EC dismissals: “Falsified” accounts by international community undermining judiciary, says Chief Justice

Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz has accused the international community of fabricating lies regarding the Supreme Court’s verdict against the Elections Commission (EC).

In doing so, “they have engaged in a battle against the constitution with an independent nation”, said Faiz.

The Chief Justice released a statement strongly condemning statements released by the US State Department and the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday.

These voices of disapproval were joined today by Australia, which has similarly expressed concern over recent developments, noting its “firm expectation” that scheduled elections will go ahead “in a manner that is free, fair, credible and peaceful”.

In his response to such comments, Faiz claimed that neither international countries nor organisations have the authority to criticise and spread falsifications regarding any verdict of the Supreme Court.

Claims by the international community that the apex court is unduly influencing the work of the EC and undermining their independence is against the truth, argued the chief justice.

“I would like to say that these statements regarding a Supreme Court verdict in an internal legal case of the Maldives are inclusive of falsified claims, and undermine the respect and authority of the Maldivian judiciary,” said Faiz.

“They are thus an irresponsible act by the international community, one conducted without observing the events occurring in the Maldives or getting clarifications of the matter from local authorities. I thereby strongly condemn these statements,” the statement read.

“The Maldives is a free and independent state. It is a sovereign state which rules over itself. The releasing of falsified accounts and statements of the Maldives’ Supreme Court’s actions to fulfill its legal obligations is neither an assistance towards consolidating democracy in the Maldives nor towards maintaining rule of law or strengthening of the justice system.”

Faiz emphasized that he would continue to fulfill his legal obligations concerning the mandates of the courts, and that he would do so without any hesitation towards or consideration of international opinion.

Challenging the Supreme Court

Faiz also condemned local groups’ criticism of the verdict. The Maldivian Democratic Party and the Majlis secretariat have both deemed the ruling unconstitutional.

Faiz stated that the most important duty of the apex court is to establish justice, rule of law and to maintain the empowerment of law, and the constitution requires that the Supreme Court has the final say in the interpretation of laws.

He further noted that it was the constitutional responsibility of all state authorities to maintain the respect and positive reputation of the courts.

“While this is so, when the few persons in charge of running the matters of the state repeatedly challenged the verdicts of the Supreme Court and undermined the respect towards the courts, it was an act that certainly eroded people’s trust in one branch of the state and an act that paved the way to the obliteration of the foundation of the Supreme Court,” Faiz continued.

“There is no doubt that the failure to take action against such acts – despite them becoming alarmingly common – negatively affects the Constitution of the Maldives and casts a shadow over the courts of law.”

“It is an incontestable reality that it is a danger to our constitution when there are matters in the judiciary which need to be reformed through the joint efforts of all state authorities, and instead of constructive work to achieve this, the courts are challenged and the judiciary is attacked.”

Faiz concluded the statement asserting that he will continue to work according to his mandate regardless of the criticism that comes his way, and without any hesitation despite any criticisms or obstacles that may be put forth by international organisations and foreign countries.


10 thoughts on “EC dismissals: “Falsified” accounts by international community undermining judiciary, says Chief Justice”

  1. This guy is saying that there is no verification!! Doesn't he know that the CIA and FBI has day to day information of what is going on in any country? Not to mention, listening to phone calls of heads of states. What a fool.

  2. Yeah what a fool. There are no independent countries. The world is owned and ruled by WASP (white, angelo saxon, protestant). All countries are interconnected. What one country does effects the other country.

  3. The CIA knows the truth. They don't have to find clarifications or verification. They know who is Gaasim Ibrahim. And they know who is Ali Hameed. Most of all they know what all you guys did in the last Presidential election. But, they are patiently waiting. Wake up, Faiz. Don't be a frog in the well and go on harping against the free world!!! ou are playing with fire..

  4. Oh please cut this crap about the CIA and white Christians ruling the world.

    United States' interest in Maldives stem from a humanitarian basis. Some idiot Maldivians even talk abut boycotting US produce, as if that will hurt US at bunch of idiots.

    Countries like US don't have to care about Maldives. But they do care, albeit in a very passive, diplomatic sort of way. And we should be thankful for it.

    As for Faiz, he is bull****ting as usual. That's what he thinks he does best.

    The whole world knows that Supreme Court is trying to intimidate and influence the Election Commission because they have been at it for months since before last year's elections. United States and other western nations has the guts to point this out in their statements. That's why Faiz is responding by calling them liars. That's all it is. Nice try, but not very original.

  5. CIA also knew that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

    People, these days there are no such thing as truth, only your agenda is the truth!

  6. @Ann: the Iraq war was was ordered directly by the Saudis. America had no choice but to obey. Even PM Maliki testified to this fact with evidence.

    Please take your agenda, and go back to the 1970s. This is a whole new age of warfare, and it's coming straight through your window!

  7. I'm surprised that you guys managed to bring the CIA but not the NSA into this.

  8. @NotTheTrueHOOHA

    Nah, they're so backward and uneducated, they don't even KNOW the NSA probably has oodles of interesting info based on their browsing habits.

    Maybe I should slip in there, and see what kinda dirt they got.

  9. The modern world order is different to what it was during the "golden 30 years". Countries are no longer turning a blind eye to gross violations of the rights of citizens by their own "leaders".

    The Maldivian regime thinks that it's back to business as usual as it was during the "golden 30 years". Big mistake. That world has disappeared for good! Get used to the modern inter-connected, inter-networked world where information is king. More information gets collected and dissected every day than the world has ever seen before. It's a totally new order...

  10. To be fair enough,will the US State Department should give the version of the opposite side on its website? It is good that the need for judicial reforms is being felt.


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