Comment: Small island state to superpower

“I would like to reassure all our friends in India, what it is and what it isn’t. We have status of forces agreements with more than 100 nations around the world. And these are basically agreements we have with partners where we have significant military activities, typically exercises.

“So for example, with Maldives we have coconut grove, which is an annual marine exercise. So the status of forces agreement helps to provides framework for those kinds of cooperative activities.

“And they are desirable things to have. But it does not in any way signify an expansion of our military presence or some major new development in the US-Maldivian military co-operation. It’s simply more of a framework to provide for (ongoing) co-operation…”

That was the US assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asia, Robert Blake, speaking to the Press Trust of India (PTI) on the question of a SOFA to be signed between the US and the Maldives.

In an interview on May 7, 2013 widely reported around the world, Blake is reported to have said; “I haven’t seen the draft agreement. So I can’t comment,” before confirming that the US is “in the process of negotiating one now”.

“These are standard texts round the world, nothing very secret about them,” Blake is reported to have said, adding; “I do not foresee that this (SOFA) is going to be difficult negotiations (with Maldives). These are the things we do with partners around the world,” he said adding that it might be very well should be able to signed very soon.”

Emphasis, here is my own, to highlight a confounding sentence which appears not only in the Zee News report shared by US @StateDept with Maldivian tweeps, but is reproduced in almost all media reports. Petty as this may be, but really, what does it mean?

(a) Maldives-US SOFA might be signed very soon.
(b) Maldives-US SOFA should be signed very soon.
(c) Maldives-US SOFA might very well be signed very soon.
(d) Maldives-US SOFA might be very well.
(e) Maldives-US SOFA it might be very well should be able to signed very soon.”

It might very well be simply an editor’s miss, reproduced by all.

Of more significance to me, is the fact that Blake could not verify the authenticity of the alleged draft of the SOFA agreement published on

“I haven’t seen the draft agreement. So I can’t comment,” Blake is reported to have said. Yet, instead of stopping at that, Blake went into a detailed explanation quite outside the real questions the leaked draft raises.

The US Embassy in Colombo had earlier confirmed to Minivan News that they are in discussion with the government of Maldives to sign a SOFA, but had not confirmed or denied the leaked draft is the draft under discussion.

The Maldives government has been far more elusive, the Minister for Defence Mohamed Nazim denying it all in an interview to local daily Haveeru published after the US Embassy had confirmed discussions were ongoing. But then Defence Minister Nazim is not known for his forthrightness or honesty in the Maldives or Sandhurst, from where he is reported to have been expelled for dishonesty.

All in all, what we have learnt so far is:

(a) What a SOFA is.
(b) What a SOFA is not.
(c) That there are US plans to sign a SOFA with the Maldives “very soon”.
(d) Maldives government is not comfortable acknowledging plans to sign a SOFA with the US.

Courtesy Ahmed Abbas (@Qaumuge Mehi on Facebook)

Very little has been said on the real subject of concern – the terms and conditions in the leaked draft SOFA – that gives US absolute access and free run in the Maldives, without check or restraint. The US can place boots on the ground if, when, where and how the US deem necessary at any given time during agreement period.


Does “no boots on the ground” guarantee no boots on the ground in the future? What if America fears the rise of China and the advent of the “nightmare scenario”? How would the Maldives feature in such a scenario? What opportunity does SOFA provide if the US deems it necessary for the US to “be operational” in the Maldives to “watch terrorists,” “protect waters,” ensure regional security or any other such purpose necessary for “reasons of security”?

The United States, together with India, were the first to accept the February 7, 2012 transfer of power in the Maldives. They reacted even before the people of Maldives did, shocked as the public were by the scenes of February 6 and 7, 2012 and the weeks leading up to it, they had witnessed live on local TV. By the time public reacted on February 8, 2013, and the overwhelming public support for President Nasheed became too obvious to be dismissed, the coup had been stamped legitimate by both India and the US.

To their credit, both US and India did step back a bit, but the US has not only continued its support to the government but has worked closely with the coup leaders, strengthening the coup-backing military, bringing in PISCES, the border surveillance system, and now the SOFA.

The US has no diplomatic presence or shoes on the ground in the Maldives, but has been on the ground far more than usual, with diplomats from Colombo flying in regularly and US missions on the ground almost monthly.

So, what could be Dr Waheed’s game plan? Given that it is undeniable that Mohamed Nasheed would win the public vote and there are less than a 100 days to voting, why is Dr Waheed sitting so comfortable? What could be Waheed’s surprise manifesto?

The only thing left now for Dr Waheed to come up with is Green Cards for all!

Dr Waheed, who is himself said to be a US permanent resident or Green Card holder, might very well be planning a bigger surprise with his ‘Forward with the Nation” campaign; taking the Maldives all the way from a small-island-state to a superpower, in less than five years.

A novel strategic pivot for the US as it stands to gain not only the SOFA and retain Coconut Grove, but gets to have its very own 100 percent Islamic State within the United States which would no doubt please the Islamists in the Maldives, the US itself, and outside.

The greening of Male’ initiated just this week by the Maldives Police Services too, all suggest Dr Waheed may go green, and issue Green Cards for all.

Would the people of Maldives vote to be the 51st State?

Aishath Velezinee (@Velezinee on twitter) is an independent democracy activist and writer. She was the Editor of Adduvas Weekly 2005-07 and served on the Maldives’ Judicial Service Commission (2009-11). She claims the Commission she sat on breached constitution in transition; and advocates for redress of Article 285, and a full overhaul of the judiciary as a necessary step for democracy consolidation.

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  1. Maldives as another state of the kuffar Crusaders? Never! As long as mercury-tainted fish blood flows through Dhivehistanis veins, we will fight them to the last. Khuda ke Din ke liye! Yeh sarfarosh chal pade! Al Jihad wal Jihad al jihad wal Jihad! This is something that extremist liberals like Ms Velezinee and extremist jihadists like the mujahid Moscow Jaleel would agree upon. We don't want to legalise homosexuality and abortion on our pure sands!

  2. out pure islands? where they breed bastard child, and pedophiles runs free? and dont forget its straight or heterosexual couples to gives birth to gay children.

    if the USA building a base in the Maldives will help develop this country im all in for it. at least our education system and healthy facilities and proper housing will not be a dream.

    and of course they will deal with these f**king billy goats running wild in this nation.

  3. Just gibberish...baseless and naive conclusions. 51st state..haha

    Seriously, is the Minivan comment section now just a mouth piece for Velezinee's ramblings...tomorrow if she writes about the zebra crossing are you going to publish that too?

  4. This article in intentionally provoking, but what it is trying to provoke is not really clear. I think the author just wants to stir up controversy regarding the United States and Maldives. The United States has friendly relations all around this region including India, Malaysia, Singapore, and yes, China too. Suggesting that the U.S. - Maldives relations might take some major turn towards military cooperation is more than a bit of a leap here. I think the author is just taunting Waheed and making trouble for him at the expense of the U.S.

  5. @Adam
    True. Jealous of Waheed is the only message here. There is nothing else.

  6. Funny thing being that news of a SOFA during the Nasheed administration would have been hailed by Velizinee and other MDP activists as the feather in the cap of MDP's achievements. And by the minority parties as a threat to our sovereignty.

    Why none of these damned idiots can put nation first ahead of their political agendas I cannot understand. Pathetic state of being is all it is.

    As for being the 51st state, that's less likely than Maldives becoming an unincorporated territory of the US akin to Puerto Rico or Guam. And it's more likely that a majority of Maldivians would vote to join the US than not to. 'Nuf said.

  7. I am sure there are more substance to stories about UFO, Yeti, MIB, treasure at the end of rainbow, Santa Claus and Rip Van Winkle than this article.
    What's happening to you minivannews?

  8. “I would like to reassure all our friends in India, what it is and what it isn’t....... So Velezinee is an Indian sympathitico!! Why don't she talk about the 10 radar stations installed by India and the helicopter based in Addu(supposed to be a gift, but under Indian Southern Military command) The Indians wants the "Indian Ocean" to be their own "swimming pool" and MDP is doing all via traitor I.H. Zaki to play this dangerous geo=political game....Deal with it... China has enough money to by even India (where 900m people live under 1USD a day.)

  9. So now we know why the USA was so quick to recognise the admimistration of Dr Waheed and why Chied of Armed Forces Shiyam has been making a lot of noise recently about terrorists living in the Maldives.

    What is odd is that President Waheed keeps giving speeches that there is no Islamic radicalism in the Maldives and no Wahabism and no Talibanism in the Maldives.

  10. It will be better for Maldives to be ruled by USA or INDIA then to be ruled by our double faced fanatic blood socking mullahs.


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