EC condemns remarks made by Dr Munawar after formation of new party fails

The Elections Commission (EC) of the Maldives has strongly condemned remarks made by Former Attorney General Dr Mohamed Munawar, after the commission said not enough people had attended the formation of his ‘Reform Movement’ party for it to be registered.

The dispute between the Elections Commission and Dr Munawar occurred after commission members appeared at a meeting held at Villa College by Dr Munawar to establish his new political party.

The formative meeting of the party required the attendance of a minimum of 300 members in order to meet the regulatory requirements for the establishment of a political party. Dr Munavar said canceled the meeting and the new party was not formed.

The Elections Commission said in a statement that ”although Dr Munavar claimed that the meeting to form his party had to be canceled when the commission members attended the meeting, the meeting must be attended by a minimum of 300 person according to Political Party Regulations 2005, 8[c]. The number of people who attended the meeting was less than 140.”

The Commission said that the meeting began the with the Quran recitation after it was announced that the legally-mandated number of people were present. But while the meeting was ongoing it was called off by Dr Munavar himself, saying that the legal number of members were not present.

”It is a responsibility of the Elections Commission to ensure that at least 300 members attend a meeting before a political party is recognised,” the Elections Commission said.

Dr Munavar later criticised the Commission’s conduct of the recent local council elections, telling VTV that the elections were held against the constitution.

The Commission said that Dr Munavar’s remarks were intended disregard the commission and smear its respect and dignity.

Dr Munavar was a former president of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) prior to his resignation. He has been absent from politics until recently.


8 thoughts on “EC condemns remarks made by Dr Munawar after formation of new party fails”

  1. Dear Dr. Munavvar

    What you need is to forget the legal books and read a book on marketing and management. If you had done so, you would realise that the market is currently saturated with 'serious' political parties (MDP, DRP...etc). What you need is something that is more irreverent and silly - something for the people fed up with politics. Find a niche in the market and pitch to that.

    Alternatively, you should have at least handed out some free food - that way you could have got the 300 people to turn up!!

  2. Munawwar a lost man who according to people who know him is always dosed and his days are very short. How can such a man make any progress in our political arena. During his time as MDP president he failed to attend many meetings which is the reason why his position was lost.

  3. Minivan needs to be more updated like Haveeru.I think minivan is seeking news from Haveeru.Copy cat minivan.

    Munnawaru is right what he has said is whats in "ghaanoon-asaasee".
    We all need to be more open minded.Who will believe if you say its midnight when the sun right above you head.You feel it and you see it.
    Whoever try to blame munnawaru is wrong.What he said is very pure.Open that book and see it yourself and then comment or say something about it.Don't try to bring half of it.Just deliver full story.

  4. If Munavaru was normal, he wouldn't have behaved like a guy high on drugs during his interview on VTV with the 'lipstick' presenter! What a shame for an educated person (maybe he bought his degree papers)!
    It's a joke when you hear him accusing others of taking drugs and alcohol. if he opens his mouth once again...the wikileaks boys of maldives will expose him beyond denial!
    Munavaru, please go farming and grow some grass!!!

  5. Sigh! This is how the Maldivian public treats its intellectuals. No wonder Dr. Ugail refuses to work in this environment. No wonder our celebrated minds would rather be identified with their places of their learning than their decrepit place of birth.

    The Maldives has gotten what it asked for. A government headed by semi-educated conmen/women. A society reduced to the most barbaric, bestial and lawless forms seen in history. An economy that becomes more of a joke day by day.

    So who do we blame? The people with a decent education and the means to make a contribution to their ungrateful country. Is recreational drug use the issue here? Did the man say anything that was not legally applicable?

  6. wel wel wel all u wise and swyt ppl having fun with nonsense haaaaa....go read a science book..atleast some good idea might come for ur filthy gery matter to do something or talk abt something worthy for the mankind & future generations to come & even 4 ur own freakin self...arios amigosh


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