Former President Nasheed appears in court with arm in makeshift sling

A visibly injured former President Mohamed Nasheed appeared at the Criminal Court today for the first hearing of his sudden terrorism trial.

Nasheed limped inside the courtroom at 4:35pm, nursing what appeared to be a broken arm and using his tie as a makeshift sling.

There were no buttons on his shirt, his glasses were missing, and he had a T-shirt wrapped around his body.

Nasheed appeared at court without legal representation as the Criminal Court today refused to register any of the five lawyers on his legal team.

Ignoring requests for medical attention, presiding Judge Abdulla Didi asked the state prosecutors to present charges.

The former president is being charged with terrorism for his administration’s detention of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed in January 2012.

Didi gave Nasheed three days to appoint a lawyer and answer charges, and ordered the opposition leader be held in police custody until the trial ended.

Nasheed has now been taken to Dhoonidhoo Island Detention Center, but lawyers said he may be taken to ADK Hospital for treatment. Supporters are awaiting him outside the hospital on Sosun Magu.

He was arrested yesterday at 3:00pm from his residence Yagoothuge.

Court proceedings

Nasheed arrived at the Justice Building at 4:00pm under a heavy Specialist Operations (SO) police guard. Journalists attempted to question the opposition leader, but SO officers surrounded and manhandled Nasheed, shoving journalists and cameramen aside.

Nasheed’s shirt was torn in the process and he fell to the ground.

He repeatedly urged police officers to allow him to walk inside the court building, but SO officers dragged the former president inside the building by force.

Court officials locked the door afterwards.

When a three judge bench commenced the trial at 4:40pm, Nasheed stood up and said: “Honourable judge, I have been shoved to the ground and my arm has been broken. I want to see a doctor. As you can clearly see, I am hurt.”

He added: “I’ve been waiting for a while now. Take me to a doctor and then you can issue your verdict.”

However, Judge Abdulla Didi – presiding over the case along with Abdul Bari Yoosuf and Sujau Usman – said the judges had received reports suggesting that Nasheed had staged a fall, caused his own injuries and refused to enter the court building.

Nasheed replied: “What evidence are you basing this on? Check the videos.”

State Prosecutor Abdulla Rabiu said Nasheed was charged under Article 2(b) of the Prevention of Terrorism Act and that as commander-in-chief the former president was responsible for the military’s detention of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed.

Asked to respond to the charges, Nasheed repeated his request for medical attention and asked to be allowed to appoint a lawyer.

When Judge Didi said Nasheed had allegedly refused to enter the court, he replied: “I’ve never given an excuse not to enter a courtroom.”

Nasheed also noted that he had been kept in detention for more than 24 hours without being brought before a judge.

State Prosecutor Aishath Fazna Ahmed then read out a letter from the Prosecutor General requesting an order to hold Nasheed in remand detention on the grounds that his previous conduct during proceedings at the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court suggested the former president might abscond from trial.

Fazna also cited a police intelligence report to support the request, and requested for a continuous trial.

Judge Didi gave Nasheed three days to appoint a lawyer and answer the charges of terrorism and ordered police to hold the former president in pre-trial detention until the conclusion of the trial.

Didi said the Criminal Court would order the police to provide the former president with medical care.

Judge Abdulla Mohamed has meanwhile taken a leave of absence until the end of the trial.

Outside, the police had cordoned off the area encompassing the Criminal Court, the adjoining Supreme Court and the Vice President’s residence. Supporters had been gathering behind barricades from 3:00pm onwards.

Photo: Nasheed manhandled by police outside the Justice Building


Condemning the police’s unlawful use of force and brutality, the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives has called on the police to provide Nasheed with medical attention immediately and ensure he is afforded all constitutional rights.

In response to a question today, Syed Akbaruddin, official spokesperson at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, expressed concern over the developments in the Maldives, “including the arrest and manhandling of former President Nasheed.”

“We urge all concerned to calm the situation and resolve their differences within the constitutional and legal framework of Maldives.​

“The Government of India reiterates its commitment to supporting the people and the Government of Maldives in their quest for peace, development, prosperity and democracy,” the spokesperson said.

The Maldivian Democracy Network, meanwhile, said Nasheed had been denied constitutional rights, including the right to legal counsel and appeal.

In a statement detailing several alleged irregularities, the human rights group called on the Maldives Police Services and the Prosecutor General to work within the ambit of the Constitution.

“We urge the authorities to release Nasheed and all peaceful protesters as we are of the view that these persons have been detained unlawfully without adherence to due process,” the statement read.

Photo: Protesters outside ADK Hospital

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20 thoughts on “Former President Nasheed appears in court with arm in makeshift sling”

  1. This was expected of this guy, to take and send some photographs to his financiers.

  2. Nasheed played a drama to get few shots for the media.

    Vaguthu, journalist claims that they have seen Nasheed hitting the police office with his fist and picture is still on

  3. What a farce! How long do we have to put up with this judiciary? Why don't we just spare the state the expense and do away with it altogether!

  4. president Yamin have clearly d cleared he shall not interfere in matters pertaining to a independent institutions. Upholding the principals he will not interfere in the present process against former President. It is apparent the Hudiciery, SO police and the Prosecuter General have behaved unconstitutionally and in order to investigate the excesses please go to JSC, Police Integrity Commission , human rights Commission and Parliament committee to investigate and take necessary action to punish the errant judges and Police officers. Do not hold HEP Yamin responsible as he is very concerned about the incidents and have no doubt that He shall personally take necessary action to punish all those who are involved in the incidents.

  5. Well done, my dearest Maldives. You are such a mature and grown up democracy that you should start exporting democracy to the rest of the world. Maldives Oh Maldives, I am very very proud of you.

  6. Manhandling and pushing the ex president, breaking his glasses and ripping his clothes.
    Even a banana republic in Africa treats its politicians with respect and dignity.
    You people have no class. Shame on you.

  7. Everybody in the Maldives knows that Yameen is arrogant ruthless man who is capable of doing anything to harm people. Everything he is doing now unconstitutional, he has no mandate from the people to do anything as his government was coalitional government and the biggest stake holder has withdrawn. It is the responsibility of the opposition to get rid of this man and if anything like terrorism applies to anyone, it is this man who should be tried and put behind the bars.
    People should rise now, we see now the dictatorship is making under very ruthless man. this man should be removed immediately as he has no constitutional right to be a president with the vote of 25% people. the second thing should be get rid of the judiciary and police these are politically corrupted people to its core. Any new government comes has to clean this mess and start a new beginning.

  8. nothing new from nasheed the actor:

    watch the video and make your own judgement

    also Nasheed was taken to ADK hospital and he was soon released since he didn't have any injuries.

  9. A little bit of drama is not beyond our former president. He likes some media spotlight. But then again how he was manhandled cannot be excused. Its sad but this whole incident is a horrible irony with everyone involved in some stage of the making of this wrongdoing.

  10. Indeed shame on us - and he's allowed to hit all the police officers he wants to if that's what he did - the least he could do given how he and most of the country has been treated - and taken for one hell of a ride. Not everyone buys the thugs masquerading as noble politicians.

  11. The president must be so proud, the world is watching. What a disgusting way to treat a citizen of the Maldives never mind the ex president.

  12. @Michael Fahmy: This is what democracy brought us.

    We were better off without a democracy.
    I support for a government with a king who has all powers.

  13. @MissIndia NewDelhi: watch the video:
    We can clearly see that the whole scene has been faked by mohamed nasheed. now he's got what he wanted. media attention!

  14. Look, this happened in front of a large number of on lookers and journalists. Nasheed clearly didn't tear apart his own shirt or bruise himself by hitting himself did he?

    Never mind him being a former President; this was an unarmed middle aged man surrounded by the heaviest of "heavies" that the Maldivian Police Service could find. Where was he going to run? How far would he have managed to run? So, was it really necessary to manhandle him like that?

    Then there's the police claim that he threw himself to the floor! So what was the reason for shoving him around like that?

    Why was he refused legal representation? Ah, yes, that was because his lawyers had not "applied" for that representation three days in advance when Nasheed was summarily arrested without any warning just a day before! Were his lawyers supposed to have known this by divine inspiration?

    What a farce! The Maldivian State has pretty much lost any credibility that was left.

  15. There we have it, for the whole world to see:

  16. Why ?

    Why is such a beautiful nation putting itself into such silly situations ?

  17. you must get ride of this dictator. shame on those who have elected this man. giving up your liberty to an ignorant stupid man.


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