Assistant registrar files complaint against Supreme Court

The former Assistant Registrar of the Supreme Court, Fathimath Latheef, has filed a case against the court in the Employment Tribunal accusing the court of unlawful dismissal.

According to her lawyer Mohamed Fareed, Fathimath was performing the tasks of a full Registrar prior to her dismissal on September 15.

Fareed claimed that the court did not give her termination notice prior to her dismissal and paid no compensation, accusing the highest branch of the judiciary of breaching the Employment Act.

He also alleged that the court decided to sack Fathimath following a complaint she filed with the Department of Judicial Administration, concerning the sudden transfer of her duties to a newly-appointed Secretary General – an individual who Fareed claimed was the wife of a Criminal Court Judge and member of the Judicial Services Commission (JSC).

“Because of the transfer, Fathimath no longer had the right to perform the duties of a Registrar, which was legally entitled to her under court regulations. She wrote to the judges at the Supreme Court regarding the issue, however the matter was not resolved,” Fareed said.

He also accused the Supreme Court of abusing its authority in appointing the Secretary General to the court, adding that the case had already been forwarded to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

Deputy President of the ACC, Muaviz Rasheed, confirmed the case is now under investigation.

Minivan News is currently seeking a comment from the Supreme Court but the office was not responding at time of press.


4 thoughts on “Assistant registrar files complaint against Supreme Court”

  1. It's interesting that the apex court also could act in breach of law! Vow! Who will then uphold the law? The Supreme Court is said to be the court of last resort, when all have failed to administer justice, but it seems the Employment Tribunal is expected to do justice that the final court of appeal could not do.

    The readers, if you can remember, this is what I have said about the Supreme Court elsewhere that the court's administrative orders are not equivalent to its judicial orders which are binding on all others. The case in question is one of the court's administrative decisions, in this case to fire an employee unfairly as she had claimed. If all decisions of the court's bench whether made individually or collectively are binding, then no appeal lies in the Emplooyment Tribunal from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court must live up to its postion in the judicial system.

  2. Isn't this part of the Judicature Bill, just being implemented late? And even if the new Secretary General is the wife of a Judge, if she is capable and qualified then it is not patronage.

  3. I hope the supreme court doesnt sent a writ saying that the tribunal cannot oversee matters relating to itself. was this not the case a while earlier with regards a defamation case?
    it is interesting how the supreme court sees itself. all decisions of the court whether judicial or otherwise, have a binding effect according to them... sad, when they are the highest court of law and they cannot distinguish between the two. wonder if they know what accountability means 😉

  4. Asst Registrar thinks she was the registrar? Just becoz Latheef was asked to do some duties in the absence of a registrar she thinks she was the


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