Police raid Defence Minister Nazim’s home in early hours

Special Operations officers raided Minister of Defence Colonel (retired) Mohamed Nazim’s home in the early hours of this morning.

Media reports suggest that masked officers forcefully entered the premises in the Galolhu ward of Malé at around 3:30am, searching the apartment of Nazim’s wife and the apartment opposite. They reportedly confiscated documents from Nazim’s home and left the scene at around 6am.

Nazim – also acting minister of health – was not responding to calls at the time of press. He referred other media outlets to police for the details of the operation, though police officials were refusing to comment at the time of publication.

President’s Office Spokesman Ibrahim Muaz has told the press that government has confidence in the defence minister.

“The government and the president has not taken steps against any cabinet minister,” Muaz told Haveeru.

“We believe the police will enter a government official’s home – or any persons house – only with legal authority,” he added.

The President’s Office has played down speculation of a rift within the cabinet in recent weeks, though Muaz responded today only to say that it was police who should comment on the Nazim case.

Investigations into tourism minister Ahmed Adeeb were reported to have been behind the president’s decision to curtail the powers of home minister Umar Naseer in August last year, removing the minister’s ability to issue direct orders to police.

Adeeb – hailed by Progressive Party of Maldives member as the cabinet’s ‘Prime Minister’ in recent weeks – temporarily stood in for his party colleague Nazim as defence minister earlier this month while Nazim was on an unspecified trip.

The most recent change to the cabinet saw Nazim take over the health ministry in August after the renomination of Dr Mariyam Shakeela was blocked by pro-government MPs. Shakeela later alleged a conspiracy and smear campaign to remove her from office.

The defence minister is currently challenging his dismissal from the position of chair of the Local Government Authority after board members voted to remove him from the position last week.

Nazim has been minister of defence since February 2012 – one of the first appointments made by Dr Mohamed Waheed who assumed the position following the controversial resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed.

Video footage on February 7 showed Nazim addressing mutinous police and military units gathered in Republican Square, saying he had delivered an ultimatum on their behalf demanding Nasheed’s unconditional resignation.

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11 thoughts on “Police raid Defence Minister Nazim’s home in early hours”

  1. Would Nazim be made like Sarath Fonseka?

    It looks like YOUTH CITY ciitizens have taken the Yameen party a bit far. The celing cracks have become visible and its a matter of time..

    Bubble is burst

  2. This could boost popularity of Nazim, if he plays his cards well.

    Maldivians need a fresh face like Nazim.

  3. How does a retired colonel suddenly start a successful political career at the highest levels of government so quickly?

    This is how: "Video footage on February 7 showed Nazim addressing mutinous police and military units gathered in Republican Square, saying he had delivered an ultimatum on their behalf demanding Nasheed’s unconditional resignation."

    Nazim is not a trustworthy person.

  4. We don't need Gayooms, huncman to be the President of Maldives. He must serve in Mafushu, for what he did 2012
    Sarukaaru vataali goupe ge iss membereh

  5. For MDP thugs, only possible candidate in this world will be Nasheed.

    But majority of Maldivian will never vote for Nasheed.

    Nazim is a potential candidate for Maldives but does not know when he can get the position .

    he has all the calibre to be the President

  6. @Hero

    That's because ol'Anni had the guts to wreck your heroin trafficking gang AND managed to evade all your attempts at murdering the guy.

    You will never forgive that for as long as you live.

  7. Adeeb is unstoppable destroying all presidential hopefuls, looks like he is aiming for the top job.

  8. The mouse that survives poison comes with more vengence...(Maldivains proverb)

    Big mistake Mr. Yameen.


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