Adhaalath Party quits President Waheed’s coalition

Additional reporting by Mohamed Naahii

The Adhaalath Party (AP) has quit President Mohamed Waheed’s ‘Forward with the Nation’ coalition due to “mysterious events”, a day after the party slammed Waheed for telling the AFP the party had “extremist” individuals.

During a two day official visit to Sri Lanka, President Waheed told the news agency that it was “better to work with” the self-claimed Islamist party despite some elements within the party holding “extreme views”, since excluding the party from mainstream politics risked marginalising it. This, he said, would have a “negative long-term effect”.

In a statement (Dhivehi) published on the Adhaalath Party’s website Tuesday (July 9), the party said that it had been offended by the remarks and that such comments from the president would affect its relationship with Waheed’s party Gaumee Iththihaadh Party (GIP). The party also denounced the claim that it held extreme views.

“The Adhaalath Party does not by any means hold extremist views. The party is working to introduce Islamic principles to the country, to protect the Islamic faith of the country and the country’s sovereignty,” read the statement.

“Therefore, the party leadership and its members are deeply disappointed by such allegations,” it added.

Yesterday (July 10) following the party’s announcement that Waheed’s comments would have a “significant negative effect” on their relationship, Adhaalath decided to leave the ‘Forward the Nation’ coalition during a meeting of their Consultative Council.

A near unanimous 97 percent of the council voted to leave the ‘Forward with the Nation’ due to “mysterious events”, as well as the coalitions prospective inability to succeed in “saving the nation” from former President Mohamed Nasheed’s “sacrilegious actions”, AP President Sheikh Imran Abdullah told local media.

“By the will of God, Adhaalath Party will continue to facilitate in providing a safe passage in order to save the nation from Nasheed,” said Abdullah.

He added that the party’s efforts to resolve issues within the coalition last week were “of no use”, however despite leaving ‘Forward with the Nation’, AP will continuously work toward “taking people to safe harbour”.

In a statement (Dhivehi) released today (July 11), the Adhaalath Party detailed their reasoning for leaving Waheed’s coalition.

“They were not putting much effort in preventing Nasheed’s anti-religious, anti-nationalist secular rule from coming back. The ‘broad coalition’ was formed with high hopes to prevent this, but now it seems the coalition is incapable of it,” read the statement.

“No solution has been proposed by other members of the coalition,” it continued.

“By the will of almighty Allah, the Adhaalath [Party] will do whatever it can to protect the sovereignty of this country and its religion from all threats and will continue its actions within the best interests of the state,” it added.

Earlier this week – prior to Waheed’s AFP interview – reports were circulating that the GIP and AP had a falling out with each other after the Adhaalath Party expressed concern over a lack of campaign activities.

Meanwhile, there have been unconfirmed reports suggesting that Adhaalath is now considering the possibility of entering into coalition with resort tycoon Gasim Ibrahim’s Jumhoree Party (JP).

The GIP and ‘Forward with the Nation’ still hopes to work together with AP “even after the presidential elections,” the coalition stated in a press release issued yesterday, following the AP’s announcement it was leaving the coalition.

“The Coalition does not have any hard feelings towards Adhaalath Party,” read the statement.

“We also thank Adhaalath Party Leader Sheikh Imran Abdulla and other members for their time and support in forming this coalition.

“We believe that, even though we do not campaign together, our final goal must be to strengthen democracy and uphold democratic values and also to work in the best interest of the people,” it concluded.

The President’s ‘Forward with the nation’ coalition which is backing Waheed’s bid for election in September, now includes the government-aligned Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) and the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP). However, several key members of DQP have since defected to the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM), while DRP leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali was recently taken to court by a series of creditors.

The Adhaalath Party President Sheik Imran and Sobah Rasheed, AP Member and team leader of Waheed’s election coalition media team, were not responding to calls at time of press.

Jumhoree Party (JP) Spokesperson Moosa Ramiz and Gaumee Itthihad Party (GIP) Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza were also not responding to calls at time of press.


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  1. “They were not putting much effort in preventing Nasheed’s anti-religious, anti-nationalist secular rule from coming back. The ‘broad coalition’ was formed with high hopes to prevent this, but now it seems the coalition is incapable of it.”

    The real meaning of this is that Nasheed is not behind bars as Adhaalath had hoped he would be at this stage. Of course, intellectual reasoned discourse is not something Adhaalath is used to or will engage in.

    Can they give examples of "anti-religious, anti-nationalist secular rule"? If "anti-religious" is a key criterial, then why does Adhaalath allow nudity, alcohol, pork, fornication and sodomy on these islands that Allah gave us? Again, I don't expect a reasoned argument to come back.

    If "anti-nationalist" is another key criteria, then why don't Adhaalath throw out Dhiraagu, Wataniya, MWSC, and a number of other enterprises that are surely not "nationalist"? Is Burger King "nationalist"?

    As usual, so much huffing and puffing from a party that has virtually no support base.

  2. Adhaalath is like the HIV virus in the Mordis. Dr Waheed would feel so relieved.

    The problem is in politics you never know who tucks into bed with them.

    All that who did, underestimated the destruction and the direction these viral moles demanded.

    God riddance. They should really go to Afghan, where they can lure a bigger population into heaven!

  3. Oh, you poor things! Your feelings were hurt,were they? Do we care? Go cry somewhere else. No one is listening and no one wants your version of Islam.

  4. The sovereignty and religion of Maldives has been protected without AP for hundreds of years!

  5. @Andrew Andreas on Thu, 11th Jul 2013 6:36 PM

    "They should really go to Afghan, where they can lure a bigger population into heaven!"

    Do you mean to say that Maldivians do not like the Heaven depicted by the Taliban, erm, I meant, Adhaalath? Let's see: rivers of wine, limitless amounts of virgin girls (sorry Homosexual, nothing for you here mate). What about ham sandwiches, crack, heroin, brown sugar etc?

    Guess today's youth need a bit more than just booze and women to tempt them to heaven.

  6. What a party!
    There cannot be a more cunningly pious set of sheikhs, anywhere, than these so called sheikhs, at the so called Adhaalath Party!
    Happy hunting!
    Here they go again!

  7. We do not need these four beards preaching religion. Any party would be better off without them. good riddance.

  8. LOL, this party is a like a bunch of parasites. They lost there big fish to tag along with. No they are swimming the ocean alone, oh so sad.

  9. Waheed will sleep with anyone to stay in power... But to pick idiots like this really is desparate. They will both fail now.

  10. They're not alone. The shadow of death stalks the little maggot.

  11. Adhaalath Party was hijacked by a team of mercenaries who used the party name for their personal material gain.

    Shaheem - a known womaniser with Gasim as his paymaster.

    Ilyas - his religious sermons were sold to Gasim for a fishing dhoni

    Mauroof - of doubtful moral character, financed by Gasim

    Imran - a crazy fool who craves attention

    The team will return to their paymaster before the end of this week and bring out a new fatwa declaring that all except Gasim are "laadheenee"


    Islam is under bombardment and why there are no mullahs in Maldives like this guy who talk rationally to defend Islam. Mullahs need educated people to talk on behalf of Islam now. You can’t allow the ignorant like the Adhalthist who has no any modern educational background who think the universe began in about 4000 years and the human race fall from the sky around this time to Middle East.

  13. My guess is they'll shortly announce support for Gasim's Jumhoree Party.

  14. This is the 3rd divorce of Adaalath - a bad example to the young generation on relationships and trusting partners.

    How previous marriages of Adaalath ended with JP, MDP and GIP shows their value system is incoherent and hence unislamic.

    These are surely no more than some one's puppets.


    This guy is very, very good. We need more people like this.

  16. If they do, that will be a good match. The blind leading the blind!

  17. You dont marginalize a disease vector. You destroy them.

  18. Soon they will join forces with the Maldives biggest seller of pork and liquor!

  19. When the odd ball characters of society, without much roots and identify in upbringing are further deformed in ideology by Salafist school abroad, you know what you get - Adaalath.

    These guys need an identity, just like people who are unsure of their sex.


    This is the reason why Mullahs are against women education. The more you are educated your critical thinking faculty gets improved and you start questioning about extra ordinary claims that has no rational foundation.

    I don’t think Allah’s intention was to force people to use their critical faculty when Quran asked the people at that time to ponder and think about what Quran claims,. The claim in Quran about the creator of universe at the time Quran was compiled was the only rational conclusion at that time the most advanced human thinking can grasp about a supreme being, and there was no doubt about it for those who compiled Quran. So if you ponder and think you will find the only truth available at that time of history was what Quran claimed.

    May be we can give credit for Quran to start thinking about nature based on what your eyes and imagination can grasp by providing evidence based claim like don’t you see the stars, mountain moon rain, cloud, reproduction to prove the existence of a supreme being.

  21. These Adhaalath guys are worse than opera divas - after all they have a superiority complex. It's their way or the highway. Couldn't work with any other parties because they think that it's their Allah-ordained right to rule Dhivehistanis under Shariah Law while they enjoy the luxuries of wealth and power. They're proud, self-centered, ill-mannered and have no respect for diplomacy or democracy - any political compromises they make paint them as hypocrites since their policies are more far-right and theocraticc than even the mainstream conservative politics of Dhivehistan. They'll have to shift public opinion more towards Wahhabism before they can gain popular support and with the ignorance and religiosity of most Dhivehistanis, it won't be a hard job.

  22. MR Nasheed is better as a opposition leader than a president . He should run for Male in parliament elections 2014 . alongside the leader DR Ahmed Ali Sawad ,DR musftafa luthufy, DR Mariam Zulfa, DR \aminath jameel ,DR ahmed shaheed , Mohamed Aslam, mahumood Razee, husnoo al suood and co in the cabinet and reserve cabinet should run in 2014 .

  23. incredible how vile these kuffar are! Such evil thoughts against Muslims cannot come from humans. Only Satans can have such dark hearts.

    O dear kuffar of Maldives?
    When will you come out from your slumber?

  24. why our mullahs and politician always talking about Islam for graphing power thees are real danger for our democracy and nation. we Maldivian know very well Islam.
    we need our freedom which Allah has given to us we don't want radical Islamist to distort Islam and our country as a sheep divide among this infidel

  25. @human being on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 4:23 PM

    "incredible how vile these kuffar are! Such evil thoughts against Muslims cannot come from humans."

    What goes around comes around. A number of so-called "Muslims" are out to destroy the Kaafir with very evil acts, not just mere "thoughts". Why wouldn't you expect a reaction? And how does Satan fit into all this? There is a Satan inside every single one of us! Satan is not a separate entity.

  26. Its funny how 'human being' can whitewash rapists, swindlers, murderers, thieves and liars under the umbrella term of 'muslims', and label anyone who speaks out against injustice as 'kuffar'.

    It'd be pathetic if it weren't so funny!

  27. @Abdulla Hussain,
    If you read any local news you cannot deny that 99%of the crimes you claim are done by the irreligious, not the 'haabee' type of people of adhaalath or salaf. Repeating a lie does not make it true.

    If you ever came across a knifing incident, check for the pic of the accused. chances are he/she will be a paatey and look like one! same goes for all other crimes. Ofcourse there are black sheep everywhere but say whatever you will, but Muslims are the best there are even now, even in our small country.

  28. @human being
    The parteys are a consequence of or a bi product when the values of society is destroyed. If the Muslims groups held firm, no one could have spoiled the society. The problem was not there 20 years ago.

    The problem is that 1) Muslim groups cannot agree one thing among themselves. 2) some of them just do not believe in a national culture

  29. @Ingorant on Sun, 14th Jul 2013 12:37 PM

    Thats called humans. Thats the psyche mix, God created. Its not their fault.

    What is their fault though, is they are not using their brains, as God instructed, instead of holding on to words of 7th century. Humans evolve. Use of tools and techniques evolve. What these idiots need to do is to start using their brains.

  30. @Ali Samih
    "instead of holding onto words of 7th century..." What does this mean?
    In 7th century a man advised mankind to be truthful. He said "thou shalt not kill" like a previous person did.

    Now do we have to evolve to a point where even simple sayings like this has to be turned on its head to mean the opposite?

    If you consider a rogue violent paatey more "evolved" than a humble "haabee" then salaam to you. Nothing needs to be said.

  31. @wives your point may have had some merit if it wasn't for the source, which have an obvious bias despite its name

    As for Banu Qurayza they were treated as equals and muslims even had a treaty with them under which they were offered protection and they were to offer the muslims support if they were attacked. And they betrayed the treaty when the muslims were attacked by outsiders by attacking them from the inside.

    And the conflict ended and banu qurayza was brought to trial, and they requested to be judged according to torah, which according their version of the laws was death.

    That was pre medieval 6th century warfare and what do you expect? The list of massacres starting from the hannibal's, the cesar's, the maximilan's, the byzantines, the colonial english, and other european (and other's religious and otherwise)of then had deaths in hundred's of thousands even millions starting from B.C's to A.D's. And to isolate one element in history and to hide portions to alienate and create hostility towards one group of it is extremely dishonest, while pretending the rest of the world's crap didnt stink.

    And I am guessing hitler, stalin and pol pot were also muslims as well, and muslims were the masterminds behind world war 2, correct me if i'm wrong

  32. @wives
    Im sure it was muslims pushing in 6 million jews, polish, gypsies and russians into the gas chamber as well? mussolini was also of a fringe muslim element am I wrong?

    And yes, there is a problem with radical islam, but lets not forget who brought the radical aligned sheik's(saudi's) into power to once they brought down the ottomans? Your friends the west. And to this day provides them support, ahem the west. And as muslims despite the positive aspects of democracy and what not, those are really hard pills to swallow, because of what your buddies (aka the west), had done to our civilization, and they have western puppets like you, to instigate the idiots among us into rioting over comments like those and low budget crappy 5 minute long movies, and comic strips.

    Hatred towards the likes of you comes from integrity and even if there is a somewhat positive message to what you are trying to sell, we will never accept it, because of the treachery,lies and manipulation that comes along with it

    May you rot


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