Extraordinary Majlis session cancelled amid chaos, vandalism in chamber

An extraordinary meeting of the People’s Majlis was cancelled today after Speaker Abdulla Shahid’s microphone was vandalised during a Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) and Jumhooree Party (JP)-led effort to disrupt parliamentary proceedings.

Twenty-nine MPs of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) had asked Shahid to schedule an extraordinary sitting claiming certain politicians were “destroying constitutional tenets and straying from the path of democracy”, as the JP seeks to annul the first round of September’s presidential polls in the Supreme Court.

Vilifushi MP Riyaz Rasheed and Gemanafushi MP Ilham Ahmed blew on whistles and vuvuzelas as PPM and JP members raised numerous points of order and shouted “rigged vote.”

Shahid took a short break at 10:00am to speak with Parliamentary Group leaders, but was unable to reconvene the session after a cable on his table microphone was cut.

The MDP – which placed first with 45.45 percent of the vote – has said it will table a no confidence motion against Attorney General Azima Shakoor after she intervened in support of the JP and change the composition of the Supreme Court bench.

The MDP and its recent ally the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) control a majority in the Majlis with a combined strength of 39 of the 77 MPs.


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  1. The PPM leaders are murderers, rapists, drug traffickers and thieves wearing fancy suits. You were expecting what? Good manners? Respect for democratic norms?


    And where's tsk tsk and his balderdash about 'dialogue' and 'compromise'? He needs to understand that dialogue and compromise doesnt work.

  2. Enough of this democracy farce. Nasheed's popularity is a testament to just how irreligious and foolish our population has become. There is also good evidence that a good portion of them, especially the weak-minded and women, have been possessed by djinn that are loyal to the MalDeviant Democratic Party. They cannot be trusted to make their own decisions.

    It is the solemn and noble responsibility of all decent Maldivians to not concede the presidency to the MalDeviant Democratic Party, regardless of the votes they garner. Defeating these laadheenee dajjals is more important than democracy.

  3. According to Haveeru, Nasheed chicken outs from TV debate with contender Yameen.
    This is so unlike Nasheed.

    Loosing confidence perhaps.


  4. @Maldivian Man:

    I will continue my "balderdash" thank you very much. I think I addressed this subject before. Calling this Parliament session itself was a counterattack to another silly attack on the elections itself. I did not expect this session to go forward in an orderly manner.

    Meanwhile the heads of political parties will speak and they will try to engage in dialogue. There are levels to every incident. The Parliament is full of puppets and indentured servants that we, YES WE, the people of Maldives are so dumb to elect when we are asked to. Their behavior or misbehavior depends on the whims and fancies of the true powers in Parliament who control them. Hence those Parliamentarians are the equivalent of pitch-fork waving mobs. They dance to the beat of their paymasters.

    The real political debate and dialogue takes place in Maldives behind closed doors and between the power players alone. They will talk and they will iron out a deal I am sure. I am sure they can and will prevent violence in the long run unless they do not want to.

    I have seen no indications to suggest that the real power players on either side are interested in civil war. War and bloodshed on the scale that conspiracy theorists imagine is impossible in the Maldives. Property damage and scuffles yes but without open terrain the type of war that you are hinting at is just plain impossible. So calm yourself down.

  5. @tsk tsk

    You talk so passionately about 'peace' and 'dialog', yet you handwave even worse atrocities by your gang leaders. Did MDP members scream obscenities against non-combatants? Did they destroy Abdulla Shahid's mic system?


    They only carried out the people's directive by denying a non-elected president (that 95% of Maldivians said NO to) from making his speech.

    Hypocrites like you disgust me.

    We saw open war against the people of Maldives on the 7th of February 2012, with massive property damage, theft and violence. So don't force your ignorant, narrow-minded view on us.

  6. So all these days after calling MDP MPs thugs and hooligans, today the JP and PPM MPs decide to follow them? Well well, looks like the high and mighty who act so superior have fallen.

  7. Bitter taste of one's own medicine.,,
    The path laid down foolishly taken by opponents ..,
    And then the pot trying to call the kettle black ..
    Amusing . Amazing .,
    dog eats dog n each hound trying to justify that it's a better animal than the other .., 😉

  8. why do we keep on arguing who is right and who is wrong when we are the ones who voted for these politicians? so shame on all of us!!! such a very small country but people don't get along. It's time for us to stop this stupidity. We are all accountable for the legacy we will leave for the next generations.

  9. "I have seen no indications to suggest that the real power players on either side are interested in civil war."

    "The real political debate and dialogue takes place in Maldives behind closed doors and between the power players alone. They will talk and they will iron out a deal I am sure. I am sure they can and will prevent violence in the long run unless they do not want to."

    Guess who we have here!
    The grand spin master, tsk tsk trying his hypocritical ones!

    Dry your tears, baby!

  10. Well well well a few things are clear.....

    - The MDP no longer monopolises the title of "hulhujaha party"

    - MDP MPs aren't the only ones who behave like "monkeys" and are an embarrassment to the nation.

    - More than "90%" of the people no longer oppose the MDP

    The above may sound trivial but is very useful to me because they are the fallacies most used in "arguments" against the MDP.

    Now we we have healthy debate with the relevant topics being discussed ......... unless we are forced to listen to tirades about who started it first.

  11. All the damages by MP's must be billed to the person who did that. They get highly paid and yet spend our money for their wrong goings.

  12. This is good. Now Nasheed should be aware that it is not only MDP who have the courage to do such nasty things but others also can do if they wish to.

    Nasheed is only the man who had been ruining this country for his personal benefit.

    Votes were rigged by Nasheed and now the system is screwed .

    Nasheed brought those Indian IT technicians and implanted them in election commission for a reason ? People need to wake-up and think why indian were engaged in the election and why the institution who is responsible for IT matters were not even consulted by election commission ?

  13. @facts.
    I am convinced you are a new kuribee look alike, or in this case, a kuribee think alike. Does the regime pay you to come out with statements like "Nasheed is the only man who has been running this country for his personal benefit?"
    i can't help feeling that they are paying the wrong man. You have to do a little bit better to be convincing.
    But feel free to express your opinions. As I keep saying it helps the MDP cause.

  14. Id, ego – then super ego – Freud’s levels of moral development. He said if you gave a two year old baby absolute power, they would smash EVERYTHING in their path to get what they wanted, and make Hitler look like the worlds greatest pacifist. (WELL, Freud did not mention Hitler as Hitler's Id has not been unleashed at that stage, that was my example. But you get the point)

    This tantrum throwing reveals the level of morality of these rulers. They could not possibly contain their greed and desire for being WORSHIPPED even if theoretically they wanted to. MAY ALLAH help us when they assume absolute power and SMASH US ALL APART in the name of preserving ORDER and STABILITY!

  15. two wrongs don't make a right.it just makes everything worse.this country seems hopeless


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