Defence ministry coordinator quits in protest of government’s “brutality”

Defence Ministry Coordinator Mohamed Mushrif has resigned in protest of the government’s “brutality,” stating he fears to remain in the post.

In a letter addressed to President Abdulla Yameen – shared on social media – Mushrif contended that the prosecution of former President Mohamed Nasheed and former Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim was unfair and politically motivated.

“As I do not believe that the trial of former president was a fair trial free of undue influence, and as I believe that remaining in a post under this government is frightening, I intend to resign from my post,” he wrote.

Nasheed was found guilty of terrorism charges on Friday night (March 13) and sentenced to 13 years in jail over the military’s detention of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed in January 2012.

Nazim is meanwhile accused of conspiring to attack President Abdulla Yameen, Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb and Commissioner of Police Hussain Waheed. The retired colonel was sacked from the cabinet after police allegedly discovered a pistol and three bullets in his apartment during a midnight raid on January 18.

“The police broke down the door of Nazim’s house in the middle of the night and scared his wife and children as if it was a terrorist attack,” Mushrif’s letter stated.

“And that is not all. A bogus charge was filed against Nasheed through the Prosecutor General and he was sentenced illegally.”

Mushrif had also served under former President Dr Mohamed Waheed and was appointed the defence ministry’s coordinator by President Yameen as a political appointee.

Mushrif also objected to the dismissal of Supreme Court Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz Hussain and former Auditor General Niyaz Ibrahim last year.

The pair were dismissed by the pro-government majority in parliament through amendments, respectively, to the Judicature Act and Auditor General’s Act, which reduced the Supreme Court bench from seven to five justices and required the president to appoint a new auditor general.

Moreover, the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed – whose sex tapes with three prostitutes in a Sri Lankan hotel room were leaked online in 2013 – as chair of the Judicial Service Commission showed the president’s view of fairness and justice, Mushrif wrote.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Luthfy, human rights envoy of the Maldives government to the United Nations permanent mission to the Geneva, also resigned recently citing similar reasons.

Luthfy has since claimed to have knowledge of the government’s alleged close connection with criminal gangs in the country. He has also accused senior government officials of corruption.

“Having personally witnessed the leadership’s strong connections with violent criminals and gangs, long back I decided to distance myself,” Luthfy tweeted.

“HEP Yameen, sir, I kindly request you to return to the constitution and pursue peace for the general welfare of all without distinction,” read another tweet.


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20 thoughts on “Defence ministry coordinator quits in protest of government’s “brutality””

  1. Good to see that not everybody can be bought off with a generous monthly salary.

  2. Salute to those brave and un-bribed persons who dare to make a stand for the right! Goodluck to you all!

    Word of advice, Keep your head down for the time being. You have caused them embarrassment, Adeeb and Yameen make a terrible duo and they don't like being embarrassed. They have no morals and will do anything. They are manic. they clearly don't care if they have a country to rule, they just want to be able to do whatever they want and punish all who don't agree or can't be bought. Just stupid bullies. No aim. No goal. Just ruthless wants! "I want to be president so by hook or by crook I will have it". Kill the ppl, burn the bridges, heck, burn the constitution! they will make their own constitution on the go. They will have their paid junkies and enslaved other beings to follow them.

    So what is the deal with the number 13? Wont someone speak out about what all the blackmagic is about? Has Yag sold his soul to the devil in order to be able to stay in power? What kind of a kick does this power give him anyway? It wont give him the son he wishes he had. It will never get him any inkling of respect. It will not give him peaceful sleep. It will never give him any peace. To say it wont get him love is so far off its not even funny.

    He doesnt care about the country. What is a country to him? he couldnt careless about development, btw, development does not mean how many foreign money he can pocket. It roughly means the development of everything so that the PEOPLE of the country has better lives!

    But really, what does this position and power give Yameen? What good does it mean for him to be president? Does he have a resolution list like Dr. Waheed? " I want to be president of the country for a minimum period of 3 years!and I would like to have atleast 3 people's blood on my hand by the end of it".

  3. It's a politically motivated verdict. President Nasheed is not a terrorist. He brought democracy to Maldives

  4. we have never seen a president like him in maldives....still our hero

  5. "Nasheed, the country's first democratically elected leader",which indicates he must be a good leader of Maldives.

  6. Mohamed naseedh is one man .who bring freedom from maumoon abdul gayooms dictater mohamed nasheed

  7. Maldives constitution failed. 13 years so long . protesters must fight for reduce his jail period .

  8. All Muslim leaders r puppets of the west there r controlled by Americans policy they bow down to west instead of listening to their people and following the Quran. It's the only democracy. If u r a Muslim u should follow the Quran and live with it and judge with it and the sunna of our beloved prophet. Other things is not might for us.

  9. Nasheed is the true champion of bringing democracy to the Maldives, at a tremendous personal cost (many years of incarceration & torture) over the years for standing up to the 3 decade dictatorship of Gayoom from 1978-2008. It is no coincidence that the current President is the half-brother of Gayoom for which he has the benefit of 30 years of blatant corruption and nepotism which had pervaded into the system from the Judiciary to Law Enforcement and Parliament. From here in the Capital Mae' I can personally attest to the fact that people in their thousands instead of hundreds had been protesting against the whole ridiculous farce of Nasheed's detainment. Arguably the sole intention of this utterly desperate debacle by President Yameen is to prevent Nasheed from running in the next presidential election in 2018. It's tragic that the Country is fast becoming a Police State and is reverting back into the dark days of Gayoom's regime.

  10. Current president Yameen is ex dictator Gayoom's younger brother. This is clearly political revenge against Nasheed.

  11. Justice prevailed?? No justice isn't prevailed? Where are the crimes that Maumoon committed? Where is the crime committed by Ali Hameed? Where are the crimes committed by the Police? Did you speak against these crimes? No.Indeed no one is above the law. But this isn't about justice, This is a political game by the current government. If you really want justice you would be speaking against the atrocities carried out by Maumoon and the police too. You are nothing but a typical Maldivian hypocrite

  12. Mohamed Nasheed was a beacon for Maldives. It has gone into the backwaters.

  13. i humbly ask the international community to not become a deaf and a blind community, who sits and releases only statements.. we need help to free our leader, or at least ensure a just trial for him .. He is a "global president" not a terrorist. and i maybe no body but i am a human being i request every country to treat our nation fairly.

  14. President Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) is our hero.its selective justice and no Maldivian believes his trial is fair. its going so fast that he is made to appear in the court every other day some times late in the night. the current prosecutor general appointed by the current regime meets with the judges secretly to discuss Nasheed's trail and its madness to think of a fair trail for president Nasheed. We Maldivians need the help of the international community like before to restore the democracy here ,up hold the rule of law and secure the release of president Nasheed.

  15. President Nasheed is being tried unjustly by the present shady government,the trial is a secret,the media is not briefed about the trial,no one knows anything that is going on...It goes on at odd hours in their own presence,prosecutor general,the judges are all puppets of the government,,the police force,defense force is corrupt&sold out to the government..Failed to serve the public,they are going to do away with Our leader because they know he will never stop fighting for freedom&democracy in this country..

  16. Yes Nasheed was the first democratically elected president in Maldives, and he is a brave person who fought hard to get Maldives where we are.

  17. President Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) is our hero.its selective justice and no Maldivian believes his trial is fair. its going so fast that he is made to appear in the court every other day some times late in the night. the current prosecutor general appointed by the current regime meets with the judges secretly to discuss Nasheed's trail and its madness to think of a fair trail for president Nasheed.

  18. Sooner or later the truth will out. A cynic would say the rats will leave the sinking ship, which may end up with 2 or a few fat cats on it as it goes down. Most of those clinging on to this miserable regime are doing so more out of fear with the threats that come their way. But then those who help perpetrate the fear get threatened themselves - so they say.. why should I wait till its my turn? The loonies who are trying to control everything are paranoid and its nots a fun place to work in.

    Either way in the days of FB and Twitter and all the like, bad behaviour cannot be hidden behind faceless gangs etc. Everyone knows everyone - everyone knows everything. The question is how many have the courage and the sheer daring of Nasheed to come out and say it. Where Nasheed goes surely a few others will follow. When the tipping point is reached, fear will be no more.

    Bad behaviour + tipping point = freedom from fear. Its a question of time, particularly given that the bad behaviour isn't going away and keeps manifesting itself for the ugly thing it is. The oh so lovely duo clearly have no sense, let alone a true sense of self-preservation. Brains alone do not wisdom make, Brawns alone do not strength make. Geddit?

  19. Often, the arab-wannabes will come here to spout garbage about 'democracy' and how we must obey what their mullahs call 'quran and hadith'.

    But ask yourselves; where is this so-called muslim ummah when we are suffering today? They cant help us! You know why? Because they too, like us, are kept as slaves, while their rich masters come here to booze, party and do a Ali Hameed!

    Should we just bow our heads and accept these mullahs, these enablers of dictatorship, and accept their version of 'quran and hadith', throwing away what freedom we earned in the Great Patriotic War?



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