Councilor says dismissal was for failing to obey MDP

Councilor of Maavah Laamu atoll Waleed Zakariya has claimed he was dismissed from the post earlier this month because he failed to give into demands by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activists on the island.

Speaking to Minivan News, Waleed said he has learned that he was fired on the request of an MDP member on the island who was unhappy with him.

“The MDP people who worked to get me fired asked me to do illegal things and made complaints to try and make me do those things,” he said, adding the actions they wanted him to take could not be taken “even by a dictator”.

Among the demands were repossessing parts of enlarged plots owned by Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) supporters and refusing to issue licenses and ID cards to them.

Waleed said some people demanded that he give out part of his salary to them and publicly refuse to provide any service to DRP supporters.

“I begged and pleaded with them and told them I can’t do those things, but they refused to accept,” he said, adding they believed the island office should pass criminal judgment on opposition members.

He added the government’s decision to dismiss him was very “irresponsible” as it was based on the complaints of “just three people”.

The three MDP activists in question had ties to high-ranking officials in the president’s office, he said.

Minivan News could not reach the president’s office press secretary for a comment at time of press.

While the MDP supporters claimed Waleed was ordered by the government to marginalize DRP supporters, Waleed said he did not receive any such orders. He had been councilor for 11 months prior to his dismissal.

A DRP supporter on the island told Minivan News that MDP “activists” did not like the councilor consulting opposition party supporters.

“They don’t even want to see him talking to anyone other than an MDP supporter,” he said.

Waleed said the DRP supporters on the island were happy with the job he had done. “I think the reason is that under my watch, I have rented out a lot of empty plots on the land to increase revenue for the people. When I took over the office, the total finances were Rf900,000. But, in these past 11 months, I have raised it to Rf2.2 million.”

MDP supporters are outnumbered by the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) on Maavah, which is represented by opposition People’s Alliance MP Abdul Azeez Jamal Abubakuru.

After the MDP supporters alleged in public that Waleed stole money from public coffers, the letter of dismissal was posted outside a popular café on the island.

Waleed said he had been approached by many islanders to express condolences and urging him to contest for the upcoming local council elections.

He said he was “100 per cent certain” that an MDP candidate would not win a seat.

Waleed said he still did not have any clear information about why he was fired when he was told about it on 3 December.

“It came as a shock to me. I said I’m at the office working right now and I haven’t heard anything either from the atoll office or the province office. And I have not been asked by anyone to clear up any information about my work. I said I found it hard to believe that I have suddenly been fired.”

He added neither the home affairs ministry nor the atoll office was informed of his dismissal even three days after the letter was sent out.


7 thoughts on “Councilor says dismissal was for failing to obey MDP”

  1. Sounds like current Government, is learning the ropes from the past Regime. The symptoms and tentacles of dictatorship are starting all over again. This is the drawback in an infant democratising country, unless the Parliament, the independent Commissions and the civil society are not vigilant, the sovereignty can slip back into dictatorship. The public should fear the future. Current Government should stop promoting party politics for the development of nation. It’s alright to promote party politics at times of politics, but exploitation of politics to expand hidden agendas is not acceptable. Whether, it’s MDP, DRP or any other party, stop intimidation of poor innocent citizens. Government should stop misuse of power, corruption and violating the rights of community. President Mohamed Nasheed has challenged saying that his Government will not abuse the rights of people. But the examples cited here are violations of such human rights that happened in the previous Government as well; these are serious and gross human rights violations. It’s not only when people are killed in jails that we should worry about but as stated when the State is wielding power and violating rights of citizens. The first steps for current Government is accept that there is a problem in their Governing and show their commitment to change the systems. A Councillor once elected should pave way towards development of the island & atoll. Should promote equity, fair justice, fair party politics, economic development, gender equality and promote a culture of transparency and accountability.

  2. Well for Political posts, its totally a political decision. If the people who appoints doesn't like you, you can be fired. There doesn't have to be an acceptable reason to anyone else.

  3. I agree with kamana. Political positions are political positions. Any appointed political employee should not accept any warning or advise. These may also araise some cases. It depent case by case. In this case it may be that MDP has zero tolerance with the counselor. And this is a very good lesson for others as well. Intergrity is very important while accomplishing plesges. So each and every counselor should be care ful.

  4. @ Kamana and Meena a wrong even politically is not accepted. And that is a fail democracy.

  5. the story is one sided. we can not decide who is right or wrong while hearing one side. i do not think that the government will fire a counselor by a simple reason as it was for the sake of only 3 MDP supporters. i,m sure it was not.

  6. the story is very much one sided. why dont minivan news wait sometime to get a word from president's office...

  7. @ayya, @shafeeq, yea the story will be on the victim's side for he was ousted just not being a slave of the yellow cult!


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