Disagreement on house rules post-coup leaves parliament in limbo, claims MDP

The ousted Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) will reject amendments to house rules to allow the government to submit bills through any party, the party has said in a statement on Wednesday.

Article 71 of the parliamentary rules of procedure states the government can only submit bills, including tax bills, to the parliament through the party it represents.

However, President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s Gaumee Ithihad (GI) does not have representation in the Majlis. Waheed, the former vice-president, took power after MDP’s President Mohamed Nasheed resigned on February 7. The MDP claims Nasheed was ousted in a coup d’état.

Nasheed’s deposition has raised questions over MDP’s status in parliament. According to MDP’s statement, parliamentary group leader Ibrahim Mohamed ‘Ibu’ Solih has written to Speaker Abdulla Shahid stressing that the MDP was elected for a five-year term and the administration continued to belong to the MDP, despite the transfer of power.

“The Majlis is in limbo,” MDP spokesperson and Malé MP Hamid Abdul Gafoor told Minivan News. “MDP has been elected for a five-year term. In the middle of the term Shahid is trying to make us out to be the opposition. He is attempting to bring about a coup within parliament.”

Deputy Speaker Ahmed Nazim had told local media Haveeru that house rules needed to be amended to allow Waheed’s administration to submit bills before Majlis reconvenes. He also said any bills submitted by Nasheed’s administration are now void and have to be submitted again.

“From the moment when President Waheed addressed the assembly, the new government has now been accepted by the Parliament. In my view, the bills submitted by the former government have now been rendered void. Hence the bills must be resubmitted,” Nazim said.

The MDP attempted to prevent Dr Waheed from delivering a constitutionally-mandated presidential address and obstruct the Majlis from reconvening on March 1 and March 19.

Waheed narrowly managed to deliver a shortened presidential address on March 19, over loud heckling from MDP MPs.

With MDP’s refusal to allow amendments to the house rules, the MDP and the coalition of parties backing Dr Waheed will now go “head to head” on the matter when Majlis reconvenes on Monday, Gafoor said.

Nazim also said the Majlis has to decide on opposition response to the president’s address. According to article 25 of the Majlis rules of procedure, the largest political party opposing the president’s party in Majlis must respond to the presidential address.

Ibu has said the MDP will not issue a rebuttal to Dr Waheed’s address as the party continues to question Waheed’s legitimacy and the constitutionality of the March 19 Majlis opening session.

“As long as the MDP continues to be the elected administration, the MDP parliamentary group does not have to respond to the presidential address,” the party’s statement read.


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  1. I wish MDP well, but its disheartening to see how badly they behave in Majlis. They showed no diplomacy or tact, intelligence or any such useful stuff... just barking and braying and neighing... hardly the way to win hearts and minds...

  2. I have never seen the woman called Rugiyya -- an MDP Parliament member -- open her mouth inside a parliament sitting.

    But on the 1st of March and again on the 19th of March, she was screaming on top of her voice at Dr Waheed.

    What a disgrace to Maldivian women.

    Shame on you, Rugiyya.

  3. Totally Agree with Maldivian. I havent heard of this woman either until recently. Was she hiding in her closet all this time?

  4. police guy, Maldivian-

    What would concern you more? If your children were-

    1)Barking, braying, screaming.


    2)Committing treason while behaving like "respectable" people.

  5. everybody keeps on saying shame on you shame on you. just stop this nonsense once and think of what a low thing it is to bring about a coup!

  6. What a mess! I wonder how Dr.Waheed's "National unity government" is going to clear this out..... Where were the adhaalath party mullah's???

  7. Maldivian politics require a hardball stance be taken, merely because of incumbent Gayoomists' double faced "airs" about democratic legitimacy without the public vote. "police guy" depicts that pathetic attitude beautifully.

  8. mdp supporters have gone coup coup crazy. PROVE IT WAS A COUP IN A COURT! you can't, it's all a metaphor or something. Maybe that's why it keeps changing. forced at gunpoint, held hostage for 18 hours, signed the letter in the mndf headquarters, i can't keep up with it. seriously something wrong with you. want to be victims but can't help holding all night rallies with free beer in a muslim country no less and the hate speech.meanwhile the victim's off promoting a film in ny.hahah

  9. “Took Power” … “deposition” … MDP Was not elected for anything. MDP Itthihaad came in second place in the first round (only with Dr. Waheed’s help) and then Wathan Edhey Gotha won the second round.

    How did he "narrowly" manage to deliver a statement? This article goes out of its way to use weasel words, and barely attempts to hide bias. Not a single article written by this author is unbiased. It’s a complete joke.

    MDP is doing whatever it can to stall the Majlis because they don’t want the country to function. This is so poorly written, so badly researched, and so one sided that there is no aspect of responsible journalism that comes into it. Nothing whatsoever.

  10. @ peasant

    Two wrongs do not make a right.

    PS. No, I am not a police guy.

  11. our constitution does warrant MDP to rule the country and do what ever MDP want for 5 years but it says that the term is 5 years. It does not mean that 5 years is outside our constitution and the country need to follow MDP instruction.

    MDP government collapsed because you guys could not follow our constitution and Anni became a King rather than democratic president.

  12. MARI Minivan is controlled by Dictator Anni and nothing can go against. If you think deeply , we all know that Anni does not remember what he says in the veining by the next day morning. He either have very very short memory or he is one big filthy lier.

  13. I know Rugiyya personally as all her constituents do. She is a polite person and soft spoken person. Not everyone in the party need to speak. voting on the party line and being true to her constituents is good enough.

    When leaders, with no mandate from the people, backed by mutinying police and military, try to address parliaments women such as Rugiyya who love this country will speak out and scream out if needed. As a maldivian woman, who does does not want a military backed government to take root in my country, I am very proud of you Rugy. you certainly represented my voice in parliament that day.

  14. If you must know the person writing in the name of Maldivian attacking MP Rugiyya is Mohamed Shafraz Hafiz of PPM.

    Do you really have to open your mouth like MP Ilham just for that sake of it. Rugy is just as important for MDP as any other member. She'll vote for the party and will not be bought. That is for sure.

  15. Rugiyya was BRAVE shouting at Bandit Waheed. Silence is golden. And shouting is also golden when it is required. Waheed eheree meehehge haqqa kah araigaiiyfa. Mikamuga MDP member in BADHALU hifaanan!!

  16. Yoga, you are dead wrong this time.

    You may try and justify Rugiyya's actions. But I was ashamed of her. I was also ashamed of Eva after seeing her apalling behaviour on those days. They are both a disgrace to Maldivian women.

  17. @Yoga.. Dont be disheartenend .. its true that Rugiyya never opened her mouth in the majlis.. we never heard her in any discussions..never represented the voice of her constituency.. except on the 19th march to swear at the president Waheed.. What a shame.. Must be something really personal...

  18. In 2007, we had a referendum to decide whether to have a parliamentary democracy or presidential. people decided and voted to have a presidential form of government. under presidential form of government anyone can become the president. one need not be from a political party. any person who qualifies can contest and become president. Hence, the president can submit any bill to the parliament - he does not need to have a party to do that. if parliament regulation does not allow it, then we should change it, as people voted to have a presidential form of government. one should also note that MDP campaigned for a parliamentary democracy during the referendum and lost.

  19. Rugiyya MDP MP, may not be a great speaker. She quietly sits,warms her seat and follow party whip line and presses the buttons to vote. I was a little worried thinking the Majlis would be better served by an alternative MDP member.
    Then on March !9, she truly shone. She was the star heckler for MDP.
    It just shows her talents are in heckling and doing funny acting/dancing in front of the chair.Not in debating on issues
    Now I am not disappointed in her.

  20. Nobody fought for democracy as hard as anni. The people who wants democracy should not support this government. But if you are one of those "golhabo ass licker" then of course u will support this government even if it destroys the country!

  21. "But if you are one of those “golhabo ass licker” then of course u will support this government even if it destroys the country!"

    We will not let anyone destroy the country.
    That is why we are happy that Anni is no longer the mad ruler of this country.

  22. Maldivian
    I'll be very happy to see you sad after once again the rightful President of maldives Mr.Nasheed comes back to power. 🙂

  23. The problem is Anni did lots of things in 03 years for the prosperity of our country when Maumoon is lame in doing nothing in his 30 years.

    We know the truth Maldivian!

  24. Firstly we elected a Government for five years in 2008. MDP/GI won (Nasheed, Waheed and MDP Manifesto).
    Secondly If the President violated the Constitution (as claimed by the opposition) the procedure to impeach him, through the Majlis, is laid out in the Constitution. He was forced to resign because the MNDF did not defend him against protesting Police Officers.

    Thirdly when if the President resigns his deputy becomes the President to complete the five year term.

    Fourthly there is no provision in the Constitution for a new Government except by an election.

    What Nazim says is incorrect. As this a continuation of the Government that was elected
    in 2008, the bills submitted when Nasheed was President does not have to be resubmitted and
    MDP is still the ruling Party not the opposition.

    If this is not the case then when did we have the election to elect a new Government?

  25. Mohamed Shafraz Hafiz get a life. Surely you will know who I am and how much I know. Remember the 2008 elections? Making all those videos from the clips your father Ahmed Hafiz stole from MNDF?

  26. Commonwealth is right on this. Sorry Mohamed Rasheed, you are wrong on the this.

    We have a Presidential Democracy here. Not a Parliamentary democracy here. I pity Maldivians. For thirty years we have been hoodwinked by Gayoom and now we have been hoodwinked by Anni and MDP.

    Get some knowledge about the different kinds of democracies. This whole thing about a Manifesto is all bunk. This is not a parliamentary democracy and since this is a Presidential style one the manifesto does not carry any weight.

    MDP did not win any government. Mohamed Nasheed and Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik won the ticket to become the President and Vice President of Maldives. It just happened to me that Nasheed belonged to MDP and Waheed belonged to Gaumee Ithihaad.

    Gayoom was right. Maldives is not ready for democracy because most of the people do not what democracy is and the different kinds of government in democracy. This situation is here because MDP played the DRP very well and made Thasmeen the leader of the opposition. Thasmeen has a big ego and the name sounded nice.

    This whole thing is getting ruddy ridiculous now.

  27. @ simple and honest

    If Anni was such a fantastic ruler, he would not have resigned in the first place.
    As simple as that.

    "The problem is Anni did lots of things in 03 years for the prosperity of our country when Maumoon is lame in doing nothing in his 30 years."
    I am not a supporter of Maumoon.
    But I see no honesty in this sentence.

  28. Well,for those who say Rugiyya has never spoken, she speaks more than some PPM and DRP MPs. To represent a constitutnecy in PArliamentdoes not mean she everyday talks about her constituents. DOnt forget this is the legislature and their function is clearly defined. There is no bigger shame to a country and its people than a coup. A coup is forced depsoition of elected leader by a group of people opposing him. No matter how unique or different it is, or whether a corrupted judiciary can give a verdict on it. In a democratic presidential system the elected president can only be deposed through impeachment or Supreme COurt Ruling.None of this happened before NAsheed was evicted.For those who use the word "shame" to anyone who resist the coup is a menas to maquerade lies as facts to really mislead the people that acoup is not a ahsmeful act but resisting a coup is more shameful.

  29. This is a Military Dictatorship brought about by a coup d'e'tat, no matter how much effort is made to costume it otherwise!

    Nothing constitutional can be done or will be done in this country now with a rebel president in power!

    Constitution is carried in their hands! It would spit fire and ammunition! This is enough Constitution for them!

    Security Forces have repeatedly said that they have brought this government down and would do it over and over again even if it is re-installed!

    No amount of evidence, common sense or what ever is going to enforce the will of the people unless they are committed to get is back!

  30. The fact is plain and simple: The elected president was ousted in a coup. While the 'justification'used by the perpetrators of the coup is the elected president going against the constitution (I never heard of a case presented to Supreme court and thus a Ruling stating he was going against the constitution, although the Supreme court did state it was unconstitutional. BUT a ruling is what can actually give weight to this claim) However, since these people themselves, did not go around the constitutional means to impeach the President, it is a disgrace and shame on democracy and democratic values which the country has been trying to consolidate. Our constitution does not allow a govt. to change by mutinying police/military and a coup d'etat-which was- i must mention here- aired live on TV. People opposing Nasheed's presidency and MDP would surely see this article as baised. However, I cant see how this journalist- or anyone for that matter- can write this article in any other way. If the current govt. wants to prove its legitimacy, they must prioritize investigations of the happenings that led to the President's resignation. We are not a barbaric society, but the ouster of the elected president surely was barbaric. And in such cases, it is pointless to expect the MPs of MDP to act in any other way. The sitting Majlis has always acted childishly-right from the beginning. It did not happen yesterday. If Anni had become a 'King' was one person's comment here describes, then why did the opposers 'stoop' to his level and still expect people to respect them? And to top it off- the heinous acts of police brutality that came along within hours after the new president took office truly makes it more questionable. This is not right. We need to hold fresh elections asap or atleast go for a referendum to decide to hold early elections and let the people decide what they want. What is the point of talking about democracy when a group of people keep deciding for the people and doing whatever they want?? Why couldnt they have waited till 2013 to oust Nasheed, or present a case to the Supreme Court and if found guilty, he wud've been impeached.

  31. There is no bigger shame to a country and its people than a coup.Maldivian you are a part of this. your wife's sisters brothers- MI and Hussein ibrahim are coup generals in mndf, Ahdey (baagee waheed's security)the man who was in parliament that day trying to evict mdp and democracy supporting mp's is also married to one of your wifes sisters. and by the way shafraz, arent yousuppose tobe one of the boaard members in MBC which TVM and VOM is under? so get your facts right mister. you are part of golhaabos cult.


  33. @jameel on Sat, 31st Mar 2012 9:23 AM

    Can you tell me specifically where i am wrong?

    We have to base our actions on the Constitution that we have. According to the Constitution we do not have a purely Presidential Democracy.

    Which clause of the Constitution permits a new Government without an election?

    The Government is elected for a five year term. It is a continuation of the same Government, until the end of the term, when the President's Deputy takes over the Presidency after his resignation? The Government is elected for five years.

  34. Deen is not a cabinet member? whaddup, waheed?


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