Civil Servants Association threatens to sue finance ministry if salaries lowered

The Maldivian Civil Servant Association (MCSA) said at a rally yesterday that it will file a lawsuit against the finance ministry if civil servants are given the lowered salary this month.

MSCA spokesman Abdulla Mohamed said the organisation was placing five lawyers on standby.

”The finance minister [Ali Hashim] has personal issues against the civil servants, he’s being stubborn,” Abdulla said, adding that the problems were getting worse “because [Hashim] does not have much knowledge on how to handle a government’s finance ministry.”

”Whatever he thinks is right at the moment, he does. He does not plan things well,” Abdulla claimed.

The ministry’s request that the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) and parliament mediate its dispute between the CSC “is not a solution”, he said, insisting that the ministry needed to “follow the law” and pay the full salaries for this month.

Otherwise, he said, the government would be in debt and owe civil servants the rest of the money.

Abdulla further added that the CSC had been careless, and failed to fulfill its responsibility to ensure the deductions applied the independent commissions, judiciary and police as well as other civil servants.

State Finance Minister Ahmed Assad said holding discussions with just the CSC would not lead to a solution, and that the involvement of a third party was needed.

The civil servants would be receiving the lowered salaries this month, he said. “The MCSA has a right to go to court and file a lawsuit if they have problems with the finance ministry.”

In addition, Assad claimed the CSC did not discuss the restoration of civil servants salary with the finance ministry.

”But they did asked us once: ‘is the country still in the state of a economic crisis?’, and we said ‘yes’,” Assad explained.

Governor of the MMA Fazeel Najeeb said the organisation would not outline its involvement in the arbitration process yet, but would speak to the press in several weeks.


3 thoughts on “Civil Servants Association threatens to sue finance ministry if salaries lowered”

  1. this drp-controlled commission will bankrupt the country. Maumoon created this economic mess, now he's trying to stop anni fixing it.

  2. Government stop lying. There is no financial crisis and if there is it is because of the 1billion Rf increase that the government gave to the civil servants salary weeks before last years parliament election. Now what's done is done. Tomorrow 10:00 discussion will have only one way out for Finance ministry to hold the pay cut. That is to bring a permanent pay cut. In return CSC will ask all civil servents get 1 hour off from their office time. What are the results?
    * Pay cut stays (save economy)
    * Offices will close at 15:00
    * Electricity bills of gov buildings reduced( save economy and the planet)
    * More time workers spend with family

    Everyone is left happy.

  3. There is no doubt that there is in fact a Financial Crisis in the country. When we took over government the treasury was EMPTY. We had to take a 100 Million dollar loan from India just to survive. And then you know what happened? The State Bank of India charged 4 million just for the transfer fee!!!

    Things are really bad in the country, and without help from all of our international partners, the government would have collapsed in on itself. This is what we inherited on DAY ONE of our government. Look at where it is now. People complain, because no one is paying attention to how bad it was.

    And MCSA!?! This is so obviously politically motivated. They're not looking out for what is best for the Civil Servants. If they take the finance ministry to court and force restored salaries, then the government will be forced to fire MORE PEOPLE just to be able to balance the books. So that of course will make the government look bad and give DRP more authority and influence - and all those Civil Servants who were manipulated will be left unemployed.

    And accusing Ali Hashim of having a personal grudge against Civil Servants... are you kidding me!? If you're leading an NGO, at least be professional. Rumor mongering and straight up lies should not be the course of discourse when it comes to serious issues.


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