Canadian government’s statement “misleading”, “one-sided”: Maldives Foreign Ministry

The Maldivian government has expressed “disappointment” over a “misleading” statement by the Canadian Foreign Ministry, which accused it of threatening to arrest its political opponents with a view to eliminating former President Mohamed Nasheed’s candidacy in an upcoming election.

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, a member of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG), issued a statement on July 27, in which he stated “It is clear that the arrests of senior officials of the Nasheed government are politically motivated. Such actions are completely unacceptable and must be reversed.”

“The threats of the present government to arrest its opponents, including former President Nasheed – the only democratically elected president in the last four decades – so as to prevent his candidacy, undermine that government’s credibility and violate its undertakings to the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group,” Baird said.

“The Maldives has been given the benefit of the doubt by the Commonwealth so far. Continued intimidation, illegal arrests and other authoritarian tactics by the present government may require the Commonwealth to consider a different approach, in our view.”

Canada’s statement preceded a rally by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s government-aligned Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM), at which senior party figures blasted the government for not being able to “put down” Nasheed “and his 200 hounds”, and called for the ousted President to be “put in solitary confinement”.

On July 24, former Justice Minister under Gayoom and current Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel, described Nasheed, his party and the Raajje TV station as “enemies of the state.”

“We will take action against whoever incites violence against the police, no matter who it is or what kind of position they hold or have held in the past,” Jameel vowed.

Following Nasheed’s resignation under controversial circumstances on February 7, the Criminal Court issued a warrant for Nasheed’s arrest.

Nasheed’s government had detained Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed, accusing him of “taking the entire judicial system in his fist” in order to protect the remnants of Gayoom’s administration from prosecution for corruption and human rights abuses.

The warrant was never acted on by the police, amid tense confrontations outside Nasheed’s residence.

However police this week ordered Nasheed to attend police headquarters on August 2, to answer allegations in a tapped phone conversation that he had request supporters “fight back” against police.

“The Waheed administration is currently demonstrating a clear pattern of abuse of power and tactics aimed at removing President Nasheed from the upcoming Presidential race,” claimed MDP Spokesperson, MP Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, who was himself recently arrested.

“The letter to summon President Nasheed is baseless and fails to state any specific charges. The letter refers indirectly to attacks on police, vandalising of police property and claims that their observations have led them to believe President Nasheed is responsible for such events.

“This summons is an attempt by the Government to thwart the progress of the Commission of National Inquiry and former President Nasheed’s participation in upcoming elections. Furthermore, members of the security forces have openly issued death threats to President Nasheed.

“In the absence of any specific criminal charges, “we are of the opinion that the only safe course of action will be for President Nasheed to provide a written statement without physically entering the police station,” Ghafoor said.

However in its response to the Canadian government, the Maldives’ Foreign Ministry said it “would like to make it very clear to the members of the international community that the government has not arrested, nor has it made any threat of arresting, its political opponents.” the Maldives Foreign Ministry responded.

Instead, the Ministry stated, “it is the prerogative of the Prosecutor General to decide on whom and when to charge an individual of criminal offence.”

“As part of a reform programme launched in 2004, the Maldives adopted a new Constitution with clear separation of powers between the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government.

“The Constitution also established several new State-bodies, such as the Prosecutor General, and the Human Rights Commission of Maldives. These institutions are fully independent from the Executive branch of the government, and indeed assert their independence.

“Now that these institutions are independent, everyone, including our valuable friends in the international community, should be prepared to accept the decisions of these institutions,” the Ministry said.


30 thoughts on “Canadian government’s statement “misleading”, “one-sided”: Maldives Foreign Ministry”

  1. Comeon at least ask an Arab dictator to give a positive comment or something supportive of Coup leader Waheeds government.

    UN is biased, Commonwealth is Biased, CONI is biased, UK is biased, Denmark is Bisaed, Unicef is biased, Chuck Noriss is biased,

    everydamnone is against Baghee Waheed, this is like school yard bulyying.

    Please, please,please the international community say something positive about about Baghee Waheeds Government.

    Sigh!!!! We are getting humiliated.

  2. First when Najeeb was killed it was because Nasheed freed him (killer) on second chance, Next when a cop was killed (criminal released by approval of Jameel) It was MDP. Then UN report was forced by MDP. Now the canadian concerns were forced by MDP. I wonder if they are gonna say if one of the wives of the current government leaders get pregnant that MDP did that ?? OR is responsible ?

  3. I would like to say to Maldives’ Foreign Ministry, that we Maldivian will bilive the current JSC, at all. and also the courrecnt Govvement.

  4. Can Iran not say something nice about the govt? Or North Korea? Perhaps Mugabe might oblige?

  5. I would like to say to Maldives’ Foreign Ministry, that we Maldivian will NOT bilive the current JSC, at all. and also the courrecnt Govvement.

    The Courrent Goverment came to power with Coup and This was a join Coup's from the Maldives Top Business Peoples.

  6. Dr. Samdu, Kaley hadaan ebahuri tha Kaley ge Bahppa yaa, thimaage meehun that Bagawai kohgen Male Jalu ga maraa li hadaan, Eka maku kaley thihee eige sababun Dhivehi Rahyithunge kiba in badalu hifaa vadeh dhoo.Aharen faharaku ves hiyeh nukuran Dr. Samdu thigo that vaane ekey.

  7. For the first time after Fathula, we have a foreign Minister who actually defends the Maldives (or does his job properly) rather than sell Maldives cheap to the foreigners.

    Thanks for standing up to bully tactics.

  8. Ali Baba,,n his 40 thieves can see how it's the END, just dont know how to end it.
    Maumoon cannot accept CONI,
    Waheed will not resign in any outcome by CONI,
    Jameel n Riyaz r threatening the very basic human life of all, no exception,
    Dr Sammad is high on Alzehimer's medications,
    he forgot 7th n 8th February were events in male not in nepal',
    n all the above are asking for Nazim sir's protection!!

    are u kidding me??

    am sure the killing of the poor police man was instructed by ppm, or Riyaz, so to creat a commotion n drama,

    The reality is threats are not only verbal by this regime, it's physical n documented so they can't hide behind Mamoon's Jubba cox he is wearing shorts now!!
    thier threats r real n seen on tv n on social media day in day out,
    they can't creat another Nasheed, cox only this Nasheed will win 2008,2012 or 2013,

    finally Abbas riza, check ur self in a mental facility
    now or never,,,

  9. hehehe dear samad dr. waheed took you from a dustbin so what else you might say and who the hell are you, you ass-----ole

  10. LOL on Wed, 1st Aug 2012 3:37 PM

    You are not at all creative while you use something someone else used as a name here to comment. You should be ashamed of yourself for doing that. I got good news for you! You can use this LOL to comment here as much as you want as We are heading to Mauritius on holiday.

    I made myself heard on this website, proved that there are non believers in Maldives. My comments were never accepted on other website such as (haveeru & Sun) I thank minivan whole heartedly for accepting my comments. I tried to fight but why should I do that when I have all the freedom and liberty I need? Now you all can pick this LOL to comment here. Spread your lies and propaganda. Nobody will stop you. Low IQ locals will believe you. Not people with critical thinking.

    And when I say I'm gone, then I'm gone. I might consider commenting again when my holiday is over in 15 days but there is no point of doing it. Will not quit and start commenting next day like others did. LOL

    Have a good life all! LOL.

  11. This government's perpetrators against democracy and human rights violated police law and military law and feeling dignified being in the government. They betrayed the President the people elected and disabled the constitution by taking the law and legality according to their convenience. Captured for power for themselves.

    How many statements would it require to explain that. International community must understand their position. they need help to have a decent exit strategy. They have been arrogant conspirators against the will of the people and rapid development of Maldives.

    Well, it is humiliation when people did not join their 20 day protests and had to decimate the integrity of the army and police to breathe back into political life. People should forgive them for creating the disaster to save their neck before the people. If they did not bring about the coup, the guys would have gone into oblivion in Maldivian politics. Now they are there to enjoy the fruits and being cursed by the people for ever. wretched state

  12. Dr. Samad, Yes, beautiful letters, words and sentences are written in the Constitution. When people like you and the Judiciary, HRC are inside the former dictators Maumoon's pants, it will never work how its suppose to work. Please don't underestimate international communities intelligence or don't try to hoodwink them my dear communist.

  13. just coz we call this guy a doctor does not mean he is such an intellectual. check out his twitter feed..the man is obviously not right to be our foreign minister. he can't even spell PLAN! and his tweets have become the laughing stock on social media.

  14. Agreed with Thaube. A foreign minister with a doctorate who can't spell the word 'plan'. How in the world did he become a minister? As far as I'm concerned, nobody should be listening to this guy.

  15. International community can not be fooled by the law breakers. This community is everywhere to help any nation from such culprits. They need decomracy and human rights protection and to maintain rule of law. That's why CMAG, UN, and other human rights agencies, peace loving nations are interested in calling for an early election to establish democratic government. Dr.Samad may not think by spreading words like Canada is one sided that she will move to ur side, the Canadian govt is on the right side as they know from the very beginning that this is military coup backed by golha (former dictator) and his greedy followers which includes headless driller (boneh buruma).

  16. "As part of a reform programme launched in 2004, the Maldives adopted a new Constitution with clear separation of powers between the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government."

    All that looks good on paper, don't you think, Mr Foreign Minister of the Banana Republic of Maldives?

    We are just missing the footnote to this: "We don't actually bother implementing any of these and it's just business as usual (pre 2004)".

  17. To LOL who said, "Canada can say whatever they want. We will run this country as we like." As a Canadian I am disturbed by this comment because of the word "we". Does "we" mean a dictator with a puppet leader with police thugs to back him up or does "we" mean the people of Maldives who have lost their elected leader? Until there is another election called, I can only assume "we" means a dictator and his thugs and if this is the case every country in the world should express it's concern about this because "we" should be the people of the Maldives - plain and simple.

  18. @ Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb
    @ Wives and Concubines

    ^^^^^^^ former foreign ministry people, now out of jobs, and perhaps not difficult to guess.

  19. Mr Samad studied upto MBBS in soviet russia in the 70s. Although he worked in WHO he has no higher qualification. He has no doctorate!

  20. Thaube , if your referring to his twitter feed, its not even verified and its a fake account. A person of your intellect like the rest of the stupid Maldivians just jump on the boat whenever you see something stupid and automatically believe its right without critical thinking.

  21. Is that so Coral!! Now the picture is clear. So called Dr Samad has been living on it ever since. Now thinking back Ive never heard anyone praising for his service. Now I guess he is doing what he could do best....following his leader Gayyoom. These guys are so scared of the old fart eh!!!

  22. Seems the entire world is wrong and misinformed ,while only this,illegal government and the handful who support it is right. The things they say about foreign governments make me cringe, I hope there is an election soon and we can elect some sane bunch instead of these crazies.

  23. Dr. Samad no longer practices medicine; his practicing license was withdrawn by the state due to ethical issues.

  24. Majority of Maldivian do not think or believe that we have lost an elected leader. Anni got only 25% of the popularity vote and not more.

    We voted for a change on the second round and we voted to the coalition not to Anni.

    We vote because Anni had told us that Maldivian had made it very clear for him in the first round that he can not win the election by himself but rather need to ask other political leaders to help him .

    These are some of the words that he used during his campaign and no sooner he took the office, he had forgotten what he promised to the people and coalition was abolished.

    We the majority of Maldivian had not given Anni guarantee to rule the country for 5years but rather elected him to be the president for maximum of 5 years provided that he respect our constitution.

    His failure is continuous breach of the constitution and challenging the constitution and taking the laws under his arms.

    His failure was because he started to threat the judiciary .

    There are many more example that can be shown here

  25. hehe on Thu, 2nd Aug 2012 12:54 AM

    ^^^ kutti nasheed ^^^ tryin to copy others

  26. Talking of the Maldivian Judiciary. Please ; its a Cult not a proper Judiciary System. They even renew their licences by copying. Like as if they are in an elementary class room:-)
    To make things worse, they are given this post for life.. Who in the right mind would do such a thing.


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