Defence Ministry alerted to possible threat to former President Nasheed’s life

The Ministry of Defence and National Security has been alerted by the Office of President Mohamed Nasheed to possible dangers to the life of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) presidential candidate.

“According to sources, two Al-Qaeda agents have been employed for an attack on President Nasheed and are currently in Male’. The Office has requested the Ministry of Defense and National Security’s Intelligence to launch an investigation into the matter and to share findings with this office,” read a press statement from the former president’s office.

Following the request for an investigation, the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) issued a press release yesterday (October 25) stating that it was making inquiries and working with the Maldives Police Service (MPS) to investigate the matter.

“And President Mohamed Nasheed’s security has been strengthened better than before,” the MNDF said.

The press release added that providing security for high-level officials of the state was the responsibility of the MNDF and was therefore treated as “a high priority.”

Article 128 of the constitution entitles former presidents to “the highest honour, dignity, protection, financial privileges and other privileges entitled to a person who has served in the highest office of the land.”

Head of Security for the former president, Ameen Faisal, told Minivan News that they had been made aware of the threat on Thursday (October 24).

“We have been hearing of this threat many times…Last night we heard about it and thought we can’t make it a joke, we have to take it seriously now,” the former defence minister and national security advisor said.

Former Head of Police Intelligence Chief Superintendent ‘MC’ Mohamed Hameed told the parliament’s Executive Oversight Committee in January this year that the police had received information about two separate assassination plots against former President Nasheed.

Speaking in the same committee in January, former military intelligence head Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam claimed to have received information about an assassination attempt planned to have been carried out during an MNDF live-fire event.

Former Minister of Human Rights under the current administration, Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed, last year also alleged assassination plans against Nasheed by local politicians.

Nasheed reacted to Dhiyana’s claims by acknowledging them as credible, commenting that he had received information from government intelligence sources of plots to assassinate him.

“I did get information from the Ministry of Defence that the intelligence got reports of planned assassination attempts. I had knowledge of this before,” said Nasheed.


5 thoughts on “Defence Ministry alerted to possible threat to former President Nasheed’s life”

  1. Well done PPM and JP! This is great news for tourism, keep up the good work!

    Infidels love to book their holidays in countries with hired terrorists running around trying to kill political leaders.

  2. Hehehe! I knew this would come. The last resort. Al Qaeda and the assassination attempt? Puhleeease!!If you cannot succeed then bring in Al Qaeda! That will capture the Worlds attention!

    Then they will put in the sanctions!! Suffer or do what we tell you to do??Maybe play a little false flag dramas! That will do the trick!? Look at the Barbarian Muslims in the Maldives killing each other! Islam is a curse! Eradicate it!

    BTW Seyku Nasheeds intelligence is really beyond comprehension. He knows a lot!His intelligence department is better than the MNDF!How can he afford this type of intelligence! It's a fact he knew about the Killers of Afrashim!He blurted out this in one of his speech in a rally!

    And this statement coming out after the EU suggested that Seyku Nasheed was a person they wanted for a leader! Quiet Fishy??!!

    The world knows 9/11 was an inside job but has thrown this probability into the bin!

    Vanishing files delay Guantanamo hearings in 9/11 case

  3. This has always been the desired end game of the desperate gang of thieves. If these "guns for hire" are Al-Qaeda affiliates, then we can add another medal to the one of 30 year old useless ex-dictatorship.. the goon who let the terrorists in the back door.. and brought increasing violence to this once peaceful land. Either way this power vacuum is perfect for any wannabe troublemakers - although we are all stocked up with our home brand here!

  4. I think this is a load of bullshit. Al-Qaeda is busy fighting in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Anyways,guns for hire does not go along with the Al-Qaeda ideology. Most likely it is opposition politicians hiring soldiers of fortune n blaming it on Al-Qaeda.Nasheed stop quit worrying. What will be will be.

  5. al qaeda.... ha ha ... funny.. they are not any paid assassination team.. but they are some team available in market.. govt team also... usa china will provide those people if we allow them to make a naval base here... usa,china,pakistan their only concern is not maldives... its india... so come and do better for maldives rather than between these assasinators.


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