Criminal Court acquits MP ‘Red Wave’ Saleem

The Criminal Court today ruled that MP ‘Red Wave’ Ahmed Saleem not guilty in the corruption case filed by the state, accusing him of paying Neyza Enterprises Private Limited 50 percent of the money given to the former atolls ministry to buy sound systems for mosques in the islands.

“Redwave” Saleem, who was the former director of finance at the Atolls Ministry, faced charges of conspiracy to defraud the former Atolls Ministry in the purchase of the mosque sound systems.

The alleged corruption was uncovered in the audit report of the now defunct Atolls Ministry, released in 2009.

The court ruled that according to witnesses and statements, Saleem was not the person assigned to make announcements for bids.

The court also ruled that none of the statements or witnesses produced to the court proved that Saleem has abused his position to defraud the Atolls Ministry.

Following a police investigation requested by the Presidential Commission, the Prosecutor General’s Office had charged Deputy Speaker Ahmed Nazim, MP Saleem and former Atolls Minister Abdulla Hameed with three counts of conspiracy to defraud, abuse of power and violation of the state finance and asset regulations.

According to newspaper ‘Sun’, witnesses told the court that Saleem was not the person who was announcing for bids. The person who handled that duty, witnesses said, was Naseema Moosa, who was dead.

Last week the Criminal Court dropped all charges against Nazim, an MP in the party headed by Gayoom’s half-brother, Abdulla Yameen.

The dismissed the three remaining counts of fraud against Nazim, stating that his “acts were not enough to criminalise him”.

The Supreme Court has disqualified former ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Mohamed Musthafa over a decreed debt which the court concluded makes him constitutionally ineligible to remain in the seat.

MDP MP Mohamed Musthafa was also that week disqualified from his seat by the Supreme Court which upheld a verdict concerning a decreed debt, which the court concluded made him constitutionally ineligible to remain in the seat.

Two judges, including the Chief of Justice Ahmed Faiz, concluded that it cannot be ruled Musthafa had a decreed debt as the loan had been taken on the name of Musthafa’s company Seafood and Trade International and added that in August 1997 the lower court had ordered the “company” to repay the loan.

Earlier this week the Supreme Court upheld criminal charges against Independent MP for Kaashidhoo Ismail Abdul Hameed, who has a record of voting alongside the MDP, and also stripped him from his seat.

The Criminal Court had last year sentenced the Independent MP to one and a half years banishment for corruption. The charges were upheld by the High Court in November.

The MDP meanwhile today accused the Dr Waheed’s government of using the courts to “purge” parliament of MDP MPs and MDP-leaning MPs, “in order to secure a controlling majority.

“While in government, MDP consistently maintained that key parts of the judiciary are in the hands of the supporters of former President Gayoom. Now we are seeing the truth of that claim. Dr Waheed’s regime is using the courts to settle old scores, to reduce MDP’s parliamentary majority and to wipe the slate clean for government supporters,” claimed MDP Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor.


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  1. Thank GOD it was a dead person! Atleast she got to enjoy few million from public money while she was alive! I heard she inherited it to charity and the white stray cat living on her balcony!Im now going to file a case in the court against the cat for corruption!

  2. Im sorry, but are we living in real world. Welcome to copacabana banana republic

  3. President Nasheed should have locked up every judge in the judiciary.

    Hello International community when are you going to open up you sense, isn't there some thing funny in these judgments.

    Two MP's of the opposition walks the street.

    Three MP's of MDP are throw out of Parliament.

    This whole thing stinks.

    President Nasheed has proven his point.

  4. yes, indeed back to being a banana republic! why isn't this shocking at all? and how obvious is it what these people are doing? wonder how much of this concerned groups such as UN or Commonwealth are seeing of these circus acts!

  5. When Nasheed used police and presidential commissions for political purposes and charged opposition MPs so that their then majority in Parliament is reduced,finally courts are proving these cases are all political. Since Nasheed terrorized the judges they were afraid to sentence justly.We know what happened to Judge Abdulla Gaazee who was just too independent for Nasheed's liking .Nasheed's ducted him and kept in solitary confinement.

  6. So predictable. We are back to the bad old days. Are you watching EU, US, UK!!!!!

  7. This is the type of Justice they wanted after the change of government. Shame on the judiciary and the Junta leader waheed.

  8. Independence of the judiciary!!!This is abuse of our courts and taking Maldivians for fools.The International Community and the next democratic government cannot accept such judgements!!!

  9. @Fuwad

    You can't be serious?

    Judge Abdulla has had revolving doors to his court from the time Nasheed was sworn in as President. Cases in Cases out In Out In Out... made a mockery of the victims who never had a chance of justice in his courts.

    Independent? Oh yes... so independent he did whatever he wanted...
    unfortunately for us,justice was not one of them,

    I don't agree with President Nasheed detaining this horrible man , I especially object to the way he was taken away. No matter how awful he is, even if the man was a national security risk,he should have never been woken up in the night and taken away the way he was. Nasheed made an error in judgement and violated judge Abdulla's rights and he has paid for it.

    But don't make this man out to be a saint. Among the many awful things he did he asked a victim of child abuse to show him what she was forced to do with the man who molested her. Attorney General Dr Hassan Saeed sent a report to former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom who was then head of the Judicary , but no action was taken against him.

    This man has hurt a lot of people. I don't know how he sleeps at night.

  10. I think the Prosecutor General should resign since he is clearly not doing his job properly if he is not sending enough evidence to courts.

  11. Prosecutor Generalabd your deputy. I have a question for you. What are you doing in your office all day, the courts saying they don't get enough evidence from you?

    Our judges are highly educated, highly competent judges, and you know they have very high moral standards. You have to work harder to satisfy their high levels of integrity.

  12. @Fuwad

    Independent? Oh yes... so independent Judge Abdulla Mohamed did whatever he wanted...

    unfortunately for us,justice was not one of them,

  13. @fuwad

    "Abdulla Gaazee who was just too independent for Nasheed’s liking"..

    hahahaha..where do these ppl come from? just baffles me to see semi conscious nitwits. say thank you to the father of maldives, maumoon, for that train of thought. tsk tsk

  14. Embrace Buddism
    Yes, many people are watching everyday and almost every article.

  15. I would love to hear comments the "Three Learned Sheikhs" about this justice!

  16. in less than 3 weeks of changing power, red wave saleem, jangiya nazim cleared and presidential commission investigating yamin and former president gayooms obvious corrupt dealing is abolished.

    does this not mean anything at all. DhiTV and VTV what do you have to say about this. isn't this corruption at the most grand scale - corruption of justice.


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