Chinese documents show silk route was discussed with India: Foreign ministry

The Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims there is evidence that the Maritime Silk Road was discussed during Chinese President Xi Jinpeng’s visit to India in September.

“Publicly available documents clearly indicate that the maritime silk route was one of the points of discussion during the Chinese Presidential visit to India,” read today’s press release.

Controversy over the issue began last weekend after India rebutted suggestions made in the Majlis by foreign minister Dunya Maumoon that it had discussed participating in the proposed trade route.

The ministry today referred to a press release from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dated September 18, which detailed the talks between the heads of state before including what appear to be unattributed quotes from President Xi himself.

“Both sides should accelerate the construction of the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) Economic Corridor, conduct cooperation within the frameworks such as the Silk Road Economic Belt, the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to promote the process of regional economic integration and connectivity,” read the Chinese foreign ministry press release.

However, comments from the Indian minister of external affairs released by the Indian High Commission in Malé on November 7 stated the issue “was neither raised nor discussed” during President Xi’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A 28 point official joint statement released at the conclusion of the September visit also failed to mention the silk road initiative. The statement has not been published by the Chinese foreign ministry.

Shortly after India’s rebuttal, the Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded by noting Dunya’s “concern if her choice of words had led to any confusion”.

Today’s statement from the ministry followed the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) announcement that it would bring a no-confidence motion against the foreign minister in the Majlis, as well as calling on the speaker to prosecute her under the Privileges Act.

“The people of Maldives is gravely concerned with MDP and MDP sympathetic media pushing forward the interest of a foreign country while ignoring the Maldivian interests,” added today’s foreign ministry statement.

Minister at the President’s Office Ibrahim Shareef, yesterday explained that the “false” allegations spread by the opposition were being shared with both the Indian and Chinese governments.

“Everything they write, be it written in Dhivehi, have been translated and shared with the relevant authorities.I think it is about time they start preparing responses to the international community, which is going to demand answers soon,” explained Shareef.

Fellow cabinet member Dr Mohamed Shainee had told the media on Sunday November 9 that the Indian response to the comments were not necessarily indicative of the government’s view.

“We saw the news recently where the minister of a neighbouring country said something and it was said that it wasn’t the government’s view but the view of an individual minister,” said Shainee during a Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) press conference.

Minivan News was unable to obtain comment from the Indian High Commission today, with official procedures requiring approval from New Delhi before the issuance of public statements.

The PPM had accused the opposition of twisting the story in order to harness attention from the international community and to divert attention from the one year anniversary of President Abdulla Yameen’s term.

Yameen has responded favourably to urgings from the Chinese government to join the Silk Road scheme, which seeks to create both land and maritime trade routes linking China to the east coast of Africa and the Mediterranean.

Today’s foreign ministry statement concluded by reiterating that Yameen’s decision to participate was taken with the aim of protecting Maldivian sovereignty while ensuring that national and regional security would be considered.

“[A]s Maldivian national security is closely linked to the Indian Ocean’s security, the government will engage in discussion with all relevant nations before making decisions which might endanger the security of the region.”


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  1. Hon.Minister, Indian Diplomats have a way to bother others with way-ward talk. Please try to just ignore them when they behave kiddish as is right now. They are just trying to find a way to create a media hype and then an incident.

  2. The proposed Chinese silk route doesn't even get close to the Maldives. It is a sea lane off the southeast coast of Sri Lanka.
    The silk route is to facilitate 'trade' between China and the mineral producing countries of Africa. As you produce sod all worth 'trading', I can't see why you are all so hyper excited about the friggin silk route.

  3. Miss India, wonder why China is so excited to include Maldives in the Silk route? you make a lame duck effort at Mausam and people laugh their heads off...If Maldives is of such insignificance to you why don't u just leave it alone to mend for itself .

  4. MissIndiaAgarwaltheThug, are you on a bye lane next silk route and in the process of designing a different silk route, en rout to President Xi's suggested silk route ? You silly goose! You say you don't know because you are ignorant of the fact that you even exist.

  5. MissIndia, Maldives never need to bow down to India anymore China is a true friend and Maldives can develop with a country that treat Islam with respect.

  6. @kashim and

    Chinese treating your kind kindly?.what a joke.At least in india ,the muslims are not banned from fasting.if you two can get a concrete bridge from china,thats good enogh.munaafigu aalaai varu gandeh sahaadhai

  7. @Kashim- why is that you are so bothered about playing two big countries against each should be happy with what u have - it is just a matter of time before this beautiful country will be a victim of the ecological damage & will be the first migrants to another country as refugees, maybe the Chinese would 'welcome' & provide you with a 'home'..religion will have to take a back seat & the concept of hard work will have to be imbibed by all..the positive thing will be that
    since both the countries do not believe in honouring contracts the settling down time would be very short...
    All the best as you start a new journey & rediscover the 'silk route'..

  8. MissIndiaAgarwaltheThug, you must know that neither our tuna fish nor our resort prices are Cheap. Nor are the wages and salary we pay to you, your compatriots and others, cheap either. That should be the very reason you are here for. However, it doesn’t seem to be especially,in your case.You are here to disrupt, and disturb the peace of mind and life of every Maldivian. Aren’t you ashamed?
    The word MALDIVES is a Brand and that Brand is considered to be most desirable universally.It sure fetch a comparable price in today’s world. Check the average rates of resort hotels and export quality fish. They are higher than any other country in the world. Right now is our high season for tourism. Check the rates and compare them to any in the world. Mere jealousy runs deep in your blood. Ask for a cure and I will guide to NIMHANS in Bangalore in India. They sure treat people of your sort from the time of the British Raj. Only they MAY BE ABLE TO HELP YOU. Leave the Maldives and the Maldivians to attend to themselves. They have lived through the ages and it has always been people of your sort who annoy us, the latest being GMR and High Commissioner Mullay.


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