Beatings and arrests of more than 100 MDP supporters in Addu: Mayor Abdulla Sodig

Amid the apparent stalemate in Male’ on Thursday as foreign diplomats and journalists flood the capital, hundreds of MDP supporters in the country’s second most populated area are reported to have been beaten and arrested in a police crackdown today.

Addu City makes up the southern-most tip of the Maldives and is the second most populated area in the Maldives after the capital Male’, with approximately 35,000 people. Like Male’, 100 percent of its councillors were elected on MDP tickets in the most recent local council elections. It was also the scene of the recent SAARC Summit.

Minivan News was informed just after 2:00am on Friday morning that arrest warrants had been issued by Meedhoo Court for the arrest of all Addu City Councilors. Two councilors are already in police custody, a source claimed.

Addu City Mayor Abdulla Sodig was attacked by approximately 10 individuals while taking a phone call outside the City Council on Wednesday night. He claimed his assailants were associated with opposition parties Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), and several other groups.

The attack on Sodig came as members of the public, allegedly supporting ousted president Mohamed Nasheed, burned and closed police stations and courts in islands across the Maldives’ south.

Sodig, who sustained injuries to his wrist, back and head, has said he is currently “hiding in a safe place” and has not seen his family, who are also “hiding in separate places.”

Sodig described the attack as an ambush. “They jumped over the wall and surrounded me before I could run, and began beating me to the ground, then jumping on me. If they had had knives, they would have killed me.”

“Two members of the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) were in the state house next to our office, and were notified. When they came the attackers began pulling me by one leg towards the road, but then they ran away,” he explained.

Sodig said his family has since received threats “that they would come for us, and torch our house.”

In what appears to be a retaliation for last night’s activities, members of opposition parties are now said to be assisting police to beat and arrest MDP members and activists in Addu.

Sodig reported that 100 people, including minors, had been arrested as of 7:00pm while an arrest warrant had been issued for council members.

Sodiq said he became aware of the situation when Deputy Mayor Hassan Shahid informed him that he was under police custody.

“Before the arrest, these people – no, thugs- lead the police to the homes of [MDP] members, beat them up while the police watch, and then the police arrest them,” Sodig explained. “One person has told me he was first pepper sprayed, then beaten, then arrested.”

Addu police had not responded to phone calls at time of press, however Police Media Official in Male’ Ahmed Shiyam said police operations are being carried out on all islands affected by last night’s violence.

Earlier today, police reported damage to public property on islands in Gaafu Dhaalu, Shaviyani, Gnaviyani, Haa Alifu and Raa atolls.

“The police are now investigating the violence of last night and arresting those responsible,” Shiyam said, adding that those assisting the police are “not the opposition.”

“These are only members of the public from those islands who are helping the police, they are just local civilians,” he emphasised.

Shiyam said he had not received any reports of violence being used during the investigation.

An expatriate teacher working in Addu told Minivan News that while unrest continued until 12:00pm today, shops and offices had opened this afternoon and that the streets are currently quiet. “There was a lot of uproar yesterday but things seem all right now,” he observed.

However, speaking on the condition of anonymity an individual familiar with last night’s uprising reported that members of opposition PPM, DRP and the 23rd December coalition began assisting the police early this morning.

“Around 9:00am the police began going around with these opposition members and arresting people. They even walked into people’s homes when most people were sleeping, they beat them in their beds,” he said, adding that “most people they’ve arrested weren’t even involved in last night’s protest.”

The source said police, whose vehicles were destroyed last night, had patrolled Addu in MNDF vehicles until 6:00pm tonight. He said he had heard they would return to the streets around 10:00pm.

At the moment, streets appear dull. “MDP is afraid, they’re staying in. The police have gone rogue,” he said.

Following his attack and threats made to his house and family last night, Sodig said he requested police “to give protection to the public and the government buildings, hospital and power station. But the commander said he couldn’t do anything.” Sodig added that to his understanding there are enough police forces to protect the people of Addu and maintain law and order.

“But they have failed, I don’t know their motives,” he said, adding that MDP members “are very frightened, they are hiding.”

Sodig was unclear if tonight’s attacks are being carried out on the order of the current government, the newly appointed Police Commissioner Riyaz Rasheed, the local commander or no official commander at all.

“Security services should not allow people to come and beat other people. If there are problems in the city police should address those problems, but they should not involve other members of the public. This is against the law,” Sodig elaborated.


25 thoughts on “Beatings and arrests of more than 100 MDP supporters in Addu: Mayor Abdulla Sodig”

  1. If Nasheed had an ounce of patriotism, he would have discretely accepted his loss of mandate and gracefully stepped aside to let the legitimate authorities get on with the task of governance.

    Instead, he has chosen to throw a tantrum and rallied his thuggish footsoldiers with the sole purpose of bringing this country to the precipice of destruction and bureucratic collapse and, I fear, beyond.

    Ostensibly, he thinks he can persist until he gets his way - the very definition of terrorism - all the while he will pander to the international media with his sensationalist rhetoric in order to portray himself as the victim. Pathetic.

    Nasheeds administration is over. Let's put that unfortunate episode behind us and move forward as a people and rejoice when order is finally restored.

    As for Eleanor Johnstone, I did not appreciate this piece of propoganda on her part. In any event she has, as I have stated prior, overstayed her welcome. Packing her belongings and leaving would be the decent and appropriate thing for her to do. I sincerely wish her well in her future endeavours.

    I also see no further reason that Minivannews should continue to exist. It has demonstrated time and time again that it is no more than a conduit for unpatriotic villains to spew their hate-laden messages, forment destability and ruin our image in the eyes of the international community.

    We deserve better and we shall have better. God bless the Maldivian people.

  2. @tsk tsk
    It is astonishing that you exist as a human being, really. By your writing style, it appears that you are an educated person. That being the case, I can only assume that you are a paid commenter on this website by members of the old regime that have illegally ousted a democratically elected president. What other reason could it be?

    Maybe the numerous videos posted all over the internet of police brutality against peaceful protesters are actually propaganda too?

    "let the legitimate authorities get on with the task of governance."
    I'd love you to explain what you mean by legitimate in this context but we all know that would be an impossible task for you. You should think a little bit more before writing this nonsense, really I may have to come down hard on you from now on if you're not careful. Tsk tsk 🙂

  3. tsk, tsk, what legitimate authorities? He is the legitimate President who was forced to resign at gun point. This is a coup and not a resignation. Sure he can write a letter and sign it as you would if someone points a gun at you and ask to sign it.

    Why should he stay at home and let the thugs ruin the country?
    Most of the Maldivians who voted for him did not vote for him to stay at home. They voted him as President and it is his national duty to the people that he tries and get on with what he was mandated to do.

    It is his patriotism that has to be welcomed that he would not allow a bunch of thugs to have a coup and then brutally beat the suppress the people of Maldives.

    I think you better get your eyes checked as well or you may go blind if you do not see the peaceful demonstration of innocent men and women attacked by the brutal police force of Maldives.

    I have not voted for him before but I am going to vote for him now at least once just to get rid of these thugs that has taken over my country.

    I also pray for Maldives and pray that people like you do not exist in Maldives and mighty Allah save us from people like the you and the Police.

  4. tsk tsk,

    If you have an ounce of patriotism you would STFU!

    You and your ilk have caused enough damage, I'm sure you blame Nasheed for the mutinous police mercilessly beating civilians and arbitrary detentions happening right now.

    As for your aversion to media reporting the news rather than the drivel you see on VTV or DHITV and now of course the newly liberated TVM. I suggest you stick with them. You have nothing to fear from Minivan, Aljazeera, BBC as none of your benighted foot soldiers watch/read these channels, understand or care as long as a few scraps of gold are thrown their way. As for you, you have mastered the art of Double Think, pesky things like facts do not effect you. So please leave Minivan alone, this propaganda machine is all we have left now.

    Mark my words we are not you, to be happy like a dog in a golden kennel. I would rather be a pauper free on the street. I am one person who voted for the Nasheed administration, and I demand justice for myself and the majority of Maldivians. Unlike you I define a majority based upon a free and fair election result. I would even accept you as our President if you won the majority- well alright, I'd tolerate you as President.

    I'd have to agree with you on one thing we deserve better. Better compatriots than you too.

  5. hey tsk tsk.

    You dont deserve any blessings from Allah. Because you're just a tool of pedophiles and colonialists.

    We are protesting against the unjust massacre of Maldivians. We don't need your god USA$.

  6. The above poster is no doubt one of the paid robots of Gayoom and sadly is unaware that the truth and demacracy will prevail no matter how long the abuse of human rights in the Maldives continues. this news site has been the only truthful vehicle of expression for the Maldives in years. Nasheed is who the people love, not the corrupt narrow-minded power hungry dictatorship .

  7. Calm down, everyone.

    tsk tsk is just a Gayoom minion. He has nothing to offer to any conversation except poisoning the comments section of Minivan News with baseless allegations, ad hominem attacks and Golhaa propaganda.

    I would suggest tsk tsk to watch the cartoons playing on the golhaa media and confine himself to that invented world where Nasheed has 'lost a mandate'.

    Leave reality to the rest of us.

    The last election I remember was swept by Nasheed's party in every major population center.

    And maybe they forgot to show on the Golhaa media, but the rest of us who only have access to Minivan propaganda and um.. the streets, saw the thousands upon thousands of supporters who spontaneously marched through the cities of Male' and Addu in support of the democratically elected President.

    But of course, we're all just victims of this propaganda outlet with a heavy bias towards reality.

    Carry on, tsk tsk. Enlighten us more on how things are taking shape in the golhaa universe.

  8. This would have never happened if President Nasheed has acted within the constitution even when working to reform the judiciary. Clearly no one is above law. Then again, I think the Police and MNDF should have told him they would not agree to unlawful orders, forcing him to resign was perhaps not the best thing to do.

  9. ah, and wasn't it the intention of your masters to engineer a collapse from the get go? and who are you to talk about patriotism, law and order while making threats to minivannews and eleanor johnstone? who're you to decide whether somebody has overstayed her welcome? we've seen police and military defect and take up arms against their leader. we've seen them make decisions on their own, without command. we've seen ex militarymen enter defense headquarters to make demands to the elected president. anni was wrong to arrest a sitting judge. but that does not validate the actions of the military or the police just as that the cases of misconduct filed against abdulla mohamed with the jsc does not give anni the authority to arrest him. everybody acted outside the constitution. but after that crackdown, one could not help but recall the blackness of 12 and 13. i vote for complete abolishment of armed forces in the country. let UN peacekeepers maintain the peace here.

  10. I was not a big fan of Nasheed because his ideas are too Western for me but I will also vote for him in the next election because we need democracy and I would love my children to live in a free and fair country.Long live Maldives.Dictators PLEASE GO...

  11. Oil and truth will come up! Proud of the courage of all those who are not afraid to bleed for their righteous principles: JUSTICE, fairness, equality!

  12. we need prosperity and dignity. Life is not all about power and iron fist but a smile on the faces as necessary as the sunshine to flowers. Our lives are at stake. Our nation is at a cliff. We need to sort this out. the responsibility lays on you; from the very little cubs to the lions.

  13. Tsk Tsk you must be high on something. A legitimately elected democratic government was overthrown by a coup. This isn't about what party you are supporting, but rather about being a Maldivian and protecting our right to vote for a democratic government ands saying NO to military rule.

  14. LOL...crazy nuts all of you...
    I dont see any beating while arresting anyone in Addu..I am also here and things happened in front of me....
    by the way, Nasheed had the chance to be in the chair and obviously he acted like a kid with a candy...and lost all his senses. Not saying Army did not force him...but its for the better. I can see now everything clear...because I use my brain than what all media feeds me.
    Obviously Nasheed would wants to be in the office does Maumoon and anyone else. You all keep facts aside and act on what you believe is true or what you think is truth.
    What made this move of police in your city Sodiq? Obviously your city was burnt to ashes by 'some thugs'

  15. Speech after resignation of Joker he mentioned he will not harm the Maldivian, but his supporters peaceful rally cost of 50 Million Rf damage to the public building and vehicles in addu. even now he is aware because of his unlawful act against judiciary led 22 days of protest where nothing was damaged no harm to any Maldivian. Last moment 7 Fabruary police wanted a guarantee from the joker that they will not be given any order against constitution of Maldives which he couldnt give resulted him to resignation. I ask MDP members why he was not able to give guarantee to the police ? FYI he was against law at first place. Joker is doing the same which Hosni Mubaraku did during the 18 day protest in Egypt, he gave a emotional speech that he will die in Egypt ... bla bla, effected lot of Supporters of regime and ppl who did not support mubaaraku resisted against protest at Tahrir squar. People of Maldives will never accept this joker.

  16. tsk tsk i tell you man, you are something.
    listen my friend when you and your 100 supporters went on 22 nights of protest and with a climax where maumoon loyalist police and army joined with you, we the rest of the citizens were in this country as well. Though we were not in the streets or just because 100 or 200 police and army were not on our side does not mean we don't count. Where has nasheed lost mandate? He is elected president and because you have managed to oust him via a coup, does not mean all maldivians accept what happened.
    you can call everyone to come to streets with Yellow (those who want Anni to finish his term) and Pink (who support the coup) if you want..yellow would outnumber your pink i tell you. OR you can call for a fair election (which i believe you are afraid of) then also we'd have the same results..

    Im no Anni worshipper or MDP member, but what happened in this country today is very wrong.
    Some opposition leaders with huge financing and vested interest, used religion heavily at one point against Anni, and later pretending to protect constitution and human right of one mischevious judge, planned all this and over threw a govt which still had people support. except the few hundred gathered everynight last three weeks.

  17. Oh my friend , you need to observe the actions of Anni in his period of presidency. I dont need to justify you ! You knows that and no one can fool the public.

  18. The police was absolutely brutal on Tuesday. I can see from the Presidents Office window how well organized and well laid out their plans were. Before President Nasheed was brought by about 20 or so of these thugs, they had made sure that the crowds on the street could not come to his aid and protest in support. It was absolutely scary the way they operated and I witnessed the way they tried to manhandle him. Just to make sure he made the announcement. This is clear evidence that they have preplanned and orchestrated the coup. Why should we give into thuggery?

  19. If MDP activists throw stones and bricks at Police its ok ? If MDP activists burn Police Stations down its ok ? If MDP activists attack police its ok ? But if the Police strike back then its Police brutality ? What kind of logic is that ?

    If MDP activists attack Police and then hide the next day, then they should also anticipate that Police will find out that it was they who did it and strike back. Screw the law, i support the Police attacking anyone and everyone who attacked Hithadhoo Police station with every bit of force as the activists themselves themselves they used... Not just MDP. MDP , DRP or PPM, no-one should think they can attack Police and get away with it....

  20. Nasheed lost his claim to be a legitimate ruler of this country when he went against the constitution and ordered the arrest of an opposition judge. The people had a right to protest against this crime against democracy.

    And then the poor old 'victim' ordered police to use arms to disperse protesters and the police, proving their loyalty to the Maldivian people, refused.

    Nasheed has done a great job of portraying himself as a victim and canoodling with the Western media. Now, ostensibly, it's a fundamentalist take over. Funny how the fact that those same 'fundamentalists' were allied with Nasheed when he won the election- we didn't hear anyone saying the fundamentalists had been voted in!

    His cronies and 'partey' supporters are spreading public disorder and damaging public property. They torched police stations and burned down courts. Hardly a 'peaceful protest'.

  21. Dr.Zoroopa, that is precisely what I have been saying.

    You are, of course, entirely correct in your assesment. I breathe a sigh of releif that I am not the only sane end intelligent person on this website after all.

  22. People of Maldives! Our Brotehrs and Sisters in ADDU CITY are been arrested and brutally tortured. They are been taken in a Coast Guard, and tortured at sea. MDP Member Ibrahim Ismail and a Lawyers Team who went to Addu city to give legal support, has been hijacked by PPM Thugs and There uniform forces. PLEASE RAISE YOUR CONCERN FOR THE PEOPLE OF ADDU CITY! AND SHARE THIS MESSAGE
    *** Kharlues***

  23. tsk tsk. you been studying from the same old books as gayyoom? they're outdated. you go and support your dictator while hiding away some place safe and while brainwashing thugs to beat up the rest of us. that is what you want. you're not a patriot. you're a hypocrite just like the crooks you're mouthing off here for. you are a puppet on a string same as waheed is for the same tyrannical lot of power hungry thugs. down with puppets! down with the puppeteers.

  24. tsk tsk and "dr" zooropa,

    What's so unconstitutional about using the military to hold custody of a corrupt judge, who passes 'get out of jail free' cards to his fellow thugs? If Nasheed had put him in prison, awaiting trial - the people he had put into prison unjustly would have surely murdered him.

    Here's something that's 'unconstitutional' - deposing president Nasheed just because he wanted to bring justice to the people of Maldives, instead of a select few from Maumoon's family.


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