Education Minister has “put the final nails in his political coffin”, says Adhaalath

The religiously conservative Adhaalath Party has condemned a decision by the Education Ministry to make Dhivehi and Islam optional subjects for A-level students, sparking protests outside Minister Musthafa Luthfy’s home last night.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that one police officer was injured during last night’s demonstration.

”Somebody from the crowed punched a police officer in the mouth,” Shiyam said. ”He was taken to hospital last night but has now been discharged.”

The Adhaalath Party yesterday issued a press release ordering its branches to protest against the ”incumbent Education Minister’s decision to make Islam and Dhivehi optional subjects.”

”It appears that in his zeal to secularise the education of this Muslim nation, he has put the final nails in his political coffin,” the press release said.

The party claimed that Luthfy had told Adhaalath officials in a meeting that he would take the issue to cabinet or parliament before taking a decision.

”Mr Luthfy should have learned a lesson or two from the recent controversy created by the Youth Ministry regarding the venue of Dr Zakir’s lecture,” the party said, “or the controversy about selling alcohol in inhabited islands. But obviously our Education Minister is a slow learner.”

”One wonders what is wrong with these people. They seem to be obsessed with creating one controversy after another,” it added.

Last night a group of people gathered near the minister’s house at around 10:30pm. Riot police arrived and dispersed the crowd after almost an hour.

Luthfy told Minivan News that the controversial decision of making the Dhivehi and Islam subjects elective was not finalised.

”It was a suggestion proposed by the Ministry’s steering committee,” Luthfy said. “It is not even a decision that has been approved.”

Luthfy added that it was not the responsibility of a political party to decide which subjects should be compulsory.

”I accept the expression of opinion in a civilised way that respects the rights of others, others,” Luthfy said. ”In my house there are many people who have no connection with the matter at all, and it is not fair to disturb them.”

Deputy Education Minister Dr Abdulla Nazeer noted that last year 10,000 students sat for their O-level exams, but only 1500 continued with their A-levels. Many others had continued their education outside the formal system, he noted, where subjects were not compulsory, he explained.

The Ministry would ensure the Islam and Dhivehi subjects “are available at every school where students are willing to take the subjects,” Dr Nazeer said.

President of the Adhaalath Party Sheikh Hussein Rasheed did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


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  1. meehunaana inanan veema 9 years vefa thibey nee.. bodethi ve, furaa furihama vefa.. meega ves dehbai umuru vaairu... ehkuhjaku hiyaalu kuraa rongakun beynun subject eh hadaigen kuriyah daane visnumeh nuhure yey... emeehun nah majubooru kuraashey.... dhen bunaaanee islam dheenakee majubooree deeh neh nuooney......

  2. Brothers & sisters pray to god to send all the people who use Islam as a political tool to hell.

  3. Adhaalath is a political party and its not full of religious scholars. This too is a political move as they know most of us are cowards. People will go with adaalath for demonstrations but will not vote for them. If you go through the voting statistics you will see this very well.

  4. I think what govt. should do is to strengthen the islamic education in Maldives with locally educated teachers. And none who had studied from pakistani tuition classes should be allowed to teach here. Because Maldives had gone through and experienced islamic shariyyath for more number of years than saudi arabia or pakistan. Therefore, we should not allow our people to go saudi arabia or pakistan for islamic studies. People from those countries should come Maldives for islamic studies.

  5. @koamas

    Before you jump any higher let me tell you. First its going, going, GONE from A'level. Next B level, and finally C level! When it reaches C level only fortunate people like you will survive. Evolution has not yet bestowed upon us our long overdue GILLS, my dear!

  6. **********************
    optional |ˈäp sh ənl|
    available to be chosen but not obligatory

    now, adhaalath and the rest of you religious fanatics, repeat slowly:ˈäp sh ənl,ˈäp sh ənl,ˈäp sh ənl,ˈäp sh ənl, ˈäp sh ənl,ˈäp sh ənl...optional.

    there. now go back and read the article again.

  7. I actually encourage people, especially A-level students, to follow Hani (top of comments) and YokYok and tell YOUR experiences about what these subjects actually teach in schools.

    NAME your teachers (like Hani did) who talk crap and spread misogyny.

    I think the STUDENTS and PARENTS should be asked whether they want these 2 subjects to be optional or compulsory.

    Nevertheless, if it is already bad up to Grade 12, the syllabus should be reviewed and proper - useful - things should be taught up to Grade 10.

    Heck is not only afraid of gay marriages (what is your personal problem with that???) but also obviously trying to get into the evolution topic - 'artificial selection' is what you are describing here. What you didn't get is that the government is not aiming at eradicating these subjects, but making them optional, giving students a CHOICE.

    CHOICE is what is lacking in Maldives, and Adaalath is trying to limit the citizen's choice as much as possible to control them. It's a political game.

  8. @ heck

    You are smart.
    You have made the most apt comment for a 'koamas'.

    "When it reaches C level only fortunate people like you will survive. Evolution has not yet bestowed upon us our long overdue GILLS, my dear!"

    Well done!!

  9. @Marina
    Did you say "CHOICE is what is lacking in Maldives?"

    Our culture if not up for sale for Western and Atheist ideologies!

    Is this a subtle complaint for lack of CHOICE for GAY-MARRIAGE in Maldives?


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