Environment Minister Thoriq signs for PPM

Minister of Environment and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim signed for the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) today.

Thoriq had been filling a slot assigned for the Jumhooree Party (JP) under the coalition agreement formed with the PPM during last year’s presidential election.

Following the dissolution of the coalition agreement between the JP and PPM last week, nine political appointees belonging to the JP – including Transport Minister Ameen Ibrahim – were dismissed by President Abdulla Yameen, prompting speculation in the media that the three ministers remaining in JP slots would join the ruling party to retain their posts.

Speaking to press after signing his membership form at a ceremony in Muleeage this afternoon, Thoriq said he decided to sign for the PPM to complete the work begun by his ministry after the current administration took office in November last year.

The environment minister assured the public that he would “sincerely” remain behind President Yameen for the next five years and endeavour to develop the country.

Thoriq also denied coming under “any kind of pressure” to sign for the ruling party in the wake of the coalition’s breakup.

In his remarks at the ceremony, President Abdulla Yameen meanwhile praised Thoriq as an “active” and “resourceful person,” welcoming the minister to the party on behalf of PPM Leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the party’s council, parliamentary group and members.

“Welcome to the team. God willing, we are beginning a long-haul journey so welcome aboard,” he said.

Aside from Thoriq, Home Minister Umar Naseer and Economic Development Minister Mohamed Saeed were also appointed to the cabinet as JP political appointees. The pair have however yet to sign for the PPM.

The PPM severed its coalition agreement with the JP following a dispute over the speaker’s post, which was contested by JP Leader Gasim Ibrahim after President Yameen urged the business tycoon to withdraw his candidacy and support a PPM candidate.

President Yameen however told reporters on Sunday (June 1) that the PPM was still willing to work with the former coalition partner and professed “respect” for Gasim.

Yameen noted that three cabinet ministers as well as board members of state-owned enterprises occupying JP slots remained in the government.

He also denied pressuring the JP members to sign for the ruling party to retain their government jobs, adding that it was “up to them to decide” how best to serve the nation.


7 thoughts on “Environment Minister Thoriq signs for PPM”

  1. Personal integrity and loyalty is nonexistent in the purified Islamic country of seykustan.

  2. this guy and the rest is just lame and power hungry. shameful that people actually vote for these.
    simply putting disgusting

  3. There lies a lesson for Gasim. People who sheltered under him were simply there for a chance to grab power.

    Thorig's integrity: 0.0

  4. Aren't we lucky that we have such people available to serve our country? They are willing to give up their integrity to remain as a minister in the government and to join a party that has betrayed the very people who helped them win the election in the first place.

  5. Maldivian story is a story of divorces, cheating, dishonesty and betrayal.

    I was reading on the BBC website last night that Maldives is one of the three countries with the highest divorce rates in world, according to UN statistics.

    One of the three countries is Belarus which is, like the Maldives, one of the most corrupt and dictatorial countries in the world.

    Another of the three at the top of divorce rates is USA which is a vast and complex country: a country made up of many countries. It is difficult to generalise about USA.

    Divorce rate has always been rocket high in the Maldives. In the Maldives divorce also goes with sexual promiscuity.

    Maldives is not a very good advert for the religion of Islam through human history.

    Party switching has been freely available and freely practised since political parties were started in the Maldives. Party switching is also a kind of divorce and promiscuity.

    Then comes to my mind Mohamed Waheed's classic betrayal of Mohamed Nasheed (MDP). That was also a kind of divorce and promiscuity.Political promiscuity.

    Maldives has traditionally exported fish (Maldive Fish) for a living. Now Maldives can start exporting divorce and promiscuity to to the rest of the world.

    Let us start by exporting them to India, Sri Lanka and Singapore, and from there go to the rest of the world including UK and Finland: two European countries to which I have long-standing ties.

    These new exports will handsomely complement and augment our national income and GDP that is so heavily dependent on tourism.

    Tourists come to have a good time, and so why not? Let the tourists learn to practise divorce and promiscuity Maldivian style too.

    Thank you Maldives. Thank you so much.

  6. @Michael Fahmy

    So, you have ties to UK and Finland, eh?

    How about doing me a favor and letting me buy some nuclear weapons? Purely for humanitarian purposes, of course...

  7. @Maldivian didnt you use to comment as homosexual?

    All this hatred is stemming from the society rejecting you or what? Or your parents?


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