“Best solution” is to let court of law decide relocation controversy, says atoll council

Shaviyani Atoll Council Vice President Mohamed Arif has claimed that newly appointed councilors did not decide to move their administrative office to Funadhoo in Shaviyani Atoll by themselves, but rather they ”decided to do as the laws state.”

During the first meeting of Shaviyani Atoll Council held last Saturday (26 February), it was decided to move their administrative office to Funadhoo from Milandhoo in Shaviyani Atoll.

Arif said that the relocations were based on requirements outlined under national law regarding local councils and that only a superior court should rule on their legality.

However, the Home Ministry has stated that the council did not have the authority to decide where the administrative office will be held on the back of decision by other councilors also deciding to relocate an office based in Maafushi to Thulusdhoo.

Police have today sent officers to surround the Administrative Office in Funadhoo in order ”to watch over the building and any assets in it” according to Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam.

”The councilors are inside the building. We are there to watch over the building,” he said. ”We also appeal everyone to respect the decision of the island court.”

Milandhoo Island court and Funadhoo Island court have each issued warrants regarding the issue.

Milandhoo Court yesterday ruled that the Administrative office of the Council should be in Milandhoo, while Funadhoo Court ruled in favor of having the Administrative Office in Funadhoo, a decision Mohamed Arif has asked police to uphold.

“Police have to respect the two court rulings, why do they have to follow only one ruling,” he said.

Arif added that the police were active in the island wearing full riot gear that he claimed had caused issues such as psychologically affecting children and women on the island.

”Just imagine what it would be like to see a huge police squad in riot gear for small children who have never witnessed something like this,” Arif said.

”They [the police] are not doing anything, they are just waiting outside the Atoll office in Funadhoo.”

Arif said the local council believes that the best way to solve the relocation issue will be to let a superior court of law solve the issue.


One thought on ““Best solution” is to let court of law decide relocation controversy, says atoll council”

  1. Oh dear, we're trouble before these Councillors have even found their seat!

    Why are we criticising the Police for being in riot gear? They need protection. Who is going to protect them if some drugged idiot launches an armed attack as has become common place on the streets of Maldives today?

    If you love your children and want to keep peace, it's your responsibility to reign in your children who are out drugged on the streets committing crimes. Parents bear the ultimate responsibility.


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