Court extends detention of seven arrested in anti-government protest

The police yesterday summoned 22 people arrested in the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) protest on Sunday night to the Criminal Court. Fifteen persons were released under conditions and seven were given up to 10 days in pre-trial detention.

The protests erupted in response to the decision by Dr Mohamed Waheed to remain in the position of president after his constitutional term ended at midnight.

In a statement, police said that the 23 persons were arrested on charges of objecting to police orders, obstructing police duty, breaking police lines, and throwing objects such as stones and water bottles at police officers trying to control the protest.

Police said that 19 men and four women were arrested in the protest, with one woman being released without having been summoned to the court.

In the statement, police accused protesters of vandalising a traffic light on Sosun Magu and destroying a security camera in the Roashanee building.

Police said that the protesters threw stones and water bottles at police officers in the area close to where journalists were covering the protest.

It was also reported that protesters set ablaze a barricade on Sosun Magu and stopped two public buses, jumping into the bus, assaulting the driver and attempted to overturn the vehicle.

Police said a journalist was injured in the protest after being hit by an object thrown by the protesters. He was subsequently treated at ADK hospital and was released the same night.

On October 21, Waheed has said he did not want to stay on as president when his term expired.

“It is not in the best interest of this country if there is no elected president when the current presidential term ends on November 10. I do not want to stay in this position even a day beyond November 11,” Waheed told the press that time.

The Supreme Court verdict, which annulled the first round of election held on September 7, also said Waheed’s government should continue past November 11 if there is no president elect.

The Jumhooree Party (JP) and Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) have pledged their support to Waheed staying on, but former president and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) presidential candidate Mohamed Nasheed has called for Waheed to resign, allowing a transitional government under the Speaker of Parliament to oversee elections.

Minivan News understands that defence chiefs arrived at the President’s Office prior to Waheed’s address to the nation, initially scheduled for 10:30pm on Sunday. The address was delayed an hour, before Waheed appeared and said he would resign on November 16, the date scheduled for the delayed run-off vote.


4 thoughts on “Court extends detention of seven arrested in anti-government protest”

  1. Hmm
    Just wondering if the defence chiefs that met with Waheed just prior to his announcement to stay on fully supported him or gave him an ultimatum not to stay beyond 16th.

    Why has he had to flee to an atoll? Has the army refused to provide (sufficient) security?

    We have all discussed the prospect of International Pressure in the Maldives. Because of the typhoon disaster in the Philippines, do not expect as much attention over the coming weeks. The game has changed, the Maldives is now relatively unimportant. This is good for Gayoom bad for the average citizen.

    I would certainly not enter the streets and get hurt. the police are ready for you, you cannot win over gas and bullets.

    Its for your so-called Parliamentary members to stand up and be counted and in particular the Speaker. Anyone can administer the investiture oath to him in an emergency, even the Army chief. I doubt this will happen. The MPs will lie cowering until the 16th, just to see the election then delayed or annulled.

    I reiterate, due to Philippines The Maldives will fall off the International radar for a while, be ready for more democratic atrocities.


    1. It appears Gayoom is BACK and now meeting with Qasim as I write.

    2. "President Nasheed said that President Maumoon's wife's brother and former cabinet member Ilyas Ibrahim will join MDP in the second round of the election."


    3. "Also said that Qasim Ibrahim and Jumhooree Party is also changing and said that in the jumhooree party's Office also an MDP flag has been casted"

    Interesting this appears in CNM and nowhere else.

    Comments anyone?

    Are we seeing a massive re-positioning?

  3. The criminal judge in Criminal court stamped only 5 days pre trial detention to the inhuman savage ruthless animal who attempted murder on a small beautiful 3 and half child and her mother who also happened to be the victims elder brother. Reason. This lady was one of MDP member of parliaments wife and the child was his daughter. How is that for justice, In another country this criminal would locked up indefinitely and would have got punishment for this kind of crimes by the inmates themselves.

  4. “It is not in the best interest of this country if there is no elected president when the current presidential term ends on November 10. I do not want to stay in this position even a day beyond November 11,” Waheed told the press that time.

    There hasn't been an elected president since February 2012 - he seems to have forgotten.


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