Defence Minister Nazim and lawyer Shaaheen Hameed dismiss speculations of impending military takeover

Prominent Lawyer Shaaheen Hameed and Defence Minister Retired Colonel Mohamed Nazim have dismissed social media speculation of an impending military takeover, should no president be elected by November 11 – the date on which the current five year presidential term expires.

Speculation began circulating on social media after former Minister of Environment and Housing Mohamed Aslam – who is himself an ex-serviceman – wrote on his Facebook status that he had received information of an impending military takeover by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF).

“The following I was informed just now: Reports from Supreme Court staff say they have seen notes written by judges saying that [the] military is studying how to take over the government and call for elections in 100-180 days. [Defence Minister] Nazim had asked Shaaheen Hameed and [Attorney General] Azima Shukoor to study similar takeovers in Thailand, Fiji and in Algeria,” wrote Aslam on his Facebook update.

“They are paid, I am told, 1.7 million rufiyaa for this study to be completed in 7-10 days. Under this, they will dissolve the [Parliament], Courts and appoint a military commission including [Yameen Abdul Gayoom] and [Gasim Ibrahim]. Supreme Court verdict stalled.”

Speaking to Minivan News on this Sunday, Defence Minister Nazim claimed that Aslam’s allegations were baseless and said such rumours were spread by the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to tarnish his image and reputation.

“I have never spoken about such a thing. I believe governments should be changed through a vote of the people. I would never do such a thing. It is against all democratic principles,” Defence Minister Nazim told Minivan News.

Meanwhile in a statement released to local media last Saturday, Shaheen Hameed claimed that he had not taken part in any legal work relating to the Jumhoree Party (JP)’s Supreme Court petition against the Elections Commission (EC), in which the party requested the court to annul the first round of presidential election. Although local and international election observers praised the credibility of the polls, the third-placed JP alleged the vote was flawed due to electoral discrepancies and irregularities amounting to a “systematic failures”.

Shaheen in the statement added that he had not given any legal advice regarding the case to anybody including a political party or a state institution, let alone the Defence Minister.

“And, I shall not by any means take part in an attempt to undermine the constitution of the Republic of Maldives,” wrote Shaaheen Hameed.

Shaaheen furthermore claimed that such baseless allegations levied against were intended to tarnish his public image and incite hatred towards him.

Concerns within the military

The speculations began shortly after some 17 senior military officers sent a ‘letter of concern’ to MNDF Chief of Defence Force Major General Ahmed Shiyam, in which the officers expressed concern over the recent Supreme Court injunction to indefinitely delay the second round of Presidential Election – which could possibly lead the country in to a state of constitutional limbo.

“We believe, given Article 8 of the Constitution states that the powers of the state shall be exercised in accordance with the constitution, and as 28 September 2013 is the last date on which the second round of the presidential elections can be held, the Supreme Court order to delay the election is one that creates dangers for the nation and its citizens and creates challenges from a national security point of view, and may impede the military from carrying out is constitutionally mandated duties,” wrote the officers

“Hence, we express grave concern, and appeal for this institution not to be propelled into a deep pit, and state that we will steadfastly remain with good military behavior and good order against any illegal order,” concluded the letter.


Shortly after the reception of the letter, MNDF introduced an amendment to its own regulations to include a chapter that imposed punishments and penalties against officers who incite ‘upheaval and chaos’ within the military ranks.

Three officers have been indefinitely suspended after the amendment came into force, while Brigadier General Abdulla Shamaal – who appeared to be the first signatory to the letter – has been sidelined from his position as the Commandant of Training and Doctrine.

Three officers: First Lieutenant Abdulla Shareef, Sergeant First Class Ali Waheed and Lance Corporal Sharhaab Rashid have all been suspended under the section 4(a) of the MNDF Employment Regulation.

First Lieutenant Abdulla Shareef and Sergeant First Class Ali Waheed had been suspended for inciting “upheaval and discord” among the ranks of the military while Lance Corporal Sharhaab Rashid had been suspended for “disseminating confidential information to the public without authorisation”.

Meanwhile in another turn out of events, First Lieutenant Mohamed Haleem requested resignation from the defense force over “difficulties in executing his duties”.

“I do not believe the security services are currently adhering to the constitutional provisions stated in articles 237 and 238. Also, while the spirit of article 246 of the constitution is, to refrain from political affiliations and to treat equally among the people and different groups, respecting the principles of Islam and human dignity, I do not see this currently happening [within the security services],” First Lieutenant Haleem wrote on his resignation letter.

The alleged disgruntlement within the MNDF officers also coincided with a letter from Former Male Area Commander of MNDF Retired Brigadier General Ibrahim Mohamed Didi published on social media, in which he advised military officers to uphold the law and constitution regardless of who attempted to undermine it.

“My advice to the military officers is: ‘Do not give the opportunity to anyone who plans to rule this country by taking the laws to their own hands and override the constitution and undermine the constitutional framework of this country’,” wrote the ex-Brigadier General.


19 thoughts on “Defence Minister Nazim and lawyer Shaaheen Hameed dismiss speculations of impending military takeover”

  1. Very probable.!!!

    I am just amazed (we should not be, as we are protected by 100% commitment) and yet disheartened, by the repetitive pitfalls we Mordisians continuously fall into. The future is looks like a dark valley.

    Why won't (or is it can't) He help us? Eh Imran??

  2. There is no need to complicate this issue beyond a simple explanation;

    (1) The power transfer on 7 February 2012 took place mainly due to a police mutiny and last-minute capitulation by the military.

    (2) Feeling cheated, MDP has since then advocated a tit-for-tat approach trying on several occasions to instigate a counter-coup.

    (3) The "letter of concern" sent recently was meant to indicate that MDP enjoyed support among the military.

    (4) The allegations against Azima Shakoor and Shaheen Hameed were merely made because of their family and political affiliations to PPM.

    (5) There are ambitious elements within the military who sincerely believe they can do a better job of running this country than civilian politicians. These elements would seize an opportunity afforded by any politician to enact their strategy.

    (6) Military rule would be disastrous for our country.

  3. I am a tourist. I do not take sides.

    I think the Minivan News ought to tone down its rhetoric. For the last week or so all you have been printing are rumours and very little hard fact since the initial protests outside the court.

    Like drowning men you grab onto every straw of speculation you can with repetitive predictability.

    Why don't you just WAIT until something tangible happens THEN report it.

    Even your UN "There could be Trouble" report was exaggerated and I think slightly suspect..

    The Maldives is running out of time. Not politically but against Nature. You need EVERY dollar the tourists can bring in to buy land for your people in another place.

    All this baseless rhetoric is just deterring those Tourists who could be your salvation.

    STOP IT!

  4. @Private Tourist.

    That is true. Sadly, it's not only the minivan news. It's a generic viral disease every Maldivian has succumbed to.

    But since minivan news is in English and some foreigners/tourists do read it, I guess it has more potential for profound impact.

  5. Hey, Private Tourist. Your dollars are funding the batons and brutality that has been exacted upon us by the illegitimate state. Please, for your own safety and morality, stay out from Maldives. This is a war zone - war was declared against the people of Maldives; oppression that the rest of the world seems hellbent on enforcing in the name of stability. An eye for an eye, as named in the Quran. I'm not an MDP member; I'm just one of the hundreds of thousands of Maldivians who have been robbed of their right to free speech, justice and now, even our right to vote. Support the enemy, at your own peril.

  6. Nazim is a petty and jealous guy. He removed Shamaal from the post of Commander because he has always been jealous of Shamaal. Nazim can never ever match Shamaal in his professional qualifications or conduct, and he would love to see Shamaal dismissed from the MNDF. And oh yeah, he has no respect for we have all seen and are seeing.

  7. Whatever happens in your unstable little country.....military takeover, police coup, power transfer, fishwives revolt, resort workers go slow, Islamic revolution or whatever, please don't send delegations of your squabbling politicians to New Delhi pleading for assistance.
    We Indians have no interest in your squalid politics.
    This is only the second time you've had democratic elections and you've screwed it up.

  8. Dear MissIndia,

    Beeing a foreigner living in the Maldives for a while I have to say after seeing so many of your comments that you really break my balls to be polite.

    To develop a little bit my comment I will tell you one thing my dear :

    Beeing a european who live in asia for a couple of years even if Maldivians are not perfect they have their way to be and positive things too,

    First of all I don't see the point to come here just to piuk on them at each of your comments

    Secondly your little superior feeling really make me laugh..

    I try to not judge people for their country and tend to believe every individual is different and you cannot put them all in the same bag, so if I want to use stereotype a bit like you do I would tell you few things as a westerner point of view :

    -Firstly doing business here Indians are probably the worst to deal with : liers, no loyalty always bargain for peanuts while shaking their heads.
    -Little country for Maldives ? Well heard urs is one of the biggest and dirtiest to go/be
    -What about your casts this wonderful idea ? read recently a young couple of students beeing kild by their own family after coming back to their village with the pro mess that all will be ok ( as mention up never trust Indians...) what a developed country !
    -What about the safety in your bus with tourists and local women raped by 10 dude at the same time ?

    So maybe Maldives is a small shithole for you but for many others India is a huge place full of people full of shit (smelling shit ?) you get my point ?

    Even thought i met some great indians and great locals too so stop putting everything in the same bag for god sake and open a bit your eyes and use your brain for a change, be constructive if you IQ allows it instead of just critise and critise because your far from beeing perfect my littlespoiled princess.

    Stop beeing so arrogant and to open your big mouth because you're totally nothing my poor thing.

    Go do some cleaning in your dirty country before coming here and judge others.

    Hope to not read again until you have something interesting to say.

  9. Private tourist is a PPM troll. Tourists are not going to save this country. Neither is the UN or any other "foreign interest". If Maldivians accept Gayoom again, it's their own fault and the downward spiral will not be stopped by cocktail drinking, bikini/speedo wearing tourists (or cocktail drinking, suit wearing international observers staying at Traders).

  10. India is an insignificant regional power that must accommodate itself to be known as our inferior.

    While they are not allowed to interfere in our domestic affairs, any 'assistance' they render us is naught but our rightful tribute, for we are Muslims that follow the one true path, whereas they worship a false Elephant God known as Oogah Boogah. Hence they shall always be subordinate to us, you harlot from NewDelhi.

  11. Hello all. I am the Pope. Yeah, really. Read my lips:

    (1) Nazim is a Saint and he'll do no such things as claimed. He never did anything undemocratic on 7th February 2012 either.

    (2) Nazim just happened to be at the right place at the right time by divine inspiration and helped established divine will.

    (3) You see, the guy he helped propel to power by divine inspiration even got 5% of the popular vote. Well, as you known even divinity does not interfere with the electoral process.

    Thank you.
    His Eminence.

  12. @MissIndia NewDelhi - Chill MissIndia. International relations, democracy, elections or anything other than make up and nail files are beyond your mental process. Don't worry your little head about politics or the fate of Maldives. Commenting here, you're only making a bad name for your nationals and your great nation. Keep your silly notions to yourself henceforth. That would be at least courteous for your nationals and mine a like.

    Rumors and speculation are pretty much all we have to go on with. Now if we had a functioning judiciary or Government who is run by someone other than the one calling himself the President or someone elected for the post, then we would have certainty in what is going on and there would be a constitution followed, by which we would know what is happening.

    While Nazim, Azima and their posse play their games the rest of us have lost all our basic civil rights while we play with the law.

    Come the 11th of November, will we have no President?
    Would Nazim sigh and say.. "Oh alright. Now I have no choice. The Military will take over then, but we are ONLY doing this for you dear citizens."

    Then will he turn around and say "off with the heads of all who voted for Nasheed. Get BMW first though. Make sure HE doesn't claim HE is still president."

  13. "Turish his image" says Nazim. I wonder if he has an image and from where the F*** did he get that image. "Evves sharuthakaa nulaa" ...

  14. Dear Mr.president, you did wrong by joining hands with the opposition and became a puppet of Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. With you as head of State they get all their dirty work accomplished through Abdullah Riyaz and Colonal Nazim. People curse you every time they are being brutally suppressed.
    Now is the time for you to act and correct all the wrongs you committed so people of Maldives will forgive you. Now is the time you shall become a hero in the history books of Maldives if you crop up enough courage to stand up against injustices happening in Maldives. Win the hearts of we Maldivians and be a greater leader in the eyes of Un, EU n common wealth.
    I dare you to be brave and sack Colonal Nazim and Police Commisioner Abdullah Riyaz, order MNDF and Police to give full cooperation to Election Commission to hold a transparent free and fair election, and have smooth transfer of power to who ever wins.
    If you have the courage to do that you will be known as someone courages, fair and benevolent leader and the whole world shall applaud you. You shall have the last laugh and who knows you will be our President in 2018.
    It is not too late Mr. President to put all the wrongs right.
    Good luck Mr President. Hope you shall read this or someone will bring this message to your attention.

  15. Have you 'true believers and 100% muslims' considered a possible revolt by your mad mullahs?.....god know you have thousands of these loonies preaching hatred towards 'kuffars' and 'infidels'.
    You could wake up tomorrow morning with these bearded cretins, wearing white skullcaps, tunics and those silly shrunk-in-the-wash-pants, rampaging through the atolls, waving korans and demanding an Islamic caliphate with full sharia law just like the good old days of the prophet. There will be floggings and beheadings aplenty, you will be able to marry children and also your sisters.
    I think you should err on the side of caution, round up the mad mullahs and lock them least till the present political impasse is over. You can thank me for this sound advice later.
    @ Zobi
    My comments are aimed at the short, fat and dim people of Maldives and not at some poorly educated European doing some crap old job in the Maldives. So butt out and mind your own friggin business.
    @ Dhivehi Hangyourmama
    I thought you had been kidnapped by the Taliban and were lying naked and trussed up in some fetid hole in Old Peshawar.....sadly not. Regardless of your comments, India IS the regional it or not.....and your very survival depends on our munificence.
    India has been a stable, secular democracy since independence 66 years ago. 86% Hindu and still fiercely secular.
    Like I said you dimwits are unstable.....politically AND mentally.

  16. I have no doubt about the credibility of John Prescott on this. I have worked with Shaheen before and he is very much a Golha (legal) advisor. I am sure he is as usual involved with PPM and election activities. 6 months ago. Shaheen had completed this study and given to Gayoom. I typed this entire package.


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