Five injured in spate of street violence in Malé

Four men and a woman sustained serious injuries in four separate incidents of violence in Malé City on Monday and Tuesday, the Maldives Police Services have said.

The first incident took place near the Eid Mosque in Maafannu ward around 7:40pm. Muggers attacked a pedestrian from the back and demanded he hand over his mobile phone. The man was hit on the back of his head, police said.

Minutes later at 7:45pm, two men were attacked in Malé’s suburb Hulhumalé Island near Flat no. 60. One of the men was stabbed in the shoulder and the other was stabbed in his head, the police said.

At 8pm, two masked men on motorbikes stabbed a 23-year-old woman in the back in front of a known gang hangout at the junction of Kalhuhuraa Magu and Husnuheena Magu in Malé. The ADK Hospital in Malé said the woman had suffered serious injuries.

An 18-year-old was also stabbed in the back in Heinveiru ward of Malé at 8:40pm on Monday.

All five have been hospitalised.

Police said they do not know if the attacks were connected and declined to reveal further details.

According to the police no arrests have been made yet. However, police have confiscated a motorbike in connection with the attack on two men in Hulhumalé.

Police statistics reveal 95 incidents of assault reported in July alone. The number brings up the total number of assault cases to 697 this year. Approximately 1500 cases of assault are reported annually in the Maldives, of which a majority occur in Malé.

A 2009 study by the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has identified a weak criminal justice system to be the root cause of high crime rates in the Maldives. The HRCM said delays in court processes, failure by law enforcement agencies to implement sentences and failure to prosecute drug traffickers also contribute to growing crime rates.

The study also highlighted social factors such as a housing crisis, lack of employment opportunities, and lack of entertainment facilities for young people as a driver of crime.

Approximately 43 percent of respondents in the HRCM survey said they did not feel safe in their Malé homes, while 63 percent said they do not feel safe walking alone on the streets of Malé during daylight hours.


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  1. Love how HRCM didn't notice that a lot of it has to do with the fact that the police is utterly useless at keeping witnesses safe. It is better to not press charges and live than place ones life in the hands of a corrupt judiciary that will set the charged free after a couple of months at the most and provide zero witness protection. The only police in the Maldives are traffic police and riot police. Both only exist to serve themselves by fining people through their wallet and freedoms.

  2. Following is a wiretap from an enemy terrorist cell...

    Wiretap is as follows...

    SIGINT Operations believes these 'killers' and 'bandits' are the hired thugs of the state we exposed in Operation Crimson Tiger, setting out to silence dissent and spread terror among the populace, while wearing the veneer of Islam.

    The purpose of stealing phones is to silence social activists from speaking against the state and identify 'threats' to the ruling minority.

    More information will be released as our deep undercover agents drop more dossiers and intel on the enemy.

  3. Allowing criminals "free pass" - crime spirals out of control.

    Seriously concerned about the trend and the fact that there is no obvious solution to the problem....


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