Expert UN review dismisses secret police report used to justify annulment of Sept 7 polls

The UN has conducted an expert UN review of the secret police report alleging electoral irregularities in the first round of voting on September 7, which was the primary evidence used by a four judge Supreme Court majority to justify annulling the vote.

“We feel confident in asserting that the election was all inclusive, there was no disenfranchisement and the quality of the voter register met international standards,” read a statement today from UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Oscar Fernandez-Taranco, following his visit to the country.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed led the annulled vote with 45.45 percent, followed by the half brother of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Abdulla Yameen, with 25.35 percent. Resort tycoon Gasim Ibrahim narrowly missed a place in the run-off with 24.07 percent, while incumbent President Mohamed Waheed just polled 5.13 percent.

The 4:3 verdict annulling the vote heavily cited a confidential police report submitted to the court claiming that as electoral register contained 5623 irregularities, such as 2830 “address mismatches”, and as such these votes were ineligible. The report was not released or shown to the Election Commission’s defence lawyers, although Minivan News eventually obtained a leaked copy.

“The UN recognises the assessment of domestic and international observers that the 7 September election was conducted in a satisfactory manner,” stated Fernandez-Taranco, and reiterated “the deep concerns expressed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights relating to the conduct of the Supreme Court.”

The second attempt at a revote is scheduled for tomorrow November 9, after police forcibly prevented it from taking place on October 19 after Yameen and Gasim refused to sign the voter registry – a new requirement from the Supreme Court effectively giving candidates the power to veto polls.

In a sudden reversal of their refusals as late as Tuesday evening, the pair sent their representatives to sign the registry on Wednesday

“The UN believes that conditions conducive to free and fair elections exist and therefore welcome the presidential candidates’ signature of the Voter Lists, which will allow for the first round of the presidential elections to be held tomorrow,” said Fernandez-Taranco.

“We urge Government, political leaders and all other relevant State authorities, including the Maldives Police Service, to cooperate with the Elections Commission in the conduct of the elections and to seize the opportunity to further consolidate democracy in the Maldives. It is a process owned by all Maldivians and political leaders should demonstrate strong leadership and act in the best interests of the people,” he added.

November 9, he stated, was “a decisive moment for democracy in the Maldives.”

“It is time to allow the people of the Maldives to express their voice and their legitimate will through the ballot box. A continued failure to do so would be a serious setback to consolidating democracy in the country, with potentially serious repercussions, including a very likely negative impact on the already fragile economy,” Fernandez-Taranco warned.


8 thoughts on “Expert UN review dismisses secret police report used to justify annulment of Sept 7 polls”

  1. See, how UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Oscar Fernandez-Taranco have warned you people. Choose wisely your president

  2. (1) The whole world has confirmed yet again what we suspected and knew all along.

    (2) Those responsible for this grave injustice, i.e., the four in the Supreme Court shall face trial for this.

    (3) Ali Hameed, your time has really run out. Bugger off to Russia before it's too late.


    They now see that Gasim and Yameen have been behaving like a selfish child playing a board game and when they realise they can not win picking up the the game and throwing it on the floor and declaring them-self the winner!!

  4. The people will teach them a very good lesson tomorrow!!!
    Just wait and see!

  5. Time has come to kick all these so-called tycoons of Maldives out of their false pedestals. The purveyors of violence, thuggery and promoters of all un-islamic commercial activities including the sales of alcohol and all else included, SHOULD never be elected to rule this tiny bunch of islands. Neither is the Adalath party a fit suitor. All you people talk utter nonsense. At least, Nasheed speaks his heart out whether it is FOR or AGAINST islam.

  6. The SC will probably phone their Thai girls and have another midnight meeting to discuss how they can convict the UN of Treason. I am surprised Waheed has not jumped in and accused UN of reckless judgements (again).

    But we all know whats happening here. Its the BIG tour operators such as TUI and Thomas cook and some airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, Etihad and Turkish and Sri Lankan that are squeezing Waheed and the PPM. They are the big conduits of tourists from Europe.
    Hence the big pow-wow between Waheed and the three parties the other night. Sign the registers, have the election or we are all f***ked!
    The PPM are declaring they are being intimidated by International Interference. They have seen nothing yet if they screw up this time.

    Throw in the refusal to buy the T-bills by the world economic community and the tax on fish imports to the EU and its not just a gun to the head its a bazooka!

    I must admit, I was expecting China to step into the financial arena before now by guaranteeing credit but as usual they are conspicuous by their silence.

    The only possible barrier to the process is if the 'mentally challenged' 4 alcoholics on the bench of the SC have the nerve to annul the result yet again for any reason.

    But I will tell you this. Do not expect this election to be a straight forward done deal for democracy. I suspect otherwise.

    I also suspect that if Nasheed wins a majority in the first round or even on the second, he will be in extreme personal danger afterwards.

  7. The question we constantly pose to the folk who can't play by the rules of democracy is - "how low can you go"? The answer we have come to expect is "lower than in your wildest dreams. Lower and lower without fail."

    Prove us wrong by letting us vote. Then try not to fiddle with the results - and while you take a break from lashing out like cornered rats, try and grow up - or learn to let go. It may not seem so, but you will be better off for it in the only way that matters.

    It is often said that a nation gets the leader it deserves.This will only hold true if we are allowed free and fair elections. The majority, if not all of us ,deserve someone who represents our best qualities, who will bring out the best of us, re-build our national pride, so we can, as we have done for over 2000 years, (with more or less a 30 year gap, then an ugly blot since February 7) hold our heads high - our dignity and innate piety intact - and move on to take our rightful place in the 21st century, where we learn to respect each other, live with our differences and build on our similarities,harnessing the blessings of intelligence and natural beauty bestowed upon our normally peaceful people and our serene land.

    We must choose wisely and with responsibility, both collective and individual, as much is at stake - not just the institutions of democracy, but the values that they represent -fair play, justice, equality - and a future for our deserving young, including more funds towards the education that will liberate them, not the arms that will enslave them.

    Here's to the future. Whatever it brings , we shall prevail. May it find us uniting, slowly but surely.For we are all part of the creation of our country's history.


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