Attack against “moderate” Afrasheem an “attack against Islam”: Gayoom

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has alleged the murder of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MP Dr Afrasheem Ali, whom he claimed was a leading local advocate against Islam being seen as an “extremist religion”, was an attack on the country’s religious identity.

Gayoom, acting head of the PPM, made the claims at a memorial ceremony held for Dr Afrasheem on his birth island of Raa Atoll Ungoofaaru, alleging that the MP’s murder this week was an attempt by unidentified figures to eradicate Islam from the nation, local media has reported.

Under the Maldives Constitution, it is illegal for anyone to openly practice any faith other than Islam in the country, with nationality tied to following the faith.

According to newspaper Haveeru, former President Gayoom was quoted as acknowledging Dr Afrasheem’s efforts to educate the public on “moderate Islam”, while also raising questions over potential “benefits” to the nation in the significant number of local religious scholars being trained abroad.

“The attack on Afrasheem wasn’t just an attack on him. It wasn’t an attack on his family or his island. It’s an attack against Islam. It’s an attack against the nation. It’s an act by some people who doesn’t want to see Islam prevail in this country,” Haveeru reported Gayoom as saying.

Also speaking during the memorial were PPM MP Ilham Ahmed and the party’s interim Deputy Leader Umar Naseer.

Ilham reportedly told the crowd that he was personally aware of “people” who were discontented with Dr Afrasheem.  The MP added that his fellow party member had ultimately not been afraid to “sacrifice himself in the name of Islam.”

Meanwhile, Umar Naseer reiterated Afrasheem’s view that efforts to strengthen the word of religion in the country could only succeed with political authority.

Umar Naseer, Ilham Ahmed and PPM MP and Spokesperson Ahmed Mahlouf were not responding to calls from Minivan News.

Maldives Islamic Affairs Minister, Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, and State Minister for Islamic Affairs Mohamed Didi could also not be reached for comment at the time of press.


Dr Afrasheem was found murdered near his home on Monday (October 1) after returning from an appearance on the “Islamee Dhiriulhun” (Islamic Life) programme broadcast on state television. He had appeared on the show alongside Deputy Minister of Islamic Affairs Mohamed Qubad Aboobakuru.

Four suspects are presently being held by police in connection to the murder, with the country’s Criminal Court extending their detention for an additional 15 days from Thursday (October 4) as investigations continue.

Authorities have yet to reveal the identities of the four suspects, however the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has alleged that two of its “front-line activists” are among those being detained.

The MDP additionally  expressed concern that the “brutal murder of a respected and elected member of the Parliament” was potentially being used to frame political opponents.

Police have yet to establish a motive for the murder.


30 thoughts on “Attack against “moderate” Afrasheem an “attack against Islam”: Gayoom”

  1. These days when a man spits on the street he's spitting to destroy Islam.

  2. here we go again......Mr. President "emeehaku feyhunu illotteh hereynee emeehegge lolah". If you could recall this is I think the 10th murder this year 2012. I am not mistaken the first ever attack on Dr. Afrasheem was during your time followed by a second and third as well. No action was taken what so ever.... All I see is that you are taking advantage from this incident. Remember you can not fool Allah SW. You may fool your people....

  3. It is not an attack on Islam. It is an attack on MODERATE Islam! There is a huge difference, Gayyoom! Why is Ilham not reporting these people to the police? Why have the police not taken Ilham in for questioning? Is this a time-buying tactic for them to flee? Why is no one questioning Adalat Party about the rift between them and Dr Afrasheem on the late Dr's religious views? Please, don't anyone try to politicise the brutal murder of Dr Afrasheem who stood up for what he believed in. This country will drown in it's own blood, spilled by fundamentalists. Please stop this!

  4. 'Moderate Islam' there such a thing? could have fooled me!!
    Another myth propagated by you retards is.............'Islam is a religion of peace'!!
    There is nothing moderate or peaceful about islam.............which is why muslim countries are the most politically unstable (Maldives) and violent (Maldives) in the world today.
    You are rapidly becoming another Pakistan.

  5. President Gayoom did his best. His best was so slow and monolithic leadership where development project could takeyears to finish. The three years gone by proved golden era of Maldives of all times.The value of the projects are far more than the combined projects of the past.Economic activities, with centre right policy. The ingenuity of attracting hundreds of dollars worth of projects with nothing spend from the government budget- shows government of the people for the people was in place.PPP generated so many foreign investments and housing and sanitation projects at massive scale. Purchasing power shot up with social security. Allegations against Anni - only about baseless slanders with regards to religion and his reaction against abuse of courts. Maldives democracy under Anni has been at full throttle, unprecedented.Who would have thought about life to be like before Anni was voted to power. Who benefited from his policies and manifesto. Election pledges systematically fulfilled for the first time in the Maldives. The youth must garner support for MDP to return to power for a better Maldives.

  6. I wish all our neighbouring countries were either hindu or buddhist, like Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka..........we are stuck with sunnis in the east (Bangladesh).........sunnis in the west (Pakistan).........and more sunnis in the south (Maldives)
    Sunnis cannot live in peace and harmony with other muslims............Ahmadiyyas, Shias, Sufis...........never mind us cow worshipping kafirs!!

  7. this deranged man had time of 30years to bring development to the Maldives.All he ever did was build and airport with tin cans and wht you could have achieved for the people you DID NOT!!!for the sake of everyone put a sock in it!!!

  8. dear 'moderates'

    anyone who has problem with Islamic fundementalism has problem with fundementals of Islam. You will not be rewarded on judgement day for being moderate or for spreading fitna and heresy in the land while pretending to be islam scholars. remember that for ur consideration.

  9. Hussein, I don't think any muslim should judge other muslims. And really how do you know who is to be rewarded and who not? Only Allah knows and if you really belive in the fundamentals of Islam, then you should know that too.

  10. Hussein on Sat, 6th Oct 2012 11:25 PM

    "anyone who has problem with Islamic fundementalism has problem with fundementals of Islam. You will not be rewarded on judgement day ..."

    Is that the day you get "rewarded" with virgins and endless amounts of booze? I hear that virgins are rationed according the "good deeds" you managed to carry out in "this life". What a load of old bollocks! Anyway, if it makes you feel good about yourself, then by all means believe in that man made crap!

    Go and learn to live with "human beings", regardless of colour, race or religion. You might even enjoy the experience.

  11. Right, Mr Gayoom, suppose you tell us who it was who attacked Dr Afrasheem soon after he returned to the Maldives?

    YOU were the President then. If YOU think an attck on Dr Afrasheem was to eradicate Islam from the Maldives. tell us what actions you took againsat those who attacked Dr Afrasheem.

    Gayoom thinks everyone else has short term memory loss like he has.

  12. He is not serious. I am sure he is not serious on this one!

    Pure Islam does not tolerate democracy. Period. Those that are trying to establish Islamic democracy, is trying their best not to feel helplessness, and utter dispair at the stupidity of their ancestors in not realising uselessness within such diametrically opposed systems.

    Islam is a way of life. The life of Arabian bedouins.

    Democracy is a way of life for capitalistic markets.

    For those who wish to shutdown their brains, Islam is the choice. Arabia is ignorant, arrogant, stupid, totally dependent on others, even to the point of needing help to wipe themselves clean after defecation... Yep, Islam suits these imbeciles perfectly.

    Conflicts happen when those with brains, start questioning those ideas that do not seem logical.

    Since beginning, there has never been peace, calm, prosperity, in any of the nations infested with these opposite ideas.

    There never will be in future either. The only time it looked stable is when there was total isolation and these communities never had any idea what's going on in the rest of the world.isolation is not a luxury available now.

  13. @missIndia: I think it is better for you to think of what is happening in your back yard. Take precautionary measure to avoid such acts like the killing of the baby girls. Millions of babies were killed each year.

  14. a good president who is named as a dictator by foes of Maldives and the MDP but never was there any case won against him in any court even though Ex-President Mohamed used mass resources of the government to do so.

    this man build a nation.

  15. Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom is no person to talk about the religion of Islam.

    After building a 40 million Dollar palace with the peoples's money he abolished the calling of "Bangi" from Bandaara Mosque. He was angry about the calling from the loudspeaker, as, he claimed he cannot sleep due to the sound.

    He aboolished Heavan and Hell in the school text books.

    The Presidential Commmittee found to find out Gayyoom's corruption found out that the greatest amount of money spent by Gayyoom's palace was for ALCOHOL.

  16. What about Gayooms own attacks on religious scholars when he was the president of Maldives. Feeding prisoners and political detainee’s food mixed with powdered glass so that prisoners would die of unknown causes.

  17. Maumoon says Afrasheems 5 years of service is equivalent to 50 years of service. I would like to correct the calculations ..."Its actually 57 years 7 months and 4 days" ....

  18. Hello Gayyoom ... are you sure that tis is an “attack against Islam”:... cos if you are, then, we should all come out to defend Islam dho ....?

  19. Islam does not have moderate versions, extreme versions, Islam itself, as per Quran and Sunna, is moderate. The Sharia is moderate. Islam is deemed extremist when sharia is accepted piecemeal.It is a code for the humanity. Whoever,Muslim or non-Muslim, implements the injunctions would benefit with concrete results. Our ignorance of Islam does not affect its prestine form, divine code. Think out of the box and better come out of the shell of little knowledge.

  20. Gayyoom was exactly correct. There are people hell-bent on making this country a multi-religious place and all of them belongs to MDP. What a coincidence? There is no doubt in anybody's mind (except the reedhoo) that this is a politically motivated murder funded by MDP. The suspects are all front line MDP hardcore activists.

  21. All religions are extreme in its original forms. Reformation of Islam to give Islam a moderate colour is difficult because Muslims are unable to reject Sharia and disclaim its divinity. The infiltration of violent Islam to Maldives is proved by the killing of moderate Islamic scholar which is believed as the biggest threat to original violent Islam. The peaceful Maldives is facing two biggest evil to civil harmony, poor social and economic condition and infiltration of Al-Qaida. Maldives can be rescued only by banning Islamic studies and preaching of Islamic teaching. Otherwise Maldives will soon be in the same level as Afganiatan and Pakistan. Maldives should be branded as Muslim moderate country that gives no rooms for Wahabism and role model for countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. May be Maumoon is the tool for such task as he can use Islam itself to make Maldives as moderate Muslim country. All Mullahs should be banned and Maumoon should be licensed as only Islamic preacher in Maldives.

  22. @Joking Aside on Sun, 7th Oct 2012 4:44 AM

    "Islam is a way of life. The life of Arabian bedouins.

    For those who wish to shutdown their brains, Islam is the choice."

    Your ignorance or arrogance or both amaze me. Whilst Islam is about as good or bad as any of the other religions of the world, you have shown callous regard to the contribution of Arabs and Muslims to the world.

    When most of the world, and in particular the West was murdering each other and plundering the land, Arabs and Muslims carried on with the work of science and philosophy started by the Greeks. They made great efforts not only to preserve the knowledge they inherited, but also made their own remarkable advances in many areas of modern science.

    In fact, we owe much of the comforts of modern life to those pioneering Arabs and Muslims. Heaven forbid, should you fall ill. If not for those "bedouins", you would have very little chance of surviving today. This is not hearsay or anecdotal evidence. These are well established facts! Consult your nearest library or place of learning to find out about the contribution of Arabs and Muslims to the modern world as we know it.

    I'm afraid that you have "shutdown" your brain. If there's still anything left in it, you may find it useful to study some of what I've just outlined.

  23. @Joking Aside on Sun, 7th Oct 2012 4:44 AM
    “Islam is a way of life. The life of Arabian bedouins.
    For those who wish to shutdown their brains, Islam is the choice.”

    Here's one more piece of trivia for you. Do you know how the modern day Oxford University came into existence? Christian monks got wind of the remarkable work in science and philosophy being carried out by Arabs and Muslims. They dispatched brigades to learn Arabic and translate their work into Latin.

    Scores of Arabic literature were translated laboriously by those monks, leading to the foundation of establishments, such as Oxford University. Many people know about its Christian foundations, but few know where they initially garnered their knowledge from.

  24. Moderate Islam? What is that? Never heard of such a concept before.

    Islam in its true form, like many others have mentioned here through the comments, is violent. Very violent. In fact, the most violent in my opinion and this was seen when Innocence of Muslims was released just recently. Democracy can't co-exist peacefully with Islam as it claims divinity, and therefore science and rational thinking are considered the way of the infidel. Just ask around about issues like global warming or the decrease in resources like marine life, and many Maldivians would say that their god would provide them fish and make sure their country stays above water forever.

    Unfortunately, the average Maldivian did not speak up against the wahhabees when they had the opportunity, and now, they are taking control. No more freedom of speech and ideas. Congratulations, the new Pakistan.


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