DRP plans ”Crafty Government” protest

The opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) will be holding a “Crafty Government” protest at the Artificial Beach tonight, after two protests were cancelled over the weekend due to rain.

Deputy leader and spokesperson of DRP Ibrahim ‘Mavota’ Shareef said the protest will begin at 9pm.

“The objective of this gathering is to protest against the government for misleading and deceiving the people,’’ Shareef said.

The ‘Crafty Government’ protest tonight is sanctioned by the party’s council, unlike the ‘Government for Sale’ protest announced last week by Deputy Leaders Umar Naseer and Ahmed Ilham and MP Ahmed Mahrouf that last week led to speculation that the party was facing internal factional difficulties.

The issue was taken to the party’s council, which voted in favour of placing Umar Naseer before the party’s disciplinary committee. In a subsequent press conference, Naseer predicted this would lead to his dismissal from the party’s leadership.

Mahlouf and Ilham questioned at the time why they had not also been asked to appear before the disciplinary committee. Naseer’s rescheduled protest was to clash with the council-sanctioned protest on Saturday, but both were ultimately postponed because of the rain.

Shareef said today that Ilham, Naseer and Mahrouf would be allowed to join the protest.

“It is open to everyone, all our supporters can join,’’ he said.

Ilham told Minivan News today that all three would join the “Crafty Government” protest this evening.

“We fully support the event and we will be present there,’’ Ilham said. “But we might not be delivering a speech at the event as the microphones are reserved.’’

Miadhu meanwhile reported DRP leader Ahmed Thasmeen as accusing the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) of trying to split the ranks of the DRP.

“MDP is attempting to divide DRP’s leadership as the ruling party stands to benefit from a weakened opposition,” he claimed.

Umar Naseer meanwhile last week questioned Thasmeen’s “sincerity”, alleging that “some of our senior officials are known to be involved in secret deals with the government.’’


9 thoughts on “DRP plans ”Crafty Government” protest”

  1. Crafty... Tricksy ... Sneaky. I don't know how I feel about this being the official terminology of the opposition.

    Its been so long since we've had a demonstration, I was sort of enjoying the peace and quiet.

  2. This man formaru Maumoon will eat the flesh of his own children too. Sorry he is retired from politics, I shouldn't mention the name of his holiness now.

  3. this whole protest business has gotten bit old now. it just doesn excite me like it use to, its very predictable. the usual characters, up on stage, same old same old...

    i would advise DRP to restrategize.public is not as dumb as most wud like to think. most ppl are gettin the hang of the tricks.

    i wud seriously like, perhaps, alil less drama...more substance...think we all deserve it from a party that has majority of parliament.

    put up serious knowledgeable people with substance on stage to talk about policy, strategy and criticize current govt based on fact.

    its time for change and let those guy swho sacrifice themselves in the name of country and its people sit down on the bench this time...weve all heard what they can possibly say for the next 10 years.

  4. Haveeru reports that Maumoon will take part in the protest.Again retired OLD MAN for the job. like Sean Connery going back as James Bond. I don't think much will change. since DRP is divided from the day it was inaugurated.

  5. NOOOO - DRP

    please don't get rid of Umar Naseer for he is a man of great courage. He will always support you no matter what happens and he will never turn on you.

    His grasp of public policy knows no bounds. I mean his acceptance into the party was done in front of the great Zaeem after all.

    Please, please, for the good of both the country and all mankind -keep him in the public eye.

  6. Well done DRP, Keep up the good work "Crafty Sarukaaru" demonstration has changed to "Crafty Zaeemu" Demonstration.

    I just can't help but laugh at this. Formaru Maumoon, you are one hell of a character. You must take part in the demonstration, with out you we Maldivians are simply lost. hhaahhaahhaaaaaaa.

    Dear Maumoon,

    Please make next episode of this "Crafty Sarukaaru" even funnier. Oh man, this is the butt head who ruled our country all these days.

    Zaeeemooooooooooo Saabahey.

    What has happened to all the intellectuals who were in DRP. Please come out and help this party stand up, we would like to see a working Political Party, not a running comedy.

    oh dear oh dear Zaeemoooooooooooo. rest assured as long as this guy is alive we will be kept thoroughly amused and entertained all the way, I am sure.

    Thasneem, do you get the picture now, well you are just a puppet on a string from your admission. You have no clue what leader ship is.

  7. The fact that Zaeemu has to come out and stamp his foot to sort things/IMAGE of the party tells us how shattered they are as a whole; which is not healthy ofcourse!

    Z probably is a bit Less narrowminded than Ths/Ym/Um/Ilh/Mlf; who all focus on their immediate sustenance or tomorrow as the next day only. I think if Z wants to be remembered other than a &%$%$#@! he must forget about backing brown nosers like Spkr, torturers (U) or people ripping own family (M), etc..

    Scientifically/religiously/politically/ common sensically, etc, etc... we'll last for a while; but among the shortest may be those who keep changing principles for their own needs!

  8. "makkaaru" is more like "sly", becuase its used in the negative context. "crafty" is not the right word

  9. "Crafty Government" protest!
    In terms terminology it is questionable!

    If it were the people to protest against "The Craft Government" they have had!

    What reaction would it be!

    If all the people who craftily had gobbled the people's belongings are subject to stand trial!

    Oh Boy! what a story and what reaction would it be!


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