Boy missing in Male’ discovered in Addu Atoll

Police have located missing 14 year old Ahmed Laizam Latheef on Hithadhoo in Addu Atoll, after his family reported him missing at 11:30pm on Wednesday night.

Laizam is from Kashmeeruge in Seenu Feydhoo Atoll but was living at Ma. Velagala in Male’. His family reported him missing after he left home to pray in the nearby mosque across the road but did not return.

A family member told Minivan News the boy was not used to going anywhere alone, ”and he only goes to the mosque by himself as it is very close to our house.”

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said Laizam had taken a boat to Addu Atoll where we was staying with relatives on Hithadhoo.

“Police confirmed he was there, but he was sleeping so we didn’t disturb him,” Shiyam said, adding that police are now investigating why he left home.

“At this time, we can’t say why he left home,” Shiyam said. “He went by himself – nobody told him to go.”


8 thoughts on “Boy missing in Male’ discovered in Addu Atoll”

  1. JJ Robinson,

    Could you please explain why you have disable the comment section for the news article about Hilath?

    The site has a mind of its own. Try now.
    -Minivan News team

  2. He apparently left because his parents had internet disconnected from his pc. He was upset about this and went back to his grandma.

  3. Didn't his parents claim that the boy never goes out alone, and the mosque was an exception as it was close to home. Big fat liars.....

  4. Why in the world did the police just leave him sleeping?!! They found him, but didnt bother to wake him up? A cross country missing child search and they didnt even wake him up?! What is this police department doing?!

  5. What other lousy excuse is there in this story..

    - A boy leaves home never returns, No one is alerted, not the media. And we are fine with it.

    - He is found after 3 days and no one wants to know why he left.

    - What a bullshit country has this place become..???????

  6. @ Really?

    Completely agree.
    The child should have been woken up. Even if it was at 3.00am that the police knew about the boy in that house, he should have been woken up and questioned by police.

    This incident tells us once again that our police lacks proper training not only in dealing with their cases but also in dealing with the public.

  7. This boy must be a relative of "Bodyfenvalhugey Seedi" Seedi walk on water, one day people see him on Male' the same night they see him on some island North of maldives, South of Maldives..

  8. maybe the boy was in the mosque and then suddenly a winged creature descended before him. the winged creature smiled at him and spoke in arabic:

    "Tslq Z̧hry. Yjb ʻLynā al-ʻWdh al-Á Blād·hm."

    and then he swiftly scooped the young boy on his exquisite back and carried him from Male' to Addu on a wonderful journey of discovery and enlightenment.


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