Former PPM Vice President backs resort tycoon Gasim Ibrahim for president

Former Vice President of the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) Umar Naseer has announced he will be backing resort tycoon and presidential candidate of Jumhoree Party (JP) Gasim Ibrahim in the upcoming presidential election scheduled for September 7.

Umar Naseer joins the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) and the religious conservative Adhaalath Party in coalition with the JP, dubbed the ‘Jumhoree Alliance’.

Leader of the DQP Dr Hassan Saeed was subsequently appointed as the running mate of the coalition’s presidential candidate, JP leader Gasim Ibrahim.

Naseer competed and lost against PPM’s Presidential Candidate Yameen Abdul Gayoom in the party’s presidential primary, alleging the election was rigged in favour of Yameen. He told local media on Monday that Gasim was the only candidate among the four presidential candidates whose “sincerity and integrity has not been questioned by the public”.

“I looked for a candidate who can protect our religion, who can defend our national identity, who can tackle growing corruption in the country and who will not defy the people and embezzle state funds. My team of supporters believe in sincerity. We have till to this day spoken of a white rope,” said Umar Naseer.

Naseer also criticised his former party, claiming that the PPM was not running according to the beliefs of the Maldives’ former autocratic ruler of 30 years, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.  He further said that although his team supported the beliefs and values of Gayoom, “Yameen is not Gayoom” but rather “a disgrace” to the former President.

“Therefore we simply cannot support Yameen even though he is still PPM’s presidential candidate,” Naseer claimed.

While campaigning for the PPM’s presidential ticket, Naseer alleged Yameen was involved in drug trafficking and commissioning gangs to cut down political opponents. Yameen dismissed the allegations.

Naseer lost out to Yameen in the PPM primaries gaining just 7,450 votes – 5,646 fewer than his rival. Then party’s Parliamentary Group Leader Yameen won 13,096 votes – 63 percent of the total vote.

Following the defeat, Naseer claimed he had to battle the “entire machine” of the party during the primary, claiming that his opponent had every advantage in the race.

“Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s children were with Yameen, the largest gangsters in the country were with Yameen, all the drug cartels in the country were with Yameen, the most corrupted people were with Yameen, the whole elections committee was with Yameen and a large chunk of PPM’s parliament members gathered around Yameen,” he told the press at the time.

Shortly after the end of the polls, Naseer was dismissed from the PPM over the allegations made against his opponent during the primaries.

A case against Naseer was heard by the PPM’s internal disciplinary council over the nature of possible action taken against him after he refused to apologise to Yameen or defend himself at the subsequent disciplinary hearing.

Naseer contested in the 2008 presidential elections on behalf of Islamic Democratic Party (IDP) – a facing extinction due to a shortage of members as required by the newly passed Political Parties Act.

Naseer faced a humiliating defeat in the polls, finishing the race in second last position with 2,472 votes – just 1.39 percent of the total votes. Since then, he has been very close to Maumoon Abdul Gayoom despite heavily criticising him during the 2008 campaign.


7 thoughts on “Former PPM Vice President backs resort tycoon Gasim Ibrahim for president”

  1. Why does umar insist that he still reveres maumoon. Let go umar, surely by now you must understand. Maumoons beauty is exquisite, every one of us knows the torture of needing maumoon, but not being able to posses her. Maumoon is vein as the ice, cold, more calculating than stairs edge. Her love is but self love, umar, maumoon supports only maumoon. soon your rival, the dark lord yameen, will also be played. Maumoon cannot afford to out rightly oust yameen, so in the name of supporting yameen, he is paving yameen's own path to self destruction. Giving power to yameen will allow yameen to expose the deep dark vengeance which controls him, and in the end, maumoon is playing him out of the picture. Because maumoon wants his own children to wield power, and knows that under yameen they will be devastated. Madame n would not allow that. Yameen knows he is being played, but is pretending to be deceived by it as, there is no other choice as he cannot rise to power if main is against him. But yameen has a trick up his sleeve too. When maumoon tries to escape from yameen by supporting perhaps waheed or saud at the last second, yameen will blow the lid on all he knows about maumoon and the mdp finders who worked under first Ilyas and then yameen at sto, and look like the great man of iron justice Maldivians believe they need. You see it is a dangerous game which will end up in vendetta killings between maumoon and yameen. That's when you might have a chance to step in and build up your popularity as some kind of vigilante enforcer by coming in and claiming you'll clean it all up. But, it won't work because, you have never shown us remorse for breaking the back of precious mahir. Every one hates you because you are arrogant and stupid, you are total donkey of a man. That will be the case until you reimburse mahir for all the suffering you have caused him.

  2. This Political Prostitute Umaru Naseer first he Join MDP then after IDP and left IDP and join DRP and again PPM and now to JP when is going to believe he a looser.

    For me he like haired Police officer for malty party violence to command and use his overseas Police trying by the Malty Party dictators.

  3. Poor Maumoon and Yameen,

    At last they will now realize what was Umar's role in PPM. He was always Gasim's gunslinger and worked faithfully under his instructions to destroy both MDP and PPM. Before that he split DRP. A fanatically faithful, obedient gun slinger of Gasim Ibrahim who have very generously given a major share in one of his business's Whale submarine.Now at last finally he had returned to his master. He shall shamelessly lick the backside of both Gasim and Hassan Saeed now.

  4. At last Umar the distroyer has joint Gasim what a move.When we look back we see destruction and hatred behind Umar the destroyer. Lets see what he does to Gasim.

  5. isnt it ironic that adhaalath party and umar naseer who rallied against dr hassan saeed's book are now supporting him as a running mate because he is the running mate of seytu the tycoon?

  6. why isnt anybody now talking about backbone mahir and allegations of torture against umar naseer? or have we accepted umar naseer as a politician and forgotten his past as a sergeant in the infamous National Security Services?


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