DQP calls on government to stop prostitution

The Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) led by former Attorney General Dr Hassan Saeed has called on the government to take adequate measures to prevent prostitution in the Maldives.

‘’Prostitution has spread widely across the Maldives in the guise of health clinics and massage centres, to an extent that the citizens should be very concerned,’’ the DQP said in a statement.

‘’There is the chance people will say that prostitution is being conducted with the assistance and support of the government if the government remains silent on the issue instead of taking any action.’’

The DQP claimed the government supported prostitution, referring to video clips allegedly of senior government officials leaked by a blackmail ring prior to their arrest earlier this year.

The party also claimed the government was “keeping its eyes closed” on the issue despite prostitution being haram under Islam, which it claimed showed that the current government was not prioritising Islam in the country.

‘’We call on the government to take immediate measures to stop this and to prevent the society from falling into an illness,’’ the DQP said in its statement. ‘’We condemn statements from the government that these are not issues the government has to investigate.”

The statement also referred to the recent investigation by Sun Online journalists in which the journalists solicited girls in massage parlours.

Police arrested two Maldivian males and two Thai females for involvement in a beauty salon in Addu, for allegedly being involved in prostitution. The Addu Court extended the detention of the four arrested.

Press Secretary for the President’ Office Mohamed Zuhair did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


16 thoughts on “DQP calls on government to stop prostitution”

  1. "The DQP claimed the government supported prostitution.."

    I wonder why this is not the headline? Is this not big news?? However, its kinda cool when journalists are able to drop bombs in articles like its an afterthought.

  2. The DQP leaders seems to have lost their mind. This is a big allegation being levelled at ruling party/govt.

  3. ‘’Prostitution has spread widely across the Maldives "
    hehehe LOL so prostitution spread widely across 100% muslim country? what is more true ?Maldives 100% muslims country and in this case it is impossible to have such criminal activity! Or maybe prostitution really spread in Maldives but in this case Maldives is not a 100%muslim country hehehe

  4. Sun Journalists performed a public function by proving that these masseurs offered sex, admitted willing to engage in sexual acts, and were willing to be paid for prostitution.That was the extent of it. At no time did any Sun journalist write that any sexual acts actually happened. The closest sentence to soft porn was.. “she touched her lips to my face.”…In the previous political culture, this would warrant serious investigation cuffs pillory and beatings up until the accused sang out the tune in the lecherous imagination of the main Mullah.. that’s the psychology of people like Nazeef..who belong to the political culture of the past..

  5. Stop prostitution and Maldivians will start screwing goats again. Anyone who thinks prostitution can be eradicated is living in cloud cuckoo land. What a stupid idea.

  6. Jameel should encourage the closure of joints operated by his aquintants in Hulhumale'.

  7. Hassan and Jameel should start by setting personal examples. They should stop being prostitutes.

  8. the maldivian politicians are all more or less corrupted. So are most maldivians. the only things maldivians can copy from westerners and foreigners are the bad things they do...like prostitution. why not stop letting our children have boyfriends/girfriends at young ages. isnt that prostitution? how many of you people can say you were virgins till you got maried...prostitution my foot.

  9. DQP is sick. they are doing this thinking of legalising the money they get from the govt for the political parties. very soon there nos. will become 1000.

  10. This heading is kinda confusing. I mean from the heading it seems like the Gaumee party was peeping inside a room, and it caught the State red-handed engaging in prostitution and afterwards is telling the Govt to stop prostitution.... or something like that.... Sounds kinda pervy from the Gaumee Party side.... Peeping in Guest house rooms and what not....

  11. "...despite prostitution being haram under Islam, which it claimed showed that the current government was not prioritising Islam in the country."

    i wonder how much of a muslim dr hassan saeed is to use islam as a means for political gains. of course islam is not the priority of the government. There are other bigger problems facing the country that needs to be solved. In a society where you have to be a muslim in order to be a citizen makes people sexually repressive which in turn makes people resort to prostitution; and hence prostitution can never be wiped out--especially in such a sexually repressed society like the maldives. ever wonder why prostitution has been the oldest profession known to men?

    in the maldives islam is like the ultimate weapon used by both politicians and citizens to justify everything.

    not until there is FREEDOM OF RELIGION in the country maldives can become a true democracy and then people will stop using religion as a means to discredit people with opposing religious views and actually start taking realistic measures to approach a problem in order to solve it.


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