Asian Centre for Human Rights calls for travel ban for those responsible for Maldives’ “judicial coup d’état”

The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has recommended the international community impose travel and other restrictions against President Mohamed Waheed, Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz and Supreme Court Justices Ahmed Abdulla Didi, Abdulla Saeed, Adam Mohamed Abdulla and Ali Hameed Mohamed.

“The time has come to ensure that all those who subvert democracy and the rule of law are held accountable by denying visas as well as any association including employment opportunities by the United Nations and other inter‐governmental organisations,” stated the regional NGO, which has special consultative status with the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

In a damning 12-page report on the current situation, ACHR declared that the Supreme Court should not have entertained the Jumhooree Party’s (JP) “frivolous petition” to delay the run-off polls after the November 9 re-vote, as the party had placed third and was not even contesting the poll the following day.

“There is no guarantee that the second round of election will be held on 16 November 2013. There are legitimate apprehensions that the ongoing election processes will be subject to further litigation before the Supreme Court is compliant to Gayoom’s forces. There are also legitimate fears that the elections slated for 16 November 2013 will not be free and fair as the Maldivian Police and pro‐Gayoom forces will resort to violence,” the ACHR warned.

Noting that strong calls by the international community for free and fair elections had had “very little impact” and been rebuffed by President Waheed, “the time has come for the international community including the United Nations, European Union, the Commonwealth and India to take decisive action to restore democracy in the Maldives,” ACHR stated.

The organisation in its report recommended:

  • President Mohamed Waheed should not be recognised as President of Maldives beyond 11 November 2013 and engagements with all the diplomatic missions of Maldives be downgraded until a legitimate and democratically elected President takes over in Male through the run‐off election slated for 16 November 2013;
  • Ensure that no new agreement including for bilateral and/or multilateral aid is signed with the Government of Maldives until a legitimate and democratically elected President takes over in Male through the run‐off election slated for 16 November 2013;
  • Ensure a travel ban through denial of visas to Mohammed Waheed and four judges of the Supreme Court of Maldives namely Justices Ahmed Abdulla Didi, Abdulla Saeed, Adam Mohamed Abdulla and Ali Hameed Mohamed and the Maldives Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz by any member State of the United Nations;
  • Ensure boycott of Mohammed Waheed; four judges of the Supreme Court of Maldives namely Ahmed Abdulla Didi, Abdulla Saeed, Adam Mohamed Abdulla and Ali Hameed Mohamed; and the Maldives Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz including through denial of employment or any invitation to any programmes organized or hosted by the United Nations and other inter‐governmental organisations;
  • Ensure  that Maldives is  suspended as a member of the Commonwealth in  the  CHOGM  2013  being  held  on 15‐17  November  2013  if  elections are  not  held  as  scheduled  on  16 November 2013.

The organisation noted that the Maldives was today coincidentally due to be re-elected unopposed to the UN Human Rights Council, despite having no legitimately-elected government.

“The re-election of Maldives as a member of the UN Human Rights Council at the UN General Assembly today despite having no legitimate government in Male is a mockery and sends an absolutely wrong message about the UN Human Rights Council. The credibility of the United Nations can only be restored through suspension of the membership of Maldives from the UN Human Rights Council like Libya in 2011.” said Suhas Chakma, ACHR Director.

Earlier today the US government said it was “deeply concerned” by President Mohamed Waheed’s “unprecedented decision” to remain in power past the mandate of his presidency, which expired on November 10.

“This action has endangered the Maldivian people’s right to elect a leader of their choice,” stated the US Embassy in Colombo.

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird also slammed the Supreme Court’s “disappointing” decision to delay the run-off vote until after the expiry of the presidential term, which he said “undermines both the Maldives’ constitution and the people’s faith in elections.”

“The term of the current government has now expired without a newly elected government to replace it. This is the case despite two free and fair elections over the last two months,” Baird remarked.


18 thoughts on “Asian Centre for Human Rights calls for travel ban for those responsible for Maldives’ “judicial coup d’état””

  1. Just a few days to election, these kind of malicious publicity is damaging to the whole country. Maldivians are now rallying against such activities which they view as againt the country rather than Gayoom. And guess what - these kind of punitive calls are damaging to MDP. The common view is MDP is in a devilish Aliance with the Human Rights groups to introduce gay rights etc..

  2. @Praise to USA. How sure are you of elections happening on the 16th? for me NONE. Maldivians deserve better

  3. Yes yes yes... Words words words..
    However more important, Minivan News,

    What is the current breaking news ?

    1. what is happening between Gayoom and Qasim
    2. What is happening between JP and MDP?

  4. Praise to USA, Please talk from your mouth and refrain from doing so from your your back side. It stinks to high heavens, What is proposed was 30 days over due. If International community did the necessary application of punitive action today we would not have faced this mockery of democracy and this impertinence

  5. @hasan,
    I am quite sure elections will happen on 16 november. let Maldivians handle this internally. human rights groups will fight for perversion because these groups are created for protecting people that do not believe in a society that wants peace and harmony. you only need to look at MDP's presidential candidate to know what these groups are about. that guy will destroy our nation in the pretext of development and social. the journalists here are his agents.

  6. @Praise, sorry but totally disagree. International support and intervention is exactly what the country needs. All the cronies listed in the article should be thrown behind bars for the next 20 years and have all there assets auctioned and returned to the Maldivian people.

  7. Hussain please grow up. This world revolves on ways and means. We have the ways and we have the means. What is proposed will remain until our Royal becomes the President of this country. We are well informed of what w3as comning and buck stops there, Ha ha

  8. 30 years over due much less than what we inherited during 3 years dictatorship.

    Nasheed ( not MDP) is only then man who is trying to destroy our economy for his own personal benefit.

  9. If this ban stands for 16 days there will be no long term real harm done, if everyone is working for the good of this nation, a free and fair election would happen on 16, if not they would face the full force of this ban.

    Lets see...

  10. Coup after coup? Where is democracy? Be sure Waheed will stay there as long as he can.

  11. Now how can an independent person believe the words of so called Maldivian politicians?

    Are you sure the run-off will happen on 16th?

    I think the only one country in the world waiting until midnight to get a signed list from candidates? What a rule is this?

  12. The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) is spot-on with their sentiment. Thank goodness that not all rights and freedoms have yet to be stripped from the citizenry. Perhaps this is due, in part, to the courage and professionalism of independent media ie Minivan News. One can only hope that fear of the unknown will abate and all will cooperate to fulfill the needs of deserving Maldivians.

  13. Still bad mouthing Maldives on human rights?

    Maldives just won the UN Human Rights Council Seat.

    Now swallow your words.


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