Attorney General resigns claiming job untenable in parliament-caused “constitutional void”

Attorney General (AG) Husnu Suood has resigned claiming his position is untenable in the “constitutional void” triggered by parliament’s failure to enact legislation ensuring the continuation of state institutions such as the judiciary after the interim period.
Suood publicly called for Speaker Abdulla Shahid to follow his lead, after the Speaker cancelled a special session of parliament yesterday intended to resolve interim matters – such as the appointment of Supreme Court judges – before the deadline yesterday.

Following initial reports in the media from opposition MPs, the president’s office issued a statement confirming it had received a letter of resignation from the AG.

In his resignation letter, Suood stated that he had resigned because he did not believe that the state could be operated according to the constitution, because he had noted that state institutions had failed to fulfil their responsibilities as obliged by the constitution.

As a consequence, Suood wrote he did not have the opportunity to perform his own duties and responsibilities under article 133 of the constitution, prompting his resignation.

“His legal opinion is that his job is no longer tenable until the Majlis enacts the appropriate legislation,” said Press Secretary for the President’s Office, Mohamed Zuhair.

Suood appeared on Television Maldives (TVM) this around noon blasting parliament for failing to legislate the continuation of state institutions by the interim period’s deadline yesterday.

Opposition DRP MP Ali Waheed meanwhile stated that the resignation of the AG “proves the disobedience of the executive to the laws.”


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  1. Ali waheed is whale blubber. If we put Ali waheed in the constitutional void we can fill it permanently.

  2. i think anni can say parliament not functioning... garaaru to replace all the MP s with "councillors"... then he can do whatever he wants...this is the crap our country is in.. i regret voting to bring this stupid idiotic self centered manipulative scheming ppl to power.

  3. who is ali whaeed. one thug planted by golhabo to make sure this country sinks. now maldivains shall see the bitterness of voting for thugs like ali whaheed and nihan...

  4. Ag Suood I respect your decision. The system has failed and you r responsible as well for the failier and you have shown a very good example to the rest taking the responsibilty of your part. Lets see who will be the next.

  5. Y does the speaker have to resign? He isn't the one who has to vote and pass out all the bills in the parliament. If the members do not want to continue, how could he? what's the use of having a parliament session, if there is no progress?

  6. It's about Anni resigns and give the opportunity to someone to get us out of the big mess Anni made. Let's face it. He is only good to bring down governments, not managing a government. He has to step down now. His ministers are now even not obeying his orders.

  7. I bet that if the sides were different today(DRP in power and MDP as opposition) in this situation,I'm sure Ali Waheed and even Azima Shukur will claim that they've not misused or failed as the executive, and their actions are within the law. Such hypocrites every damn person in our political arena are.

  8. Check out the responsibilities and powers of the Speaker Moron.

    I'm happy you call yourself Moron.

  9. "As a consequence, Suood wrote he did not have the opportunity to perform his own duties and responsibilities under article 133 of the constitution, prompting his resignation."

    So he believes anything he do now as AG will be considered illegal. Yet, he might be asked to do jobs which he would not like to do and for which he might have to be responsible, and even tried, sometime later. He cannot refuse to do these jobs if he is AG, so I am not surprised he resigned.

    Not a good move for the government, but it is probably the best thing for him to do for he has to save himself from possible but unwanted complex issues.

    This might even be the beginning of another 'silsila' resignation. (resignation en masse) Who knows?

    It appears to me now, that another election inevitable.


    Perfect :=)

    Also hats off to Uz. Husnu Sood for having the courage to do the honourable thing.

    President Nasheed may have called Abdulla Shahid the Speaker an 'honourable man' but I can bet my bottom dollar he will not have the guts to resign.

  11. To bring the situation under control, Anni should arrest the former dictator and his partners such as Yamin, Abdulla Shahid, Jangiya. We should not destroy our beloved country for the sake of 4 corrupt thugs

  12. @ Jameel

    The truth of the matter is that we are going through all this unwanted hassles because there are few people who want to save the asses of Yamin, Jangiya, Gasim, Ablo Shahid and others like Redwave Saleem who thinks they have got secured themselves by burying themselves in MDP

    If we pull down these five crooks, you'll be surprised how many other crooks will come crumbling down with them...

    Wait and see.... The time is ticking and it's getting closer!

  13. It is time for President Nasheed to resign and handover power to Dr. Waheed

  14. "Ali waheed is whale blubber. If we put Ali waheed in the constitutional void we can fill it permanently."

    best comment i heard yet!

  15. Meanwhile Dr. Waheed has been laughing at Anni and is waiting for the next bad move from Anni, which could be as early as tonight. Dr, Waheed is one smart politician for partnering with Anni.

  16. It is time for the President to save our country. Lift up your heart and do what you have to do. The reason for all this today is your failure to arrest the most corrupt and deadly group of the x-regime. Having them to play around with our politics now we will never have peace in the country. Legal or illegal you have to do it and it is the right time as they have gone mad and spilt enough of our blood. Mr President, we respect your diplomacy but think it is ruining our small country.

  17. What both Husnu al Suood seems to purposely forget is that,

    Article 301 (a) of the constitution stipulates that the presidential elections should take place and FINISH before the 10th of October 2008.

    However since the elections was taken on the 8th of October 2008 and since neither candidate secured the required majority, the presidential election had to go to its second round of voting, which took place on the 28th of October 2008.

    Hence the Presidential election which was supposed to be completed BEFORE the 10th of October 2008, was completed on the 28th of October 2008 which is beyond the period stipulated in the constitution.

    Hence the LEGITIMACY of the president is itself in QUESTION, because he was NOT elected before the stipulated date i.e 10th October 2008.

    If he believes that since his election was not completed before the stipulated period in the constitution, then he should RESIGN or we should hold a referendum as suggested by MP Nasheed to see if the public affirms the current president who was elected after the constitutional deadline of 10th October 2008.

    So should an illegitimate President that was elected after the constitution deadline of 10th October 2008 Resign? and follow Husnu al Suood out of the door? and into his imaginary void?

  18. we shudnt worry abt wat Ali Waheed says as he is a pawn of the old regime, his studies in malay were paid for by them. so hes indebted to them for the rest of his life. hes there puppet.
    Azima shukur also same. Her whole family was luked after by the Gayoom. so indebted for life. and even now shes lukin after thasmeens court cases, so hes maintains her.

  19. The responsibility for this mess lies squarely on the shoulders of President Nasheed. His priority should have been to look immmediately into the embezzlement and looting by the former regime and prosecute those responsible.

    Instead, he turned the "other cheek". He is now reaping the rewards of that spectacular mistake.

    The only way out is, to start afresh. Amend the Constitution having found its shortcomings, and hold general elections. We need a new Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and Independent institutions.

    This time around, no one with business interests should be allowed to hold political posts such as MPs or party leaderships of any sort. Time to clean up once and for all.

    We cannot patch a botched system.

  20. anni is only i....llegal president... courts are illegal.. only MDP people are the just and the truth. they are never corrupt... they never bribed majlees izzaiytheri members, they only demonstarte peacefully in designated areas.. anni will never run for president.. doesnt want it... he only came for the good of us... zaki is not corrupt musthafaa is not corrupt.. mariya studied on clean money... only MDP people were taught waith cleasn money.. rest of allmaldivians 30- 40 yrs were unlucky to have been born during that time as somehow they benefitted from old regime.. so they must be with maumoon.. but forget conveniently that we voted to bring u to power..we have to wait for current babies to grow so that we will see saafu thaahiru ppl. if u r yellow u are mathi baavalevi saafu ..

    stop all this hypocrisy and start governing.. earn respect .. we respected you and brought to power but u have lost all of it bu putting your thugs on the road.. life has become hell.. dhoo dheegen dhoo libeynee ves..


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