Dr Waheed “open” to independent inquiry into change of government

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said he would be open to an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the rapid change of government on Tuesday.

The UK this morning joined Germany in calling for Dr Waheed’s government to “consolidate its legitimacy” with an “independent inquiry” into what former President Mohamed Nasheed and his party contends was a coup d’état.

“I have heard calls for an independent inquiry into the events that preceded my assumption of the presidency. I am open to those suggests – there is no problem with it. I will be completely impartial in any independent investigation,” Dr Waheed said.

“I don’t know the details, or how it can or should be done. I will consult legal advice as soon as we have an attorney general in place. I am sure we will be able to satisfy the call from Britain and Germany.”

Regarding the safety of foreign investments in the Maldives in the wake of political instability, Dr Waheed condemned the destruction of police and public property.

“I believe we have to all work together to ensure this. If you have some parties going around torching and destroying places, it is not going to happen. I call for those kind of activities to cease,” he said.

“I can guarantee that foreign investment in the Maldives is safe. We will not target anybody for political reasons. If there are any reasons for concern over investment, of course any steps that need to be taken will be taken.”

Dr Waheed said he would not approached the US$400 million airport investment by Indian Infrastructure giant GMR “from a political perspective.”

“It is not our intention to harm GMR. Our objective will be to resolve concerns of the public [regarding the company],” he said.

During the press conference Dr Waheed also vowed that the previous government’s social protection programs, including the Aasandha universal health insurance, allowances for single mothers, pensions and other programmes will continue.

Dr Waheed said the new government would also hand out subsidies to fishermen and agricultural workers “to the best of our financial capacity.”

“I have previously commented on the issue of civil servant’s salaries. I will, with the counsel of my government, make it a priority to reinstate them,” Dr Waheed said.

Dr Waheed also spoke about reforming cabinet and said he wanted it to “represent all major political parties.”

Current cabinet positions allocated include Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel – the former Justice Minister under Gayoom – and Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim, a former army colonel. Dr Waheed also appointed former Abdulla Riyaz Police Commissioner, who was previously dismissed from the position of Assistant Police Commissioner under Nasheed’s government.

“It’s going swiftly. Day after tomorrow, I will announce cabinet positions,” Dr Waheed said. “I hope MDP will also be part of my cabinet, and I will keep posts vacant for them. I don’t intend to give a cabinet post to anyone in my party.”

He said he had asked political parties not to talk to him about the appointment of a vice president.

“I don’t want the post to be politicised. I want the person to be respected by the public and experienced, and to be able to lend meaningful assistance to me in conducting my work. I implore all of you not to pressure me on the appointment,” he said.


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  1. "How dose it feel to be on your own." Bob Dylan.

    don't worry our highness his Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is on the way, we will welcome his with open arms.

    Its a walk in the park isn't it.

  2. His Highness Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is coming tonight don't you think we should go to welcome him.

    Oh yes we will be there Your Highness we will be there.

  3. tsk tsk,Nasheed is gone where are you, aren't you one of those rats who gayoom paid for.

  4. Vacancy for MDP? come on u must be joking, You've been a dishonest coward to Mr. Nasheed and deceived the people.....Do you really believe that MDP is so desperate for your cabinet vacancy???

  5. “I don’t want the post to be politicised. I want the person to be respected by the public and experienced, and to be able to lend meaningful assistance to me in conducting my work. I implore all of you not to pressure me on the appointment,”

    Waheed said it well, you do not want some like you to be your VP.

  6. Mr. President people wants to have an election, why cant u provide it for us, if ur hungry for president you should come up to typical Maldivian level first.

  7. so now he wants to conduct an inquiry? is he doubting the legitimacy of his appointment as the president? and why now? because US and EU will f us up if he didnt?

  8. I repeat. We don’t need an independent inquiry to decipher our own constitution for us. Though of course, Minivannews has not taken the hint and continues to aid foreign meddlers on our shores. How surprising.

    The fact are these. As per our constitutional order of succession, a legitimate government is currently in place and Nasheed was ousted because of his persistent violations of that very constitution.

    You know something folks, it reflects rather poorly on the intelligence of most commentaters on this website, that there is so much sympathy for this man; who only has himself to blame for his loss of mandate and for the ongoing destruction and rampage.

    Minivannews must cease to exist. The Maldivian people need peace and tranquility now and not seditious “news” outlets that specialize in creating dissent and havoc with their alarmist propoganda. Our policemen are simply doing their jobs and these tall tales of torture are as exaggerated and fictional as the climate-change propoganda that had our ex-President madly chopping down wood.

    I suggest that Ms. Eleanor Jonstone and Mr. JJ Robinson get on that ark before we flood and be on their merry way. Berrlin is lovely this time of year.

  9. WAHEED, there is nothing to investigate, you are the perpetrator and should prosecuted for treason.

  10. It is a different game now, is it not? And we have a different referee also. Let the game flow, and the ball move. Let the referee referee.

    Until 2008, the Maldivians were slaves of their political masters. Slaves did not have free will, and they did not volunteer. But since 2008, we are in a radically different ball game.

    We need time to learn the rules of the new game, and also learn to play the new game. During training, and during official games, we may make mistakes.

    The important thing is that we learn from our mistakes. We must continue to improve our game performance.

    Let us not have a thousand deaths as it happened in Port Said. Let us not just look for scape-goats. Let us learn to live with different identities, and yet live in harmony with others.

    We have indignant, anti-power and even bottom-up approaches. Many of us are deeply attached to certain ages and certain leaders, and certain people.

    Let us transend them all. We cannot allow a lone hero to try and change our world all by himself.

    It is time for new voices, new actors and new ideas.

    Let us re-invent our democracy.

  11. This guy has totally lost his memories. Does he know this is not a government by the peoples and for the people? Freak your government is terror organization and a dictatorship. MDP will not have any involvement with you and your organization. You stay with those former dictator and cronies; they are the ones who are in thirst for power and wealth.
    MDP and supporters will hold their position and stay firm. Sooner or later, They will revert you and all your mindless dictator and terror organization upside down. They are the majority of Maldives. But you and people behind you keep calling MDP is a terror organization. But we are people supporting democracy and freedom. Have you seen any brutal killings in last three years .But you see yourself in the mirror man .We in our life have had never and never again will experience the brutality and beating of innocent man and women you did. You have taken the basic human rights of Maldivians in your iron fist. It keeps continuing in Addu City at this very moment. Your surrounded by shaitan and they all will suffer and you too.
    Any government or UN should not accept the current regime .So they have called you to support independence body to investigate your happy moment and your position.

  12. tsk, it seems that we do need people to decipher as you yourself do not seem to understand it.
    The question is the resignation of an elected President. He cannot be forced to or coerced to resign.
    That is what needs to be investigated by an independent inquiry. It is never said that it has to be foreign. All is said that it has to be an independent and you are the one who is bringing in the foreign element into this.

  13. Exactly, manik - you're right.

    We're calling for a free-will independent inquiry with regard to the RESIGNATION of a Democratically Elected President. Why? How? What? Where? When? this have had happened.

  14. Dr Waheed is now facing the pressure of a leader. We have to push until we can flush him out again.

  15. I am proud as I worked in Maldives for the last six years. I always supported Maumoon for his actions even when Nasheed elected as the President.

    But now I respect Nasheed and his party and I know that it is a political conspiracy led by Maumoon, Yamin, Gasim and the new puppet President.

    It is the right time for MDP to rethink about the actions for the last four years. I am sure, no MDP party memeber will beg for the new post in the puppet President other than a coward like Mr. Waheed.

  16. I have confirmed information that Yameen has told a VIP that Gasim Ibrahim is behind this coup.

  17. Yeah, we know your legs are spread wide apart and His HolyHighness Gayoom has his fist shoved up your ass!! Step down immediately! We dont need you! We dont need the fucking police!

  18. Anni got 25% of the vote in the first round and Dr. Waheed also got the same and second round they both 53 % with the help of the coalition and there is an agreement between those coalition parties. What are you guys talking about peoples majority ?
    Problem with Nasheed is
    1. Locking down supreme court.
    2.Viloattion the constitutional rights.
    3. Disobeying court orders.
    4. GMR deals : Anni and his friends openly taken he bribes to get rich.
    5. MBC issue.

    These are few things that clearly violates our constitutions. We need to think freely without getting biased and then we can judge correctly.

  19. Oluvaa laigen verikamah aee ves, aneh kaa bagaa vai kuruvee.
    Leggi Baburu, Gain Ladaa vahun vess kaa ri ve vai vareh nooon.Mee bodu va baa eh

  20. If this inquiry does take place in a fair independent way, Anni will be exposed to the world as the best liar and drama queen of south asia.

  21. Why cannot MDP accept that this is a change that the people of the Maldives wanted. Nasheed is responsible for his own downfall. He failed to live up to the expectations of the Maldivians. He failed to live up to the standards he promised to the people before he became president. The man had 4 years in office and failed to establish rule of law in the Maldives. There is evidence that Nahseed wanted the army to shoot the public and the police. I salute the army for putting the nation first hence protecting the public. Now we know the true colors of Nahseed we can never accept Nasheed as our president. If Nasheed resigned to avoid bloodshed why on earth is the man back on street burning public property and destroying the nation. In four years all what he has done is blaming the previous government. We were really hoping for a brighter future in the Maldives under Nasheed after 30 years of Iron fist rule. But this Man failed the nation beyond belief.

  22. Mode, you are right, Anni got 25% in the first round, but that 25% says it ALL. If you or the new government has the guts to find out what that 25% has grown into, why not call for elections right now? You guys are harping on a result was achieved a few years back and totally ignoring the fact that the 25% even then, was also a representation of the people who were calling for and fighting for democracy. And now that we have experienced what it is like to have freedom of speech, even for just three years, you bet that 25% would be a lot more now! And even with 25% he was ahead of Gasim, Hassan Saeed and Umar Naseer! So why don't you talk about that too. DRP had the majority then, and they should after being in power for 30 years, and after terrorizing people should they speak against Maumoon. Today you may be supporting this coup because its President Nasheed who was overthrown, well tomorrow it may be Dr Waheed and day after Gasim (since he's so keen to be the VP!). So in supporting this coup you are basically saying that you want military rule in our Country. Well, you can bet that one day you will regret it, when you, your family and your friends become the victims of military rule. So better wake up and fight for democracy before it's too late.

  23. My humble point of view: there was no legal change as the parliament was not involved, but intead there was a change done by the police and army. Isn't that enough to wake you up? Haven't you seen that on the videos. Are you blind. Is fear back to you? Democracy was only one face and it canot ever be the face of blood and riots. The world is laughing on you. What will be next?


  25. Why should he be pissing in his own pants when he has already been in prison 12 times and have been beaten many more times and certainly he is a lot more brave than you metalic.
    Personally I do not care if he is President or not but I would not have a President rammed down my throat by the Police and the Military.


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