Criminal Court summons DRP MPs Ali Waheed and Mahlouf

The Criminal Court has ordered main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MPs Ali Waheed and Ahmed Mahlouf to appear before the court to face charges of obstruction of police duty.

Mahlouf told Minivan News today that the case was most likely regarding a DRP protest held outside the presidential residence Muleeage earlier this year that led to violent confrontations with riot police.

”Yesterday Ali Waheed and I received a chit from the Criminal Court saying that a hearing would be conducted on the 29th [Monday],” he received. ”It stated that the charges were ‘obstructing police duty’.”

The DRP MP for Galolhu North added that ”unlike president Mohamed Nasheed, we do not go breaking laws one after the other.”

”That night we were not obstructing police duties and we were not engaging in any unlawful activities,” he insisted. “We were exercising our right to free expression and freedom of assembly.”

Mahlouf said that he was “very pleased” that President Nasheed decided to prosecute him because ”the international community would understand how democratic Nasheed is.”

”He says he would never arrest [opposition] politicians, but he is arresting and charging young politicians and MPs in the country,” he said.

The DRP protest in January that marched to Muleeage turned violent, resulting in injuries to both police officers and demonstrators.

Following the unrest, Ali Waheed and Mahloof were summoned to police headquarters and questioned about their role in the protest.

At the time, Mahloof and Ali Waheed, also DRP Deputy Leader, exercised their right to remain silent.

Regulations currently in place on public gatherings, enforced by presidential decree under the former government, prohibits demonstrations outside certain designated areas, including Muleeage and the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) headquarters.


9 thoughts on “Criminal Court summons DRP MPs Ali Waheed and Mahlouf”

  1. He taking you to court not arresting you dumb ass. And if you committed the crime court will find you guilty and if you didn't otherwise.

  2. mahlouf, if you break the rule of law you will be one cares who you are...young or old politicians, businessman, artist or anyone...

  3. Well done Nasheed. You are doing a great job by arresting and charging opposition politicians. The next thing you should do is to kill one of them. So nice that you campaigned to free Ang Sun su chy and then do your best lock the opposition. We have the right to protest. Why could MDP protest outside Majilis and DRP can't protest near Muleegage. What a joke. You are a dictator Mr. President

  4. Mahey seems to be affected psychologically because even with the judges sympathetic to DRP in the courts he and Waheed has to attend. This is against DRP mentality. They can't be prosecuted. They are a higher authority. Even Thasmeen agrees to this with his blasting comment on this event.

  5. Police investigations are crried out under a specific Police Law, where the government does not have direct lines of intervention as in DRP Zaeem Maumoon's tenure. The Prosecutor General is a DRP Majlis-majority appointed independent entity, who can also decide independently the merits of a case and drop it without prosecuting. Pegging actions of the Police and the Prosecutor General to the government is a feeble excuse to hoodwink unsuspecting masses who may still think within the political culture of Gayoom times. In short, it is a lie which wont wash with the masses anymore. Tks.

  6. Islaa hiyaa is good for them, These two tiny misbehaving tots needs to go to a finishing school and not to a court or to jail.

  7. Political cowardice of Anni? Give a hard life to your political opponents.
    If possible keep them behind bars to mute political dissent?

    What's the difference between Maumoon and Anni, now?

    Even Maumoon said no one's above the law. That's the most famous catch phrase of Anni and his
    (M)ost (D)isgusting (P)arty, now?


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