Defence Minister signs military aid agreement with China

Defence Minister Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim signed a military aid agreement with Chinese National Defence Minister General Liang Guanglie during his official five-day visit that concluded yesterday (December 15).

Following official talks between the defence ministers, Chinese state-run Xinhua news agency reported Nazim as assuring Guanglie that the Maldives was “willing to cement relations between the two countries and their militaries.”

General Liang reportedly said China would “continue to develop friendly, cooperative and mutually beneficial relations with the Maldives under the principle of building a good-neighbourly relationship and non-interference in internal affairs”.

“China has always positively developed its military relations with the Maldives and hopes to enhance communication and cooperation, promote the construction of both militaries, and safeguard regional peace and stability,” he was quoted as saying by Xinhua.

According to a press release by the Ministry of Defence and National Security, Defence Minister Nazim held talks with his Chinese counterpart on December 11, which focused on Chinese military assistance to develop the Maldivian military.

The agreement to develop military ties and provide free Chinese aid to the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) was signed at the meeting, the press release stated.

Defence Minister Nazim also met the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Central Military Commission, Xu Qiliang, and discussed strengthening Sino-Maldives military ties.

Defence Minister Nazim in ChinaDuring his visit, Nazim visited the Chinese National Defence University to discuss securing education opportunities and toured the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Naval Submarine Academy as well as the PLA Navy’s North Fleet.

The Defence Minister met MNDF coastguard personnel training at the submarine academy, the press release noted.

Nazim’s official visit to China followed the government’s abrupt termination of a 25-year concession agreement with Indian infrastructure giant GMR to modernise and manage the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA).

The move fuelled speculation in the Indian media of a Chinese role in the government’s decision to void the agreement and evict the GMR-led consortium.

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has however dismissed suggestions that China urged the Maldives to push out the Indian company.

“The only significant cooperation we have with China at this time is through development assistance… like building the museum, housing projects. I don’t think India should worry about it at all,” Waheed was quoted as saying by The Hindu.

Meanwhile, India’s The Economic Times reported yesterday that China’s strengthening of ties with the Maldives may be part of its larger plans of dominating strategically-important sea lanes in the Indian Ocean, “according to an assessment of the Indian intelligence agencies.”

“Beijing is reportedly wooing Male’ to pre-empt a US move to set up a new military base in the Maldives’ southernmost island of Gan,” The Economic Times reported.

The paper also took note of recent statements by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom suggesting that it was “natural for a country with such huge resources to come and help us.”

“China has been with us for 40 years,” Gayoom told Indian media last week.

In November 2011, China became the first non-SAARC nation to open an embassy in the Maldives.

AFP at the time reported Indian officials as expressing concern that it was “part of a Chinese policy to throw a ‘string of pearls’ – or a circle of influence – around India.”


20 thoughts on “Defence Minister signs military aid agreement with China”

  1. Defense Minister Nazim has proved he has some leadership qualities (good or bad) which is a rare trait in Maldives.

    A potential presidential material?

  2. While Maldives should continue to have a strong and special relationship with India, it is important to strengthen relations with USA and China.

    I am glad to see the current government taking such a direction in the best interest of our country.

  3. Totalitarian regimes like each other, of course.
    China has no elections. Soon same in Mordiss, parliament to be abolished, jailed.
    China has no democracy. Same Mordiss. A small group of self appointed people rules country with an iron fist. Same Mordiss.
    China doesn't bother about human rights. Talking about is enough to get life term. Political opponents are framed, throw in jail or worse for imaginary "crimes". Judiciary, or what acts like, fully cooperates, both out of fear and bribed. Same Mordiss.
    Difference between poor and rich nowhere that big. Same in Mordiss. The rich have a lavish life, gold decorated palaces, bank accounts abroad and health care done in Singapore, but do not pay any income tax. The common people, yeah, many even survive, poor education, cut health care, no ferry services, 117 inhabited islands with no drinking water.
    Ni Hao, for Raajje there is only one way out, NOW : REVOLUTION. Following the example of the great leader Mao against the suppressors. Peaceful IF possible, otherwise if needed.
    WE CAN, WE WILL ! Every long journey starts with the first step (as always from now, follow the Chairman, Mao)

  4. Rather than befriending the communists and trading with dictators, can this man Nazim do anything in the civilised part of the world,

  5. @ Barbarian on Sun, 16th Dec 2012 12:32 PM

    Did you just call China (with one of the world's oldest and greatest civilizations) as uncivilized? No wonder you call yourself "Barbarian"!

    Countries in every part of the world are competing with one another to strengthen relations with the fastest growing economic super power that will soon over take the USA as the world's largest economy.

    Chinese account for the largest single nationality in terms of tourist arrivals to the Maldives. So why should Indians like you be afraid of facing reality?

  6. “willing to cement relations between the two countries and their militaries.”

    We all know Nazim has used enough cement to strengthen this tie!
    The monumental display by the MNDF where a hole using blast was made on Nov 3rd is proof even before any of this!

    Mysteries about the coup on 7th February this year not being declared a coup by a Commission of National Inquiry with a retired Singaporean Judge sitting is still a mystery in writing!

  7. You poor dumb fools this will cost you a vast fortune in the long term. Bangladesh made the same mistake with military aid. The Chinese provided them with 100 tanks and 60 personnel carriers, but less than 7 tanks and 15 personnel carriers actually worked when they were shipped to Chittagong. Bangladesh ended up spending $30 million just to get the engines working and now have a massive yearly debt on the supply contract with the Chinese, because they can only buy the spares from Bejing. A gift from China comes with a trade agreement in their favour no matter what country you are, do you think the Maldives is any different.

  8. Do fishermen need military assistance? Bunch of retards would see this propaganda stunt as big thing. These morons are probably doing a show case to India. I don’t think India gives a shit what a bunch of apes in an isolated corner of the world is doing. Military cooperation my foot….. If it was an economic cooperation with an aid of couple of million dollars would have been easy to listen.

  9. A smart move by China, and a logical response to US imperialist expansion.

  10. India will invade maldives and keep it as a part of india if it continues to have too much defence relationships with either china or usa. THIS IS NOT A JOKE china have done it before by invading the whole of tibet.

  11. Dear Minivan editors and followers,

    There is no need to panic about bilateral military exchange. When the same Chinese Defence Minister visited India a few months back, we did not see people there worrying about Indian or Maldivian security at that time. After all, it is the sovereign right of a country to carry out military exchanges.

    And on the military aid, this will be used in civil area. This is nothing new. And furthermore this has nothing to do with bullets as hinted by a former Maldivian President in an Indian press. Please be self-confident.

    Finally there is no point playing again and again the story of China opening an Embassy here or the so-called "string of pearl" strategy. Readers will really get bored. Don't forget who coined this term: I can tell you it's not Chinese and there's no such interest. It makes the reports funny sometimes...Plus the Embassy is here to facilitate the exchanges. They would welcome Minivan News to make more covering of what they really do here including the opening of visa service next year, if the press is really "Minivan".

    From A Chinese working in Maldives

  12. @Chinese in Maldives on Sun, 16th Dec 2012 5:02 PM

    "And on the military aid, this will be used in civil area."

    Dear "Chinese in Maldives". I don't know what sort of euphemism you're trying to put across here, but "military aid" for "civil area" sounds as plausible as the old joke about "military intelligence".

    If it's black, then call it black. If the aid is for "civil area", then call it as such. Why mask it as "military aid"? What kind of military aid does the Maldives need? As another poster mentioned, we are simple fisher folk after all, who barely go out beyond 50 nautical miles from our shores, unless we are lost!

    Why did Nazim pay a visit to PLA's Submarine Academy? Once again, is that also part of the aid targeted at the "civil area"? Are we going to be seeing the PLA's submarines taking tourists on tour of our beautiful underwater paradise? And if there's a dissident Chinese on-board, they may never surface back!

    I do think, Nazim's visit is part of the current regime's posturing formula, and there's very little substance in any of it, to be honest.

    Lastly, those colours on Nazim's chest do look rather silly. What exactly did he do to deserve those apart from licking the arse of the old pink dictator?

  13. idiot BMW. we need more military assistance and weapons to boost our fisheries and tourism.

    Thanks to Nazim now we can get plutonium enriched baby formula milk and eat melamine rice.

    @ DMF you gave the perfect example of Chinese aid.

    The Chinese are going to destroy the Tourism industry. They dont dive and there are no repeater tourists.

  14. How much money will we get from china is the question. Will they open a Chinese govt owner bank in male' and start lending to resort industry and other industries like Sbi did. That's what will matter out of this so called new found relationship with china. As long as it doesn't, India still controls our debts.

  15. China already has its finger in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan. If an Indian company is kicked out and a Chinese company takes its "work" no matter what deals were made with previous regime Indians will see it as a Chinese "invasion". The Americans and the Indians both are the neighbors of Maldives and will watch Chinese activities VERY closely.

  16. @ Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb

    Good to see you again commenting/barking in Minivan.

    Know who you are. But you don't know you are barking at the wrong tree.

    If you do not have enough intelligence to understand how military aid can be used in civil areas, why not try to reboot your brain system?

    I do not believe Maldivian can only be fishermen. By saying that they are simple fish folk, you have clearly shown that you are NOT one of them!

  17. Why didnt anybody mention that the USD3.2 Million granted under the agreement signed by the 2 Defence Ministers will be used to buy a sea ambulance to carry out medical evacuations from remote islands of the Maldives?

  18. Well at least Telo Investments can stop their development of the island where Sultans and Honkys surf break is as they sold the idea on helping the military. Save our Waves! Go away!

  19. As long as it economic buisness with china, india or usa wouldn't mind,but if maldives intends to host chinese military bases especially if it is near addu both india and uncle sam will not take favorably to Chinese bases


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