Alliance française celebrates World Music Day in the Maldives

Alliance Française Maldives (AFM) celebrated World Music Day for the fourth time in the Maldives, in a music festival this weekend featuring local artists and a mesmerising performance by Abaji, a multi-talented musician famous for his proficiency in playing wide range of unique instruments.

World Music Day originated in France and through the years it has spread to more than 110 countries which celebrate it every year with amateurs and professionals presenting their music together.

This year’s stage for Fête de la Musique (World Music Day) was set at the Sultan Park on June 29, well attended by both locals and foreigners. From the loud thumps and beat of Bodu Beru group Habeys, to a sizzling performance by all-girls rock band Majenta, the crowd was enjoyed the music in a chilled environment.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the festival was the performance by the French vocalist Abaji. The musician of Greek, Armenian, and Turkish descent presented an array of unique musical instruments with such perfect ease and vocal rendition, that left the crowd gathered near the stage speechless.

“That is so amazing. How does he do that?” asked one spectator as the crowd cheered.

According to the Alliance Française, the event setting gives the original ambiance of Fête de la Musique in France, as during the world music day every musician is free to express their artistic talent in public places such as streets, parks, or squares, creating a festive atmosphere.

Alliance Française is an NGO based in Male’ since 2009, teaching the French language and giving an insight into French culture, and promoting cultural diversity. With over 500 students in the city, the NGO is teaching French in public and private schools, in resorts, and conducts evening French classes for adults in the National Library.

According to the AFM 2012 website, the group has chosen to organise monthly events with a view to maintain coherence within the francophone and francophile groups, to facilitate meetings among like minded individuals and spark creative projects.

Founded in Paris in 1884, Alliance Française is a non-profit association giving the opportunity to anyone to learn French language and enjoy the culture of French speaking-countries worldwide, with over 1000 centres across 136 countries.

More information is available on French lessons and cultural events at the Alliance Française website.


8 thoughts on “Alliance française celebrates World Music Day in the Maldives”

  1. Ummm music is considered haram in Islam. So why are these people partaking in haram activities? All the scholars in the Maldives agree on this.

  2. Music is indeed haram and in a ideal country we could punish such degenerate ppls who like such stuff before they start influencing young peoples. No matter how much munafiqs like wives and concubines want to dance to iblees, music is a forbidden thing and we should work to forbid it.

  3. The work done by AF in association with Sikka-Nooruddin alliance is beneficial to those who are interested in it.

    Also as the financiers of Minivan who bankrolled the outlet at a financial loss for several years I believe their events should receive coverage here.

  4. What what what.... Music...where is the beard trotting Adalath sakers. Music is haram. We don’t need haram stuff. We need halaal stuffs like Jaariyas and concubine fests at our schools to educate them.

  5. i went there... That's amazing! specially i want to say "cheeers" to the boduberu group performed with Abaji. They are talented. and they performed very well with abaji. i did not know the name of the boduberu group. But they are the most amazing boduberu group i ever seen.

  6. It was a great show....Abaaji n Habeys Boduberu group did a fantastic job....


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