DRP drafting bill on domestic violence

The Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) is drafting a bill on domestic violence, hoping to create more comprehensive legislation for victims and perpetrators of violence in the home.

DRP MP Rozaina Adams said the bill would encompass legislation on both physical and sexual violence against women and children.

She said most people are not willing to talk about these issues, and “women are not sure they can get help through the system, so they stay quiet.”

The bill also aims to improve how people who report these cases are dealt with, and to give more security and assistance to anyone affected by domestic violence.

Rozaina said Independent MP for Kulhudhuffushi-South Mohamed Nasheed was assisting the DRP in drafting the bill.

“He was going to present the bill himself, but because we have a women’s wing he said he would help us,” Rozaina added.

She said they are working to see if they can present the bill at the next parliamentary session.

DRP Spokesperson Ibrahim Shareef said the bill was being drafted on a previous model. “There was a legislative framework considered by the previous government,” he said.

He explained the bill was being drafted to ensure “the protection of women and children according to international standards.”

He said the DRP “will forward it to the Majlis in due time.”

In early March this year, former president and former leader of the DRP, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom,  expressed his concerns over “false information” being spread by the Islamic Ministry on women’s rights according to Islam.

He said he provided rights for women under his government, especially by giving them equal opportunity in politics, and criticised the current government for not making legislation to minimise violence against women.

Gayoom’s daughter and leader of the DRP’s Women’s Wing, Dhunya Maumoon, announced the drafting of the bill.


10 thoughts on “DRP drafting bill on domestic violence”

  1. This legislation has been long overdue. It was necessary two decades ago, as it is necessary now. The government will fully support any legislation that is put forward to protect the rights of women and children.

  2. This sounds like a good bill, and just the kind of thing a responsible opposition should be spending its energies on.

    Good for DRP.

  3. I wonder why Maumoon, founder of DRP didn't pass this bill when he was ruling Maldives and the domestic violence was evolving in our societies.

  4. Salim, don't you think it's a little presumptuous on your part to speak on behalf of the Government?

  5. This is what DRP should be doing rather than shaking gates. DRP should mature themselves as a strong opposition and dont follow MDP style be nationalistic.

  6. Klaus Mahler - I'm not speaking on behalf of the government. Don't be ridiculous. This is a comment and opinion space. THAT was an Opinion. I'm just confident in what opinions i express. 🙂

  7. I agree sounds like this is a good bill. This is what DRP ought to be doing. A mature move fom the DRP.

  8. most of kutti's bills are from his personal experience and actions. what about a bill about corex d

  9. this really huge step taken forward by the opposition. this is what responsible opposition party should be doing. let the people be aware of what DRP is doing in order to make this place a better place. people will only look into those and votes will drop as JuneJuly Rain. Kutti is one good decision by Kulhudhufushi people...He is great.

  10. I believe a draft domestic violence bill exists and DGFPS / Min of Health should be consulted to ensure that this is not a duplication...


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