Civil Court again summons DRP MPs Azim and Nashiz over unpaid debt of MVR 117 million

The Civil Court has sent summons to Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MPs Ali Azim and Mohamed Nashiz, regarding  a case concerning unpaid loans taken by Funaddoo Tuna Products from the Bank of Maldives in which the pair were the guarantors.

Both Nashiz and Azim were ordered to produce themselves to the Civil Court at 2:45pm tomorrow.

In 2010, the Civil Court and the High Court ordered the company to repay a loan of MVR 117 million (US$7.6 million) taken from the Bank of Maldives. The Civil Court’s ruling stated that the guarantors are also responsible for the loan.

The case has now been submitted to the Civil Court as the company failed to follow the court ruling to pay within a term of one year.

The Civil Court previously ordered police to summon the MPs to court, but later withdrew the summons ahead of a vote on secret ballots for a no-confidence motion against President Waheed.

MP Azim  alleged that President Waheed Hassan and other senior members of the executive had approached him, offering to cancel the court summons if he agreed to vote for the secret balloting in a way they preferred.

Azim alleged that in addition to Waheed, his Political Advisor Ahmed Thaufeeq and Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza had called him and made similar statements.

MP Riza subsequently voted in favour of the secret ballots. He told local newspaper ‘Haveeru’ that he was “not a fugitive” and would be at the court tomorrow.

A ruling against the MPs would disqualify both from their seat at the parliament as the constitution states that any MP with a decreed debt not paid according to court order will be disqualified.


One thought on “Civil Court again summons DRP MPs Azim and Nashiz over unpaid debt of MVR 117 million”

  1. are these people above the law ?

    These MPs thinks that once they get a seat from Parliament , they are above the law and they can do what ever they want and they can robbed the country and still they can not be questioned and can not summoned .

    No one is above the law whether you are MP or the President , if you have done anything wrong then you need to face it . If you think you are innocent then prove it through the system.

    These MPs taking huge fat salary , they only doing dramas in the parliament and nothing concrete had done and nothing , productive , complete waste of public money.


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