DQP MP Riyaz submits bill proposing hanging as preferred method of execution

Dhivehi Quamee Party (DQP) MP Riyaz Rasheed has submitted a bill to parliament proposing executions be carried out by hanging people sentenced to death in court.

Riyaz told newspaper ‘Haveeru’ that he submitted the bill because the government’s version of the bill, drafted in December 2012, had yet to be submitted to parliament.

According to Riyaz’s bill, the trials of people accused of offences punishable by death under the penal code are to be conducted with a defence lawyer, even should the defendant refused.

The bill requires the lower courts to forward a case report to the High Court 14 days from the date the trial reaches a conclusion. The High Court is required to conduct a trial to determine whether the lower court’s ruling is lawful.

Should this decision be upheld, the matter must then be referred to the Supreme Court, which issue the final ruling on the case.

According to the bill, the defendant is given the opportunity to meet his family and say his last words before he is hanged.

The bill obliges the state to delay implementing death sentences if the person is a minor, pregnant woman, mentally ill or suffering from a disease.

In December last year, Attorney General Azima Shukoor drafted a bill outlining how the death sentence should be practiced in the Maldives, with lethal injection being identified as the state’s preferred method of capital punishment.

The government’s draft, which has yet to be submitted to parliament was criticised by religious groups in the Maldives, who argued that the state’s method of execution should be beheading or firing squad.


8 thoughts on “DQP MP Riyaz submits bill proposing hanging as preferred method of execution”

  1. If Riaz was seriously interested in justice he would not be doing things to sensationalise and draw attention to him but will work hard at reforming the Penal Code. One of the most useless MPs in parliament. What a waste of space!!

  2. Oh dear! reading what Riyaz suggests and recalling Adaalath calls for execution..reminds me of the goat slaughtering scenario a few months ago, where children were encouraged to witness.

    Maldives has the most corrupted and uneducated judiciary system whose judges are cemented by the previous regime of Gayoom and present government. Why? to safe guard them from crimes and atrocities that they have committed. How the hell can anyone in Maldives prove a muderer and sentence him to death when, DNA proof is not accepted in the court of law.

    You can rape a woman or a child to death but unless we have three male witnesses who saw the actual act, the culprit walks free. You can stub someone a hundred times, leave the weapon with you finger prints and you go free as that is not sufficient evidence.

    But mess around with the 'big' boys and they cut your life in half. Evidence? not required as it is instructions from the god-father that matters. The same god-father who decided Nasheed to be toppled, Umaru to be expelled and many youths to die in confinement.

    Riyaz pay your Oil bills you owe the government, and continue to reap the public with your high fuel rates because nothing will happen to you since you are a messenger of the god-father. But i tell you, one time when we get our democracy and rule or law back, you will be the first to face justice.

    Never wish a death of another. No religion should declare death as a punishment....Maldives is just too small and if introduce such a law, I bet, we will have hangings every Friday after prayers.

    Look deep inside the murders in Maldives in recent five years and you will realize the reasons behind them. Some were political, some were out of drug dealings, and some were deliberate. Now how do we go about it and who should we hang? The killers or the people who planned and paid for the killings?

    Let us stop this nonsense and copy cat business. We are not Saudis, Afghan's, Americans, or Chinese.

  3. *Zakir Naik accent* Brother has asked a very good question. Should we kill by hanging or beheading? The most humane way of killing is by beheading. As a medical doctor, I know that all the nerves to the body go through the spinal cord. When it is cut swiftly in one swipe, the cord is instantly cut, and pain transmission stops immediately. A quick painless death, alhamdhlillah.
    Yes, it is a bit gory with the blood and the rolling head, but this sight deters future criminals.
    A hanging on the other hand takes a long time, the person goes into fits, he may void his bowels and bladder. Not such a pretty sight for children isn't it? So I suggest that you behead criminals instead of hanging. And Allah knows best.

  4. GREAT! Please get this PASSED ASAP so that we could all get RID of MDP members.

    Thanks Riyaz,the MOST PERFECT & FAIR judges in the universe are set up in the Maldivian courts, waiting and watching for this PERFECT LAW to be exercised.

    By the way, please include in your bill the DEATH PENALTY FOR THOSE SPEAKING AGAINST CORRUPT JUDGES.

    International Community (esp., the Common Wealth & the USA), hope that you're both READY to ACCEPT this development just as the same way you LEGITIMIZED the obvious coup of 07th Feb 2012.

  5. maybe he will try to hang his own ba...lls and we will see how it is effective?

  6. this guys along with hassan saeed should hang for testing and pureness of the procedure

  7. Whoa, if that bill is passed, then all these MP's would be sent to the gallows. Also facts, you can thank Islam for all of that. Ah shariah, what a 'perfect' system!


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