some flaws but that is due to his inexperience but credit goes to him for making Maldives so popular in international forums because of his Global Warming issues. Today, all rich & mighty nations are aware of Maldives.

    I WILL NOT vote for Gayoom because of his family first agenda; dictatorship, bringing religion extremism in the country, high rate of unemployment, un-progressive attitude etc etc.

  15. @yupe and @hussein,
    During Gayyoom's rule you two would probably be in jail and beaten up, for mention "anni" in your comment.

  16. Maumoon is still the most popular statesman in Maldives. He's million times popular than Anni, the President of MDP.Dhen la la

  17. Maumoon's popularity is no more .He returned just to create trouble here. We do not need a haggard to lead our country.He is history now.


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