Finance Minister walks out of negotiations with “politically influenced” youth

Finance Minister Ahmed Inaz yesterda  walked out of a meeting with several young people claiming to represent the ‘concerned youth’ behind the recent week of violent protests in the capital Male’.

Governor of Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) Fazeel Najeeb also attended the meeting.

The faction of the opposition party loyal to former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom have maintained that the protests over rising commodity prices were “youth-led”.

‘’I waited in the meeting until we could address the real issues, but they kept on criticising the government policy and some of the government projects,’’ Inaz told Minivan News. ‘’I did not want to have a heated political debate – we went there to negotiate with the youth regarding the dollar issues, not for a political debate.’’

Inaz claimed that the youth delegation included leader of the opposition-allied People’s Alliance (PA) sports wing, and two others he claimed were ‘’new political figures’’ created by senior party officials.

Inaz explained that government needs to find ways to increase its revenue.

‘’Currently 75 percent of the government’s revenue is spent on salaries. The government did try to decrease the salaries but other state institutions did not support the decision,’’ he said. ‘’There are other necessary things to do such as providing electricity, fix sewerage systems and supply water to those in need.’’

Spokesperson from the youth delegation, Mohamed Ahsan, said the delegation was unable to clarify information from the Finance Ministry as the minister left the meeting.

‘’However, the MMA officials were very cooperative,” he said. “We found out that the government have not been implementing the MMA’s suggestions to its full extent,’’ said Ahsan. ‘’The MMA clarified almost all the information we required.’’

He also said the finance minister “took it politically” because a PA member was present at the meeting.

‘’We have decided to recommence the protests, but due to exams we have temporarily delayed it,’’ he said. ‘’Once the examinations are over we will restart the protests.’’

A first round of negotiations held last week were described as “very upsetting” by the opposition’s Gayoom faction after the delegation accused President’s Office represenative Shauna Aminath of stating that the “political solution” to the country’s economic woes was the arrest for the former President.

Shauna did not comment on whether she had suggested Gayoom be arrested, and said the government was unable to officially respond to the delegation because it was unclear who they officially represented.

“We met with four people who claimed to represent youth,” she said. “They presented a piece of paper they said was a youth proposal, but there was almost no discussion of what was on it.

“They talked a little about youth unemployment, and the rising price of milk, cooking oil and petrol. They said that young people did not have enough money to pay for coffees or petrol for their motorbikes.”


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  1. The Gayoom faction of DRP believes Presidency of Maldives is Gayooms birthright.

    They believe they can overthrow the government by coming out on the streets around 8pm and make themselves a nuisance at an intersection (about750sq ft) on one of the busiest crossroads of Male and calling it some square.

    These are not youth representing youth. These are youth who has no capacity to understand the issues even if someone sits in front of them explaining until he/she bleed from the mouth.

    Now that their story is carried on the international media and especially after it has been listed in the biggest crackdowns in washingtonpost list, they think they are accepted by the international community as martyrs.

    The picture on that site is the most misleading picture where the protestor was acting it all out.

    And it looks like the police fell for it because they don't care about getting photographed while they do their job.

    Meanwhile the photographer is happy that his/her picture is included in the list and must have justified it (for the huge expenses incurred to get here) to the editor "Oh yes, thousands of people and the whole police force... Police Brutality, Police Brutality. Never seen anything like that before... take a real look!"

  2. Its really appreciated efforts of today,s youth movement which came out for the protest for the current situation . But i urge to all of them to see the over all situation and government limitations.

    Today most important step from all the residents of Maldives which includes Maldivians as well as all the expatriates to give support for each other and also to the concern government bodies to maintain the law and order in the region.

    As we are protesting so much against the government, this voices never come out for the genuine causes when so many drug dealers, rapist and murderers are moving in the cities and islands without any fear.

    I definitely want to ask today,s youth that when such crimes are going on in rapid pace, why there was no protest and boycotting activity shows aggressive.

    Answer is only one. Unless my home is not going to suffer i wont open my mouth...The moment any thing effect my home then only i will come out with the help of others.

  3. Finance Minister should have know that it is a set up jointly by PA Youth and MMA - both of whom reports to the same person. It was all along a trap.

    It was right to walk out. Eventually the Finance Minister will realize games to undermine him in the guise of 'cooperation'.

  4. i thought youth only influenced by substances like drugs and alcohol.

  5. DRP and PA have tried to govern the country through Parliament. Now, this is a more direct attempt to forcefully get their policy into government. Ain't gonna happen. If PA or DRP want to run the country with their policies, first wait for a general election and try winning that.

    I certainly agree with the walk out of the Finance Minister. He is not there to be dictated on how the government should be run! He showed greate coorperation in his willingness to engage in dialogue over econmoic issues.

    It would have been good if the Finance Minster publicly made available the percentage expediture of government budget on various public bodies. He gave a figure of MRf77 million for political positions. He should release the rest including how much is spent on MPs, judges and Courts, the various commissions etc. We will have a clearer picture then.

  6. If you can't explain why 21 million dollars was given to Reeko Moosa to reclaim land when we don't have foreign currency to purchase basic necessities, might as well run and hide.

  7. Hey Rinzy, however greeeeen you may be of jealousy please understand that it is not only Reeko who got a bid in the past 2 years.

    Reeko has been in the business long before the government came.

    Why dont you get a list of all the bids scored by other people especially those aligned to DRP and PA?

    You're such a sad ass!

  8. Rinzy...They dont understand what your saying...MDP motto is " See no evil..Hhear no corruption..Feel nothing..Do nothing...Lie as much you can"....Its impossible to be rational with people who have lost there minds in the hatred of Maumoon...These are sick people.

  9. Inaz is incapable of digesting other opinions and comments. Inaz has lead our president to this destructive measures by his testing methods. We do not need your learning theories and socialist policies inaz, enough is enough. Stop fooling our president by giving some foolish theories. You are not capable to cope up in this democratic system..

  10. These people are blackmailing Maldivians, while stealing the name of the Maldivian youth to cover their lies. It's clear that unless they get what they want, they will not allow Maldivian children to study for the exams.

    Their actions are a declaration of war against every Maldivian.

    I think the actions need to be taken is quite clear; no one will miss them when they get run over with an armored personnel carrier. That'll teach them not to sit on the streets and bother our children.

    I'm sure the crushed bones and offal will make for great fertilizer.

  11. What kind of dumb people are these claiming youth's! They seems to have lack of Knowledge on how countries economy work!

    It's time for all of us to decrease our spending!

    Government is trying their level best to come out of it, it's not like just one decision can solve this dollar issue! This issue has been there for a longtime and many of us did not realize its outcome!

    No matter how much protest you have, it will not help at all, and yeah you can't even get a political stand by doing this kind of shit!

    Why don't you protest to decrease foriegn labours in our country so that the youth can

  12. What kind of dumb people are these claiming youth's! They seems to have lack of Knowledge on how countries economy work!

    It's time for all of us to decrease our spending!

    Government is trying their level best to come out of it, it's not like just one decision can solve this dollar issue! This issue has been there for a longtime and many of us did not realize its outcome!

    No matter how much protest you have, it will not help at all, and yeah you can't even get a political stand by doing this kind of shit!

    Why don't you protest to decrease foriegn labours in our country so that there will be more opportunities for the youth!!!!

    Why don't you protest to represent the resort workers who have been used for years with a very less incentive!!

    why don't you protest for the peace of this little island!

    why don't you just go to hell?

    Ahsan is really a sad ass!!.. hahah

  13. Bin Suvadheeb-

    "He gave a figure of MRf77 million for political positions."

    Is there another source other than the horses' mouth, cos that's quite low on the grand scale of things.

  14. As a resident of Male' i will protest against these so called youth when they start street demonstrations. I agree 100% with @classic. We should get rid of this part time Governor of MMA.

  15. I hear they have recorded the whole conversation and finance minister was the one who was threatening them and coming up with the political nonsense. Once again, MDP running nacked in front of the whole nation.

  16. Personally, allthough I really like Anni, his charisma, strength and lovable enrgy never ceases to inspire me, I actually disagree with his right wing economic policies, someone, MDP or someone, should start charity for the truly needy. May not be money, but food relief or medical relief for the desparate.

    I wonder if now that Ibra is back with MDP he could perhaps bring a stronger dose of social concern back into the party seems he is naturally a little more socially concerned (first Maldivian to stand up against torture in Majlis). Of course he would have to do it carefully or he will cause schism with the right wing faction of MDP and split off again. That would hurt the Maldives alot. I hope he can think of some ways to revive the old MDP social concern which, quite frankly, seems to have been LOST since MDP came to power.

  17. Ahmed Aliased on Tue, ..........
    hOORAY ! ! ! ! !
    that's it....... promote violence against your own people ! ! ! !
    half-wit......... j


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