DRP leader urges Foreign Minister to support UN recognition of Palestinian statehood

Opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) leader and MP for Kendhoo constituency Ahmed Thasmeen Ali has sent a letter to Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem, urging him to support UN recognition of Palestine as a state at the UN.

Thasmeen asked the Minister to fully participate in all the discussions held at the UN concerning the issue, and to vote in favor of Palestine in all votes regarding the issue.

Ending the letter, Thasmeen urged Minister Naseem to seek the support of friendly countries, saying it was “what the citizens of the Maldives would want to see.”

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry has stated that the Maldives strongly supports UN recognition of Palestinian statehood, with Naseem advocating the position before the UN Human Rights Council following the announcement by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that he will apply to the UN Security Council for full UN membership.

“Let us be clear, the Palestinian people have, like everyone else, the right to self determination – the right to a state of their own. They have waited long enough for that most basic of rights. When the Palestinians present their case to the UN, the Maldives will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them, and we call on all others to do likewise,’’ Naseem told the UN Human Rights Council.

Naseem has said the Maldives does not believe that UN recognition of Palestinian statehood will would narrow the chances of a negotiated peace.

‘’We believe that rather it will help those chances by creating a situation in which two state partners can negotiate as equals,” Naseem said. “We hope the US will maintain its historical support for the right of all peoples to self-determination and we believe that the recognition of Palestinian statehood will help secure a negotiated peace in the future.”


7 thoughts on “DRP leader urges Foreign Minister to support UN recognition of Palestinian statehood”

  1. Thasmeen you dont have credibility among Maldivians anymore. I suggest you leave politics at least for now and sort out your huge debts first.

  2. Chasmeen, even if you don’t open your lousy mouth the government will vote in favor of the Palestinians.
    You have abused power and facilitated loans, millions of Maldivian rufiyaa from Bank of Maldives. Why don’t you pay up these loans? What a thick skinned shameless guy you are.

  3. I believe Thasneem's call should be appreciated instead of criticising him like this. His personal debts and rows with other politicians are another story. The fact that his call for the FM to vote for Palestinian statehood states that the opposition can engage with the government in some or many ways.

  4. Why does Thasmeen need to ask government to do something that they had already publicly said they would do? This is called trying to milk the palestinian cause for maximum publicity. Shame on you Thasmeen

  5. I heard foreign minster saying this long ago. Cant these crooks do something else to deviate public attention. Now he is trying to overshadow his UN paid Loan to BML

  6. If Thasmeen said that he "calls on the government" to take this action, then he should be criticized a little. However the sentiment should not be, because this is clearly him expressing support for a government policy that is acceptable.

    He should have come out openly and said it, though as a minority opposition leader I can understand why he might not be able to say it so bluntly.

    I mean, even this statement has led to people saying its proof he'll be the President's running mate in 2013. So imagine what a statement of support (instead of urging) would have done!?

    Politics should be about finding middle ground and working for what the majority of our population want. Not on doing the opposite of the other guy just for the sake of it! I feel like this position is more reasonable than any other political statements we've seen lately.


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