MDP announce resolution for “revolution” to overthrow government

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has today called for a “revolution” to overthrow the administration of President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan, claiming it is the only way to have a government that is “by the people”.

The Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) National council passed the motion at Kulhudhuhfushi in Haa Dhaal Atoll, announcing that a five-member “revolution committee” is to now be appointed.

Speaking at the MDP’s National council meeting, Nasheed said: “By taking the initiative to get a people’s government as in the constitution, to have a government that is by the people, the only way is to now bring a revolution. The MDP think like that and I also believe that.”

A statement released by the MDP reveals that the party decided to end the government by “bringing a revolution” after hearing the concerns of the people during the party’s pledge trip.

According to the statement, concerns were raised by Maldivians that Nasheed could be prosecuted for “political reasons” in order to terminate his candidacy, and that the current government may try to sustain their government by using “force” without going to an election.

“This country belongs to its people, and when in Article 4 of the constitution, it says that the power starts from the people. The power rests on the people. And when the coup government does not accept the current government, we MDP agree to end the government by bringing a revolution and forming a government by the people,” the statement reads.

When asked whether he was wary of risking arrested in calling for a “revolution”, Nasheed told Minivan News: “It is very difficult to visualise in the context of a constitution when the transfer of power has been so illegitimate and the consolidation of the coup is also unconstitutional.

“So it has not been very easy to comprehend the actions and omissions in terms of the existing text.”

In response to the MDP’s announcement, President’s Office Spokesperson Masood Imad – speaking in his own personal capacity – labelled the party as “wacko”.

Masood claimed yesterday that Nasheed’s previous comments concerning the MDP’s aim to try and topple the Waheed administration from the streets had been merely an attempt to garner media attention rather than credibly challenge the government.

“Seriously, I don’t think it’s a matter of concern, I would rather not comment on the matter,” he told Minivan News at the time. “This guy is going around saying these things trying to get media attention.”


15 thoughts on “MDP announce resolution for “revolution” to overthrow government”

  1. Can you write about the un-elected members of the National Council of MDP?
    How can Ahmed Nasheem (masodi) take a part in the session? What's his capacity?
    How can a council session is called, when all the elected members of the council is residing in Male'?
    And more, a revolution is a result of a rebellious acts, or it can be said that a successful attempt to topple a government. So who are the baagees now?

  2. we want our courage presIDenT Anni to fight bagee waheed. Our heroPresident Anni is the best. He will fight BagHee waheed and winn prezident place again. Then we will sucksass that day. We love our brave prezident anni and inShalla he will pezident again very soon. And then we real maldivEs peoples very happy. We will throwaway all bagees out of gaadhoo kolu in a bokkuraa. we will REVOLUSION the country. army, navy, costgard pls join the brave NDP pepople and our brev Presi#dent Anni. heis farther of democracy and hu man rights.

  3. The end of this Junta. Only Nasheed can do it. When he says the people will follow him and throw these baghees out.

  4. Mohamed Nasheed is psychotic when he is having hard-core deep sh!t consultations with Reeko and Maariya (that and the Kenereegey family is his team now). His worshipppers outside have no sense of who the man, or his family really is. He shows clear cut neurotic tendencies also. Talks and breaths like an Asian Hitler. Frankly Maariya has had it up to here. The relationship is strong though- there are strongly vested interests at stake here.

    The man is (was) protected by the White-man. Now, all that remains is in the Minivannews team. They are here to civilize us. They think we need to know about the Bible and Democracy to fully understand how we were conquered. Now I'm not trying to be xenophobic, I'm just trying to point out that the white-man needs to learn the world's population has become too big for you all to control or influence. We thank you, but we'l take it from here.

    Might I suggest to the white lads and lassies, Chinese language classes as well.

    Mohamed Nasheed is hereby thanked for his services to this group of Islands (this is not a country). He will be dishonorably discharged soon. His party is no more; it's just wailing women and old folk in the islands who think Jesus may have come to Maldives. The direction this country will be decided by the masses who don't pour out onto the streets whenever David Cameron feels the need to itch about world conquest like the glory days. No, this country is being controlled by forces who do not believe in mass gatherings, rioting, chaos and dissent. We believe in quiet contemplation, meditation and decent answers to the call of prayer. Our children in Europe and America will take care of developing the worlds technology and 'modern' needs (Immigrant genius). We do take note of your appeal to recognize the plight of our women and offer the greater liberties (short of bikini modelling, we will look into the idea of an Islamic Reformation).

    Anyhoo.. Oh by the way, Minivannews Team do exercise caution in the context and content of your discussions here. Our children, they may take "offense" to some of it. Appreciate the gravity of you Jihad to save (destroy) Maldives.

    People like me, we only seek peace. Even though it is not we who have presided over the "least violent" thousand years of human history.

    We can still come to an understanding I hope. We give you the same route you would give to Holocaust Revisionists.

    Peace. For the sake of White children and non-white children.

    #Abstract #Notions #appeasement/

  5. Ok I have the same view that the transfer of power to Waheed was under military duress and therefore hallmarks of a coup. But MDP has accepted the findings of the CONI themselves and the regular election is very close. So best thing for the people indeed is to campaign for the next election instead of inciting violence and calling for revolutions.

    I don't know why the current government don't file for dissolution of MDP based on their conspiring to overthrow the government with violence.

    I am stunned a political party is allowed to incite violence out in the open day after day. When this can't be stopped how can you expect gangs and extremists to be controlled...?

  6. Here is whats wrong with M.d.P?

    1. Talk of freedom but suppression of individualism though carefully orchestrated programming by Anni via an inner circle of parteys (a hardcore loyal group who could even die for Anni)

    2. Too much drinking, unfortunately . However, drinking is a necessity for Anni to keep the inner circle of parteys as his instruments.

    I guess Maldivains know MDP too much now.

  7. The force exerted in overthrowing of a government for political change does not necessarily have to be aggressive nor violent

    just saying

  8. @ask there can be many sayings.. but i think u were referring to Waheed's rise to power. In this case we are talking about MDP, can they do it without bloodshed? do they have the capacity? knowledge and influence? also we are talking about overthrowing a legitimate government (accepted worldwide), even if MDP overthrows the government through an uprising (possibly extremely violent)will the world accept the government? In my opinion Mr.Nasheed is 100% sure that he can never win the upcoming presidential election, so this is what is left for him... a revolution? lol.. I bet an MDP violent uprising will be crushed not by the police or MNDF, but by the common people.. the majority of the people are still silent, but when u wake them up it will be like playing with fire for the MDP paateys.. good luck 🙂

  9. There is no MDP and it is a party hijacked by Anni . Anni is a cult and he thinks himself as a lord and rest to pray him.

    This idiot does not know still he lost his presidency due to his arrogance and dictatorship ? I hope this man gives ways for the other leaders from MDP to rise and salvage the party for our democracy.

    Anni is the biggest threat to our infant democracy.


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