Elections Commission looking into MDP’s revolution calls

The Elections Commission (EC) has confirmed it is investigating calls made by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) earlier this month to try and overthrow the current government through an ‘Ingilaab’ (revolution).

Former President Mohamed Nasheed on December 11 called for a “revolution” to overthrow the administration of President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan, claiming it is the only way to have a government that is “by the people”.

The motion was later passed the same day by the National Council of the MDP at Kulhudhuhfushi in Haa Dhaal Atoll.

Vice President of the Elections Commission Ahmed Fayaz stated today that the commission had received a complaint concerning the MDP’s motion, and hence had begun looking into the matter.

“Our in-house legal team is working along with an external firm of lawyers who sometimes provide legal advice to our commission. The commissioners will be discussing the matter only when the legal team finishes their review,” he said.

Fayaz further added that he did not know when the commission would be able to come to a decision on the matter, saying it all depended on how fast the legal team manages to review the matter.

Fayaz said that the legal team would need to review the definition of what an ‘Ingilaab’ or revolution is, and what the constitution and accompanying laws and regulations stated on the matter before deciding whether or not action needed to be taken against MDP.

“We cannot comment on what the outcome may be before the legal review is completed. We don’t even know yet what action, if any, will have to be taken against the MDP,” Fayaz said.

MDP Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor defined ‘Ingilaab’ as bringing about a change. He declined from commenting on the complaint currently being looked at by the EC.

The complaint is reported to have been registered with the EC earlier this month by Ibrahim Manik of Henveiru Finifenmaage Aage.  Manik was reported to have requested at the time that action be taken against the MDP’s plans for a revolution “at the earliest”.

“Since my mind believes that the MDP National Council’s decision to topple the government through a revolution may weaken the country politically, socially, economically and in the area of military defences, and the country may be faced with an unrecoverable loss, I am pleading with your commission with respect, love and affection to take necessary action against this without the slightest delay,” local media reports Manik to have said in his letter to the EC.

Meanwhile, former President and interim President of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has previously labelled the MDP’s resolution to bring about a revolution as a “criminal offence.”

Gayoom further said at the time that MDP’s announcement to commit the offence must be met with the due penalty, adding that the idea to orchestrate a revolution could not be entertained, stating: “It is an offence to even speak of such a thing.”


5 thoughts on “Elections Commission looking into MDP’s revolution calls”

  1. Is it Elections Commissions mandate to investigate this matter? Just like the SC of Banana Rep has the mandate to dictate the Parliament!??? And what about the phone calls and other communications of the coup regime when they plotted to over-throw the PEOPLE elected government? WIll Elections Commission investigate THAT? Or will they investigate the coup of 7th Feb? Welcome to Banana Rep!

  2. what a joke. like, its the first time opposition parties called for change of government through revolution or even by force. its a cultural thing or something here.

  3. I think EC have the mandate to look into alleged illegal actions carried out by the registered parties that may result in penalties including de-registration of the party. There are other law enforcedment agencies who also have the mandate to look into this matter and should.

    It is time the authorities adopted zero tolerance to violent criminal activities and in Maldives right now no better place to start than right at the top.

  4. Election Commission, to my belief, as an independent institution in the first place had and still does have a mandate to look into the legality of the current administration!

    First, it has to independently carry on a deep investigation and conclude how a President, elected by the people was ousted on 7th February this year before looking into this matter!

    They would not have to hear or believe what the current administration say!

    They do not have to believe in any inquiry by anyone!

    In this regard and to my belief, the Elections Commission is guilty of not doing so!

    As a citizen of Maldives, I would say, it has been late for peoples to take action against this illegal government.

    Being the constitutional proprietors of the Republic of Maldives, it is their right to choose who they want themselves to be governed by!

    MDP, with its membership status, and the popular support we see, and the injustice done on various occasions and in various forms, does have a right to stand up or call for bringing down this onslaught to bring back the dictatorship it already said good bye to constitutionally, and making life difficult for the people of this country and to it's members in general!


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