Figh Academy VP endorses female genital mutilation

Vice President of the Figh Academy Dr Mohamed Iyaz Abdul Latheef has endorsed female genital mutilation in response to a question posed by a reader on

Iyaz said several credible hadiths from the Prophet Mohamed demonstrated female circumcision is obligatory in Islam.

“The Prophet (PBUH) said: ‘Five things are part of the fitrah [nature] – circumcision, shaving the pubes, trimming the moustache, cutting the nails and plucking the armpit hairs.’ The circumcision in this hadith applies to both men and women,” Iyaz said.

Today is international day of zero tolerance to female genital mutilation. Executive Director of the UNFPA Dr Babatunde Osotimehin said female genital mutilation threatens the lives and futures of women and girls and is “an affront to their human dignity, an assault on their health and an impediment to the well-being of their families, communities and countries.”

“Human development cannot be fully achieved as long as women and girls continue to suffer from this human rights violation or live in fear of it,” he added.

In 2011, then Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan expressed concern over a reported increase in female circumcision in the Maldives.

“We are beginning to hear reports of this occurring, and I have heard on radio and television people justifying the practice. It is quite disheartening,” he said at the time.

Obligatory or recommended

Islam calls for female circumcision, but there is dissent between scholars on whether circumcision is obligatory (farl) or highly recommended (mustahabb), Iyaz said.

“A hadith relayed by Aisha [Prophet Mohamed’s wife] says: ‘A bath becomes obligatory if one sleeps with your wife and the circumcised parts touch each other.’ The word circumcision has been applied to both men and women here.  The hadith demonstrates that women must be circumcised as well,” said Iyaz.

He also quoted Saudi Arabia’s Fatwa Comittee which expressed concern over the decline of female circumcision in Muslim countries.

“Circumcision of girls is a religious obligation that is slowly fading from many Muslim communities. It is an obligation or Sunnah that we must not let go of. It is the symbol that differentiates Muslims from non-Muslims.”

The fatwa said female circumcision must be carried out by specialised doctors, and added: “In a woman, the small sliver of muscle and the surrounding skin above the urinary tract is cut during circumcision.”

Iyaz said the Prophet Mohamed has ordered circumcision practitioners not to cut severely during circumcision.

Iyaz was elected as the VP of the Figh Academy in 2012. The organisation is a body established by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs to advise the government on Islamic jurisprudence.

In early January, Iyaz condemned MPs for approving the sexual offenses bill which recognises marital rape, and advised MPs who voted for the bill to repent.

Zero tolerance

More than 125 million girls and women have been cut in the 29 countries in the Middle East and Africa where female genital mutilation is practiced, the UNFPA has said in a press release today.

The organisation is committed to work with partners to end harmful practices including violence against women and female genital mutilation, the UNFPA said.

“We strongly believe that when young people, especially young women claim their right to health, including sexual and reproductive health, education and decent work, they become powerful agents for social and economic development.”


33 thoughts on “Figh Academy VP endorses female genital mutilation”

  1. We don't have to listen to people "educated" to 7th century standards anymore. This is the 21st century and the world has moved on.

    Just ask Seyku Rasheed. Who needs this Fiqh lot?

  2. What does the "Vice President of the Figh Academy" Dr Mohamed Iyaz Abdul Latheef think he is?
    Better than god?

    Always remember:

    In numerous Verses of the Qur'an, Allah tells us that He has created everything, including human beings, in the most perfect form. In the following verse, Allah explicitly states this with regards to the human creation:

    "We have indeed created man in the 'best of moulds'." (Qur'an 95:4)

    This means when a baby leaves the mother's womb, he or she is in the most perfect of shape down to the finest detail. Nothing needs alteration. With regards to the development of the baby, Allah states the following:

    "Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a lump; then we made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the 'Best of all Creators!' " (Qur'an 23:14)

    Notice that Allah states that He is the best creator - the resulting completed creation of the baby is thus in its optimal form.

    In another verse, Allah states:

    "The work of Allah who has 'perfected everything' (He created)." (Qur'an 27:88)

    Also in three other Verses, in relation to human beings, Allah says the following:

    "The One Who has 'perfected everything' He has created and began the creation of human beings from clay" (Qur'an 32:7)

    "Allah is the One who made the Earth a habitat for you, and the sky as a structure, and He designed you, and has perfected your design." (Qur'an 40:64)

    "Allah created the heavens and the Earth for a true purpose, He designed you, and has perfected your design. You will all return to Him." (Qur'an 64:3)

    So how come the "Vice President of the Figh Academy" thinks he knows better???

    Circumsise that guy - between head and shoulders!

  3. Aisha did not have access to 21st century information when and if she made that claim.

    You people need to think about the real world before making claims like this. Your admirably long beard suggests that you are not a child, so you can think like an adult, can't you?

  4. This is what makes these morons animals. Retards have no brains what so ever, just quote some rubbish from their filthy books and want us to believe this. Bath after having sex, mutilate sex organs, Child abuse, group sex, 70 virgin in paradise all this seems that Islam is too much in to sex. Just let people live their life and free them from Allah who seem is very ignorant God created by very ignorant people.
    How can you desecrate a God even if it exists to such filthy character? it seems some human are much more intelligent than this. Is this Allah has not even foreseen future that human being will be so developed that one day they will play a better God than Allah. Now we have to fight against this evil which seems violates a very simple commonsense and still there are people who are ready to torture living beings in the name of religion, believing that that such rubbish rained down from the sky.

  5. By claiming man has the right to mutilate female genitals is admitting Allah made a mistake during the creation of women.

    Flog him for blasphemy.

  6. These guys should seek a special status as a minority group with the UNHCR.

    In Maldives should be given a separte island with Sharia countrs, camels as transport, goats and dates as main food.

    Concubines and slaves could be allowed.

  7. If god made man in his image, and god wants man to be circumcised, does that mean god is circumcised?

    All jokes aside, there are lots of reasons why you shouldn't circumcise boys or girls, men or women.

    Food for thought!

  8. what the hell is wrong with this sheiks. why don't you so go and kill yourself if you don't have anything better to do. so many women suffer from different types of violation and still its not enough. What have these people got against women. why don't you just cut chop your own thing off if you cant take the heat. women are sexy and should remain so. these seykus thaan people should be sentenced for even saying such things in public. How are they even allowed to give such advice to people. I urge the strong women MPs to propose a bill to the parliament to condemn anyone who gives such advice.

  9. It's true that the Holy Quran is silent on circumcision. But remember Quran alone does not lay down the laws for Muslims. It's the totality of the Quran and Sunnah (if you are a Sunni).

    The Quran also had to change laws during the course of time; the prime example being that of drinking. It's universally agreed that drinking alcohol was allowed but later that license was firmly withdrawn by Allah. Why? Allah knows best. You know, humans can't be trusted with booze.

    So, to make this story short, you have to look into Sunnah for guidance on what's not mentioned in the Quran. That's how you behave if you are a Muslim. If you decide to do things differently, you can, but don't call yourself a Muslim, please.

  10. This guy is truly something else.!!!

    It's this kind of rhetoric that proves to me that arabian camels have woven the perfect gold yarn out of religion.

    Inhibit sex. Inhibit free thinking. Retard logical reasoning; whack all onto God. Do yoga daily 5 times to calm down your anger and hormones. Give all that you work for, to the warlords and controllers.

    This produces the zombie Muslims of today.

  11. This is the full translation of what he said. The man is a lunatic.

    Question Number: 1777
    Circumcision of Girls
    Category: Question and Answer

    Question: From what I have heard it is allowed to circumcise girls. What is the best age to circumcise them? Is it required to give a valeemaa?

    Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and him and after.

    Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said in a hadith:

    ((الْفِطْرَةُ خَمْسٌ: الْخِتَانُ ، وَالاسْتِحْدَادُ ، وَنَتْفُ الإِبْطِ، وَتَقْلِيمُ الأَظْفَارِ ، وَقَصُّ الشَّارِبِ))

    “There are five things within fitrah. These are circumcision, removing the hairs from the awrat (shameful organ), pulling the hairs out from the armpits and cutting of the nails and trimming of the moustache.”

    The circumcision described in this hadith does not distinguish between male and female.

    In a hadith that Muslim quotes from Aisha, Allah bless her, it is said:

    (( إِذَا جَلَسَ بَيْنَ شُعَبِهَا الأَرْبَعِ وَمَسَّ الْخِتَانُ الْخِتَانَ فَقَدْ وَجَبَ الْغُسْلُ ))

    Which means:

    “If you get close to your wife, and if both of your circumcisions touch, then most certainly there is an obligation to wash”

    In this hadith the word circumcision is used for both men and women. From this what we can determine is that both men and women get circumcised.

    Abu Dhawoodh quotes a hadith from Athiyathul’ Ansaariyath.

    In a hadith where he gives notice to a woman who used to circumcise girls in Medina:

    “When you circumcise, do not circumcise heavily” (do it smaller) thusly, it is because it will increase the pleasure the wife gets from the husband, and also this is the way that the husband will get more love.”

    This hadith was confirmed as authentic by Al-Bani.

    The circumcision of girls is valid as proved by authentic hadiths.

    The thing which scholars have disagree upon is the ruling on it. It is the opinion of some scholars that it is obligatory for both sexes to be circumcised. Obligatory for the women as it is obligatory for the men.

    Other scholars say that it is obligatory only for men. Although it is mustahabb for women. It is a sunnah.

    Fatwa number (5/113) of the Saudi Fatwa Committee al-Lajnah ad-Daa'imah says so.

    Regardless, female circumcision is a religious custom from Shariah that is fading from many Muslim communities. Even from the perspective of an obligation and a sunnah it is something that we should not get rid of.

    It is a religious idea that separates the Muslims from the non-Muslims. It is also an article of fitrah.

    The procedure to carry out circumcision will be known by specialised doctors.
    The place for circumcision is the piece of flesh above the doors through which a woman urinates. It is a cutting of the skin around that area. It cannot be done unless the person performing the procedure has knowledge and experience. It will also be forbidden to do.

    The circumcision of men and the circumcision of women are two different things. Allah knows best.

    Answer given by:

    Dr. Mohammed Iyaz Abdul-Latheef"

  12. scholar, like Former tourist mentioned there are verses in the Quran clearly opposing "body alterations". Any well thinking person sees there are contradictions between Quran and Sunnah, although scholars and religious leaders will ditch it as "personal misinterpretations and ignorance".

    And although the vast majority of the Muslims are Sunni Muslims, it is not a requirement to follow Sunnah to call yourself a Muslim.

  13. Well at they could bring in doctors who can perform vaginoplasty.

    I think circumcision should be a personal choice, who knows if they really want to. Female circumcision was introduced into Islam from Africa, where it was quite prevalent tribals.

  14. It says something about the level of personal hygiene of the men of the times that Prophet Muhammadh Peace Be Upon Him had to prescribe the following: "circumcision, shaving the pubes, trimming the moustache, cutting the nails and plucking the armpit hairs." Not much appear to have changed centuries on... I think the dirty unkempt wild eyed men proclaiming to be muslims have forgotten this basic prescription. Excuse me, but most of these men stink to the high heavens when you pass them. As for women and circumcision, I challenge this misogynist IYAZ to show us EVIDENCE that Prophet Muhammadh prescribed female circumcision. . Not writing in my own name in case I am murdered for having an opinion that is not aligned with one of the High Priest of Islam in the Maldives Iyas

  15. This retard is running for Hulhumale constituency of parliament. Surely his vision for Maldives is to establish the world's first nation that adheres most to Allah's laws. He and fellow beards want a 7th century tradition to be revived here. If elected his first mission would be pass a law to forcibly practice type 5 FGM

  16. How on earth can the Maldives be part of the 21st century,when you have 'scholars' like this,who refuse to accept the realism and the modern thinking of the civilised world...If this story leaks out into the world news,it could have a very detrimental effect on your tourism..

  17. We don't care what your fabricated sunnas say. Keep your hands off our children, or else we'll nuke your oilfields and butcher your gangs. Let's see if your gods can come out of their stones and save you then!

  18. For a better understanding of the issue, along with the sources indicated by Dr. Iyaz, and discussion of the sources by famed Hadith scholars, please read the following paper.

    The chapter on female circumcision starts at page 34.

    It will be apparent that female circumcision (FGM) in all its forms, has no place in our beloved religion of Islam. Dr. Iyaz is misguided, proven by the wisdom of scholars of Islamic Sharia and Jurisprudence superior to him.

  19. The Mullah should for while get out of his deluded mindset and think for while weather all this Quran Allah and Hadhees do really sound anything extra ordinary to assume that this is something from an intelligent designer who created universe and beyond. Plucking armpit hair, play with sex organs, wipe ass with rocks, removing lice from head these are the things even great apes do. I am not sure why these morons even think to convince people like us to believe this rubbish as something uttered by a super power from black hole or from fourth dimension. Just chill out Mr Fiquhu man keep that rubbish inside you only. Your Allah has not taught us anything extra ordinary that we should know. He didn’t teach us about radio signals, single celled life forms like bacteria and viruses, atoms, particles and evolution or physics, mathematics or astronomy and even art.

  20. I am so happy to see the broad unity against female circumcision!! 🙂 As said by others here - we do live in the 21st century. Practice of female circumcision should be punishable by law.

  21. For once, just for once. I agree with Hilath Rasheed.

    This is a fitting punishment!

  22. @Fathun

    That is part of the problem. These heroin-peddling mullahs control street gangs to do their dirty work.

    What needs to be done is a strong united front; and when their death squads try to attack, execute them, skin them and send the skins to the Fiqh acaedemy, with a message written in blood;

    "Tell your masters that Maldives will be your Empire's grave!"

  23. The reason for doing this act is to deprive women from sexual pleasures, so that the men needed no effort to please their women. Just the way god intended according to men... i mean us... ummm no mullahs.

  24. The manic rantings of your mad mullahs never ceases to amaze us 'idol worshippers'.
    I can just picture you short fat morons with unnecessarily mutilated penises, pubes shaved, nails cut, mustache trimmed and armpit hair pulled out (ouch), all in accordance with sharia law. Yuck.....that must be a truly horrible sight to behold.
    So now you understand why I call you primitive islanders BACKWARD!!

  25. "They call upon instead of Him none but false gods, and they [actually] call upon none but a rebellious Satan."

    "Whom Allah has cursed. For he had said, "I will surely take from among Your servants a specific portion.

    And I will mislead them, and I will arouse in them [sinful] desires, and I will command them so they will slit the ears of cattle, and I will command them so they will change the creation of Allah ." And whoever takes Satan as an ally instead of Allah has certainly sustained a clear loss."

    Surat al-Nisaa, 117, 118, 119


    These verses in the Quran speak of wicked people pretending to be islamic scholars, and leading people to do wrongs such as genital mutilation, rape and other fitna.

    Clearly, This "Dockar" Iyaz is a devil. Here and now, I call upon all able-bodied muslims to jihad against this satan; and prevent him from running in Parliament. Tear down his effigies wherever you see them. Whenever he speaks, recite the Quran and silence him. Whomsoever votes for him is clearly in league with the Devil.

  26. This VP of Figh Academy doesn't know any thing about Islam.Some one shut his mouth please.
    We should only believe in ALLAH as whatever He has described in Quran and in Prophet Muhammad's (P.B.U.H)sunnah as in Hadith books like,Sahih Bukhari ,Sahih Muslim etc.
    Islamic Scholars always quote the Quranic Verse and Hadith before giving Fatwah about any thing.
    We should not believe some one with closed eyes.

    Brother you better please recite Quran and Hadith,observe everything around you.Who has created all this? Only ALLAH (S.W.T) has created everything in universe.ALLAH (S.W.T) exists everywhere.


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