DQP, Dr Hassan Saeed quit President Waheed’s coalition: “too much family, expatriate influence”

The government-aligned Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) has announced that it has left President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s ‘forward with the nation’ coalition, ending its support for his 2013 election bid.

The decision came shortly after the religious conservative Adhaalath Party left the coalition and joined resort tycoon Gasim Ibrahim’s Jumhoree Party (JP).

Local media is speculating that DQP Leader Dr Hassan Saeed – President Waheed’s Special Advisor since the controversial February 7 transfer of power – is likely to be announced as Gasim’s running mate.

In a statement released by the DQP on Thursday, the party said its council had unanimously agreed to leave the coalition, and accused President Waheed of being incapable of protecting the interests of his coalition partners.

Instead, the party alleged, Waheed was turning to “family influence” in making key decisions.

“The president dissolved the steering committee established with coalition partners to resolve issues within the coalition and resorted to taking decisions within his palace,” read the DQP statement.

Among other concerns, the party claimed that no key roles were given to coalition partners in the presidential campaign, which were instead outsourced to the president’s “family members and expatriates”.

The DQP alleged that some coalition partners had also breached their initial agreement to work together and were secretly attempting to induce members of other coalition partners to join their party.

The DQP, which has a membership of less than 1800 people, also claimed that president Waheed gave more priority to those who financially backed him over those who supported him with “sincerity and genuineness”.

“Therefore, despite repeated efforts, President Waheed’s failure to resolve these issues” forced the party to leave the coalition, DQP said.

Responding to the statement, a source in Waheed’s coalition told Minivan News that the DQP’s decision to leave the ‘Forward with the nation’ coalition was unexpected, when compared to the departure of the Adhaalath Party last week.

The source said DQP Leader Dr Hassan Saeed was himself in attendance during an official signing event held yesterday by Waheed, who was seeking 1,500 signatures needed to apply for candidacy as an independent. Saeed had been booked to attend another campaign visit over the coming days, the source said.

Despite the defection, the source claimed President Waheed’s campaigning would not be impacted by sudden defection of the DQP in any way.

“The [DQP] is a very small party of around 2000 members so we are not expecting much of an impact,” the source said.

With the departure of both the DQP and the Adhaalath party, President Waheed’s coalition now consists of his own Gaumee Ithihaad Party (GIP) and the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP).

DRP leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali was earlier been unveiled as Waheed’s running mate, although whether the pair will contest on the same independent ticket remains uncertain.

“There are people trying to bar me from competing. I will not be the one to get caught in that trap,” Waheed said earlier this week.

“So I intend to take the form and go on the streets. I will visit houses, carrying the form, during the next two days and ask those who wish to see me remain in this post for another term to sign.”

Dr Hassan Saeed has meanwhile resigned from his position as Waheed’s special advisor, shortly after the DQP announced its decision to side with Gasim Ibrahim.

Saeed was promptly replaced by former Attorney General Aishath Bisham.


18 thoughts on “DQP, Dr Hassan Saeed quit President Waheed’s coalition: “too much family, expatriate influence””

  1. Who is Hassan Saeed? Never heard of him. Is he any good at anything at all?

  2. Uh oh. Only yesterday, Waheed was the supreme leader who was so capable, so well suited to running a government for the future of the country. Waheed was so selfless, doing all that hard work in toppling the previous regime, because of the deep feelings inside his heart for the future of all Maldivians.

    He was absolutely courageous, taking tough decisions, facing off his critics and leading a group of highly skilled technocrats by example.

    Oh shit. That sounds like an obituary!

  3. We all know BMW is still the running mate (and a non-entity), behind the so called family influence and inexplicable occurings claimed by Adhaalath and DQP. Perhaps he might get an extra couple of votes by coming out straight as the 1st husband of the 1st democracy. Regardless, it won't be even nearly enough as the basis is "amilla edhun verikan ekani"!

  4. The good thing for him is, he can always do a Waheed come n Waheed go; whereas his political whor.s Massood, Topi, Abbas n Nafiz will be left to eat sand and he'll conveniently forget.

  5. Congratulations Lathee! Hope there's something in the voshi still

  6. Dear Dr Hassan Saeed

    Let us put the record straight. Your part's strength is now 1869 minus 1.

    You are a prostitute. I refuse to be involved with a party headed by a prostitute.

    I quit.

    Thank you.

  7. It looks like a 3 way main race in the first round Two wings of Gayoom family vs. MDP.

    So if MDP fails to win in one Round, we have Gayomm again.

  8. Slowly but surely puppet masters are quitting the traitors act. Now we see the mighty puppet becoming lifeless. It’s the end of the coup.

  9. @XXXX we know the voting will be rigged, and Maumoon will get over 98%. (like how he got in the old days)

    That's when the real war begins. There will be bloodshed. And the ones who kill the best, wins. Independence will be decided by battle, not by a rigged election.

  10. Serves Waheed right but I believe DQP and Hassan Saeed are now politically irrelevant!

  11. minivan, the previous comment was meant for a different article. don't post it.

  12. Prostitutes of Maldives involved in politics please take care. There is a software which will automatically download into your system and infect you with an incurable venereal disease on September 7th 2013.

    The high risk group include: Dr Hassan Saeed, Dr Shaheem, Imran, Dr Mauroof and Dr Jameel.

  13. I fear this election could horribly go wrong.

    The parties are swirling insults and daggers at each other. It does not look like there will be a clear winner in the first round.

    That means coalitions will for at the management; the constituents will be left bewildered as to who to support. The new affiliation would not have their best interests at the top of the coalitions agenda. Mind you, the coalition could promise everything, but it will be cracking at the seams the very next day.

    Mordis, yet again, will be at the mercy of the imbecilic Parliamentarians, the whore-judiciary, and a polio-ridden government.

    I just wonder if we could ever see the light of day, in this life...

  14. Nasheed was not ready to be soothed by hypocrites like these and Waheed already have the taste.
    Just cannot figure what Hassan Saeed will do to Gaim!

  15. @Patriot on Fri, 19th Jul 2013 5:33 PM

    "Just cannot figure what Hassan Saeed will do to Gaim!"

    Lateral thinking, old chap 🙂 Saeed being the lady boy he is must certainly be the only attraction for Gasim. On any other level, they might as well be talking over a 1 km length string and a couple of coke cans. That's how well they'll understand each other.

  16. maybe educated but not principled or consistent. just power hungry. just like the rest


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