Former Defense Minister Nazim’s remand appealed at High Court

Former Defense Minister Colonel (retired) Mohamed Nazim’s legal team has appealed the Criminal Court’s remand sentence at the High Court today (February 11).

Nazim was given 15 days detention yesterday (February 10), after being arrested in the early hours of the same day and taken to Dhoonidhoo Detention Centre.

Speaking at a press conference last night, Nazim’s legal team had said their client was being framed, implying the firearms found during a raid on his home were planted.

On January 18, police raided the former minister’s apartment and claimed to have found pistol, three bullets, and an improvised explosive device while confiscating a pen drive.

A police statement issued last night claimed to have found documents in the pen drive suggesting that Nazim “was plotting to physically harm senior Maldivian state officials”.

“In addition, police intelligence has received information that he was plotting with various parties to overthrow the government,” read the statement.

The police have maintained they were unaware the apartment they were raiding belonged to the former defense minister and said they had decided not to arrest him at the scene due to his high profile.

Hameed questioned the police’s decision to arrest Nazim after the completion of investigations, and claimed such an arrest can only be made through a PG order.

Jumhooree Party MP and former Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz accused the police of unprofessionalism, saying: “This was clearly done to frame Colonel Nazim.”

Nazim and his wife’s passports have been confiscated.

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