Election dream still alive, says Dr Hassan Saeed

The dream of the 2008 presidential campaign is still alive and within reach of the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP), its newly elected leader Dr Hassan Saeed has said.

Speaking at the party’s first congress on Saturday night at Bandos Island Resort, Dr Saeed, who resigned from both the former and current governments, said it was not too late to realise the aspirations of his presidential campaign.

“Our leaders don’t have to always go begging to Europe or the Middle East,” he said. “[Our leaders] won’t have to say with pride that I begged more and secured more money than my predecessor.”

Dr Saeed said Maldivian politicians have never ruled to serve the the people: “They rule to fill their pockets.”

Hard times

Apart from difficult economic circumstances, Saeed continued, islanders were struggling to pay their electricity bills, the cost of living was rising and the government was ruthlessly dismissing elderly security guards.

Dr Saeed said his law firm, Raajje Chambers, was under pressure from banks to take prominent businessmen and resort owners to court to reclaim unpaid loans.

“As a result, it is likely that many resort owners in the country will go bankrupt in the near future,” he said. “Thousands of employees could lose their jobs.”

Meanwhile, development of over 60 resorts was stalled due to failure to secure loans.

While government expenditure increased threefold in the past five years, the quality of life for citizens has not seen any improvement.

“Political posts have increased from 500 to 1,000,” he said. “But has the service from political appointees to the people similarly increased? It has not. The number of police officers has increased by thousands. Crime has not fallen. As the Chief Judge of the Criminal Court in 2003, I earned Rf4,000 (a month). Today the person in that post receives Rf30,500. Has the justice system been strengthened? Has [the judicial process] become faster?”

Moreover, he added, the number of embassies abroad has increased threefold without a corresponding spike in foreign investment.

Looming bankruptcy

The state of affairs today was so dire that local businesses were unable to get foreign loans at an interest rate of even 12 per cent, said Saeed.

“The 65 resorts in the country have not been developed because they couldn’t get loans at even 15 per cent, let alone 12,” he said.

Moreover, he added, the government was giving away assets cheaply and handing over management of schools to foreign parties without considering the benefits to the Maldivian people.

The former special advisor to the president said the government has not given any thought to enriching Maldivian businesses or putting struggling small business back on their feet.

“Maldivians are a talented, educated, young and industrious people,” he said. “All that Maldivians need is just a little opportunity. What Maldivians want is a day when they won’t be forced to fill a form to join the ruling party whenever there is a change of government.”

He added the DQP will not falter in its “national jihad” and would work together with other parties to reach its goals.

“God willing, we will win the upcoming local council elections and the presidential elections after that,” he said.


In his speech, Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, who was dismissed from his cabinet post last year, said the country was in a state of “despair and hopelessness”.

Those who had claimed not to want power was now trying to stay in power at all costs, he said.

While the former government spent Rf4.8 million a month on political appointees, he said, the figure has climbed to Rf9.1 million a month under the Nasheed administration.

Vilufushi MP Riyaz Rasheed, one of the party’s two MPs, said the party has now matured and was ready to play its part in the political arena.

“We did not come out to topple the government. We will try to hold the government accountable…[Only] the people can change the government,” he said.


16 thoughts on “Election dream still alive, says Dr Hassan Saeed”

  1. Minivan News!

    I never find "NEWS" in this site. It's always after I have read it or listened to it from somewhere else!

    Second-hand old news always - boring!

  2. This has got to be the most ridiculous Congress in the history of politics.

    Even in Gayoom's DRP, there was at least competition for the deputy leader positions. No one dared challenge the big boss (except Jaaney). But there was fierce competition for the other jobs.

    In Hassan Saeed's party, the concept of one-man-one-vote has been changed to one-candidate-one-vote. There was NOT ONE SINGLE competitive election.

    The last DRP Congress was a coronation. This Hassan Saeed Party Congress is a series of coronations. One for the post of king, and a series of others for princes, barons, lords, ladies and what not.

    You really couldn't make it up!

  3. True. this is DQP article is NOT news. It is very everyday routine happenings that is of no value to the country. Why do you have to give prominence to failed people and boring topics.. Why not write something of value..

  4. Something to pocket must be nearing if DQP is making noise. Even then they can't bring themselves to be at the level of ordinary people. Their affairs must be held in upmarket resorts... What a party...?

  5. As long as it is not Gayyoom, his children or his family, people will have no difficulty in supporting you.

  6. Dr. Hassan is another crook looking to become the President. He doesn't know how a country is run. Without money no one can get loans. He is not an economist to understand why things have not improved when wages went up. This is the most stupid speech, I have ever heard. He needs to see a doctor, before he runs for any post.

  7. twice a failer always a afailier. remember that Dr. hassan.

  8. Dr. Hassan Party, Dr.Waheed's Party and many other parties are all personal cults built on their leaders! And others in the party is suppose to worship the leader! There is no democracy in the party! And then they say they wann reform the country! What a jokE! look at how decisions are made in Dr. Hassan's or Dr.Waheed's party? In both the party the decisions are made in the close door among both "Dr's friends or longtime buddies" not with wider consultation among its members! Then both of these Dr try to use the so called educated youth to make them appear credible infront of public..while they have no respect or does they groom them! It can be very nicely seen from DRP how they use youth's like Ali Waheed for a "loud speaker"!! Both Dr Waheed and Dr. Hassan have failed..both want to be the PRESIDENT at any cost! Both doesn't care what happens to ordinary citizens!

  9. he will die dreaming and as wannabe president..hehehe

  10. Dr.Hassan Saeed! Your dream will remain a dream in the future too,without any color!

  11. The problem for me is Dr Saeed believes he is the 'only capable person' to be president. And that is all who he wants to be. If he will use and share his knowledge and work for the country even in the mean time besides campaign for the next elections I would be happy. But then again all of these clowns; Gasim, Umar, Yamin, Thasmeen, Fili Waheed, Ali Waheed too (I'm not mentioning Anni here since he is running things now), thinks the same.

  12. Oh Hassan Saeed, you really stared out well! But this is a clear case of bodu nighulah

  13. Moose! I think you missed one point here. I don't think Dr.Hassan said anything against foreign aid.

    He just said that it's not a very honourable thing to brag about who got more money by begging! Besides these are not grant aids as such for some to be excited about. You will faint when you see the pre-conditions, do's and dont's of the terms of these loans.

    Has could be one capable President! His ambitions are all Maldivians' wishes.

    I will vote for Hassan or Adhaalath 2013. Let's see who will win my heart among these two!

  14. "MDP people, at times, may stop me when I am coming from Friday Prayers and call me Latheefa." cried Dr. Hassan Saeed. Yeah, you are a Latheefa with no courage and big ambitions. Keep dreaming Dr. Latheefa.

  15. Dr.Hassan was respected by many especially people from the south during last Presidential elections. Now even your own islanders will not support you. You are a failure because within weeks of Nasheed's election you started cticising for silly things like him moving to Muleeage and so on. We all realised that you are jealous, power hungry , proud and very selfish human being. Same goes the case with Jameel. You guys can dream and keep on dreaming. I had lot of respect for you earlier but thats gone and I am sure its the case with many like us. If Nasheed cannot perform , sure we will not vote for him in 2013..but lets give him time. He is no David Copperfield or the Sai Baba.


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