Gasim calls for “jihad” against “Nasheed’s antics”: local media

Leader of the government-aligned Jumhoree Party (JP), resort tycoon MP Gasim Ibrahim, has accusing former President Mohamed Nasheed of leading a “coup” against the Maldivian state, and called for a “jihad” to protect Maldivian society from “Nasheed’s antics”, local media has reported.

Speaking at the JP’s fourth anniversary ceremony yesterday, local newspaper Haveeru reported Gasim as saying the nation had fallen “victim” to Nasheed and his supporters, whom he accused of conducting “terrorist acts”.

“The time has come to undertake a Jihad in the name of Allah to protect our religion, culture and nation. Such a sacrifice must be made to restore peace and stability in the nation,” Gasim was quoted as saying.

MDP Spokesperson, MP Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, claimed Gasim’s calls for “jihad” were of “very serious” concern to the nation.

Gasim’s statement highlighted the “growing jihadist spirit” among senior government politicians linked to former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, whom he accused of promoting “extremist hate speech” against their political opposition.

“What we are seeing are some of Gayoom’s generals trying to stoke a jihadist sense of nationalism,” Ghafoor claimed. “This is a product of Gayoom’s rule.”

Gasim was not responding to calls at time of press.

JP Spokesperson Moosa Ramiz meanwhile said he had been asked to forward questions from media to the party’s president, Dr Ibrahim Didi. Dr Didi was not answering calls at time of press.

“Jihadist rhetoric”

Ghafoor contended that politically-motivated calls for “jihad”  had to be taken seriously, given that Gasim was not only a key financier of the December 23 coalition that criticised the Nasheed administration for “un-Islamic” policies such as diplomatic relations with Israel, but also the Vice Chairman of the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI).

“Gasim is the main financier of the [religiously conservative] Adhaalath Party that came into the MDP’s coalition government [elected in 2008] through him,“ Ghafoor claimed. “We cannot take such comments from him with a grain of salt, given that he was one of the chief thugs of Gayoom’s regime.”

As well as leading the Jumhoree Party, Gasim is both a member of parliament and its representative on the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) – the judicial watchdog recently accused by the UN Human Rights Committee of being “seriously compromised”.

During the Maldives recent defence of its human rights record in Geneva, a panel member also raised the “troubling role of the judiciary at the centre of many of these [recent] developments.”

“The judiciary – which is admittedly in serious need of training and qualifications – is yet seemingly playing a role leading to the falling of governments,” he observed.

Gasim was also accused by the MDP of supporting the Adhaalath Party’s February 2010 protests against new regulations permitting the sale of alcohol and pork to foreign nationals at licensed hotels of more than 100 beds, on islands designated as ‘inhabited’ in the Maldives.

According to customs records for 2011, Gasim’s Villa Hotels chain – including the Royal, Paradise, Sun, and Holiday Island resorts, in 2011 imported approximately 121,234.51 litres of beer, 2048 litres of whiskey, 3684 litres of vodka and 219.96 kilograms of pork sausages, among other commodities restricted to islands classified as ‘uninhabited’ in the Maldives.

Political use of Islam

Ghafoor also raised concerns about rhetoric of present Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel, whose Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) this year published a pamphlet whilst in opposition entitled “President Nasheed’s devious plot to destroy the Islamic faith of Maldivians.”

Ghafoor alleged that allegations within the document – denied vehemently by Nasheed, and which leading to the controversial arrest of two senior DQP members including Dr Jameel – amounted to a work of extremist “hate speech”. The repeated dismissal of Dr Jameel’s case by Chief Judge of the Criminal Court, Abdulla Mohamed, and the subsequently arrest and on the judge by Nasheed’s government on charges including political collusion, led to the downfall of the Nasheed administration in a police and military mutiny on February 7.

Ghafoor rejected the JP’s allegations that the MDP’s ongoing protests in the capital during the last few weeks – which have escalated at points into violent confrontations with police – were perceived as “acts of terrorism” by the public.

“This is something [our political opponents] have always thrown at us, to brand the MDP and its supporters as terrorists,” he said. “Though they brand us as un-Islamic, we have won election despite these sort of allegations,” he said. “I would also say that Nasheed has received numerous international awards, including the James Lawson Award for Achievement in the Practice of Nonviolent Action. We are an exemplary case of providing a peaceful political transition despite the country’s coup-ridden past. “


41 thoughts on “Gasim calls for “jihad” against “Nasheed’s antics”: local media”

  1. Just ignore this guy, he's just being the crazy guy he is and of course added to that craziness is desperation now that he knows that there is a significant percentage of this population who are not going to dance to his music like he was expecting them to. Not all of us are Villa employees afterall.

  2. I agree Mariyam. I think he is so simple that he actually believes that money can buy him respectability.Not that he actually has any money either! It's all borrowed and when someone tries to make him pay it back, he helps the old regime to change the governemnt.Really, a sad man who is so lacking in self esteem he will do anything to get people to notice him.

  3. The Drill is indirectly asking the government to legalize homosexuality. For Jihad is the only means for which one can practice homosexuality, according to a recent fatwa. Without Jihad there can be no legal drilling.

    Thank you Drill, for supporting gaysim in this holey month.

  4. Do not ever ignore people like this, your silence only fuels their beliefs in that they are speaking for the nation. The louder you speak out against idiots like this the better chance you have of drowning out the rubbish that spills from their minds. Too many dictators gain power because the public ignore the dangerous rants of a mad man. Dictators succeed when no one speaks out against them, he has all the trademark values of a future dictator.

  5. Gasim is an ignorant tycoon dreaming of becoming a president. We the public know the reason why rich tycoons wants to control the government. Corruption is his attitude and he can only dream we will NOT vote him for president

  6. Gasim probably doesnt know the word "jihad" is a profanity in the English language.

  7. He is headless driller. Whats the use of headless driller. He is insane. He won't defaet Anni in any election as he is illiterate person.

  8. Do not underestimate this hyena.

    He is using the braindead camels and painting the paradise to lure the ignorants in the nation. And there are many guboalees in the country.

    We need a western democracy in the Maldives. Secular government. I am told that we do not need to take our beaches and palms to heaven and that it would have better ones, hence I am not advocating a 100% muslim nation. Realistically, not all think alike. Some are color blind, some like tuna while some like chicken more, some will die of cancer, some are lucky... similarly, some Maldivians will believe in Islam, while some will not...

    Drills and other Resort owners wants to further enrich themselves, and their biggest tools are 'Maumoon' and Bearded Camels. These two can whip up any cream anywhere in the Maldives, anytime. The resort owners use these tools to create so much furor in the country, nobody can concentrate on the heinous schemes these guys come up to squeeze the Maldivians of their rights.

  9. Buruma is no exception in the Jahilyaa country on the face of earth. His rhetoric is reflection of his country men’s average reality. Believing in supernatural force that it will help him to get the top seat to protect almighty’s interest which seems fading away in the most vulnerable nation. He will live for this dream till his last breath, like the same way he is dreaming the heaven with 70 virgins. This saga will continue till his dreaming episode is over. It is retard’s life, I met this guy once, and have never seen such absurd character and realized how crazy the Maldivian people are that people like this chimpanzee can influence on them.

  10. How long will it take this orangatang to evolve anything that may resemble a human.

  11. @Ismail Nazim and naseem
    what sparred such hatred in you for Islam??(and that also for something the bogos idiot Buruma said)
    and what is making you live in this jahiliya, asinine and crazy country??
    you have so many options in your bag, for example;

    why don't you emigrate to your loving secular parts of the world which i thought would accept you with open arms?? (sad thing is the atheist who killed himself in the airport terminal did not get any support from these open armed secular countries even after repeated requests for him to be heard, what bad ethics and what a way to violate human rights, right??

    or rather you can go to st. Louis, which is in America (one of the most religiously tolerant countries but has the largest crime rates in the world)st louis is a beautiful but tops the list of most dangerous cities in the world
    or you can also choose Russia where the mafia gangs rule the country etc...
    anything, right, except for this down troddon jahiliya country??

    PS;yeah ,waiting for that 80 beautiful pure virgins is better than having the syphilis, gonorrhea ridden two timing bitches here!!

  12. Dr.Gasim. Now what you have to do is, tell
    Mladivean Gove, to select 300 Islands, and submit UN to declare as Nation, like Nation Gasim, Nation Gayoom, for him Makunudhoo. and each will have an independent Nation to do what ever you all
    The rest of Islands will be Maldives, belongs to the people of Maldives.

  13. How about Muslims call to make Jihad against Gasim's resorts and massage parlors, to make it halal.

  14. @shuddup

    We don’t want Maldives to be a secular western style democracy nor do we like the white people and their culture. We are just ashamed of being Maldivian because Maldivian behaves like some Chimpanzees, either we see some religious extremist talking non sense and calling for the craziest thing in the world, or some psychopaths who want governments to be lawless and to be ruled with their liking. The political spectrum is divided to this two opposing mental garbage, because this is the dividing point of all Maldivian, from average, to theorists and philosophical people.

    You can’t snatch out our identity of being Maldivian or Muslim same way you can’t change us from blood group A to B. Therefore, we have the same rights as you have to think whatever we want think and believe whatever rubbish or good we want. The only difference is we are trying to be rational, that world and life on earth did not start in the last 2000 years, that there is no difference in Islam, Hindu, Buddhist Christian and Jews. These are philosophical evolution along with human cultures.

  15. This man was known as a great philanthropist. We all believed knowing his humble beginnings at Endhirimaage that he was genuine in his assistance s to the general public though the initial acquirement with the help of then STO Chairman Mr. Illiyas Ibrahim was highly questionable.
    Then we heard him going against his benefactor family Endhirimaage for his personal profit.
    Then we realized that most of the educational scholarships that were granted were a condition laid down by the world bank prior to granting him a huge loan with a Government guarantee.
    He started expanding into every business available in Maldives like general trading, stationary and even photography and developing printing pushing lot of small time entrepreneurs out of business.
    Slowly he became a monopolizer and a dictator who always had everything his way except during Maumoons late 10 years where he was jailed for taking part in Aug 12 and 13 and arrogantly demanding then President to sack Abdullah Hameed and Abdulla Yamin from his Government.
    Now the whole nation knows that Gasim is not what he wanted people to believe but a cunning schemer who wants to become President of Maldives by unscrupulous practices by illegally spending his illgotton money. People also see him as a fool from whom you can easily swindle some amount of money by polishing his very stupid ego. Having people like, Jabir, Thala Moosa and who ever willing to join him has made him a person who does not want quality but quantity.
    Now that he has realized he can never be the Prez of Maldives he wants to destroy it by using the word Jihad. A coward calling upon misguided youth to resort to violence which already have taken route as our youth is now violent and savage.
    It is a matter of time before Gasim would really empty all his coffers as he continuously have to finance the Coup leaders and the cops and soldiers who took part in the coup. Also people like Kutti and crowd will always be in need of some cash now and then. Jabir will bleed him to a slow death. So Gasim Ibrahim better be careful now and be very sorry later. My suggestion is that he stop his attempts to swindle the Government of Maldives to offset the losses he incurred in his wild imagination that he could become the president of Maldives and retire from politics gracefully before people lynch him in the streets in a Jihad against his antics.

  16. lol pls send this to UK daily mail and BBC, Villa resorts owner calls out for Islamic Jihad against President Nasheed. This needs international headlines.

    Gasim it would do miracles to tourist arrivals.

  17. Gasim had called for killing or mass murder and many people here are trying to twist the story.

    If ever extremism exists in this country then the extremism is a political extremism. The biggest extremist is Anni.

    Anni actions proves and his two faced attitude proves himself not worthy to be the president of Maldives but rather worth him to declare as the president of Republic of MDP or republic of Kenereege.

  18. Being a philothropist- for votes to become President

    Being an a sponsor of education- to become President of Maldives.

    Being the best known polygamist - to become the President of Maldives

    Being the richest - to become the President of maldives

    Being Head of the Jumhoory Party- to become the President of Maldives

    Does President mean of these? the character is not worthy of public trust for that high office, not to mention his academic credentials.

    The guy does not know that he does not know - he knows his business, but he does not know and cannot represent Maldives Presidency. His kindness is to be rewarded by Allah and people do not have to reward him with Presidency. Because it is not a reward, it is the biggest responsibility and ambassadorship on behalf of the people.

    The guy is being robbed of in the name of his popularity. This shows a person can be extremely ignorant despite knowing something ( business) well.

  19. mody on Sun, 5th Aug 2012 2:05 PM

    "" Gasim had called for killing or mass murder and many people here are trying to twist the story. ""

    Twist what ?

  20. it was tying error " i did corrected by inserting "not" but minivan had never posted the correct version.

  21. Gasim calling for jihad!
    This guy is the most eligible of people call for jihad! Wow!

  22. Gasim furatham mussandih vaan Desal thelah kalutheo alaaigen vikki meeheh 1972 threay ga. Feshumakee mee. mihaaru nimen edha nee
    Bagavaith ge nimun.

    Kashi bunifa vee gothah moluwaa nee, meen konme meehakee, chief minister ah hadaafah, kon meehakaa, vaki vaki attols havalu kohfa, vaki veri kan kuraa gotha hamajasaa leema, mi hifumeh nuhifaane, Dhen ulaey nee mulin vess alunkoleh.Mimeehunaah bay nun vaa funds bairun seedha hodey.Killah hadigen uluneema kihaa rahgalu waane.

  23. @shuddup on Sun, 5th Aug 2012 4:00 AM

    "PS;yeah ,waiting for that 80 beautiful pure virgins is better than having the syphilis, gonorrhea ridden two timing bitches here!!"

    Sorry to bring you some rather bad news. You'll be a bit annoyed and rather stiff (pun intended), when those virgins do not turn up by your "spirited" self, so to speak.

    Anyway, let me add my two laaries worth to this story. Gasim swaggers the mighty sword of Jihad with his left hand, whilst he sells liquor and pork with his right hand. The proceeds of the said liquor and pork is financing this Holy Jihad. I will let you decide how holy this is, and what kind of Jihad it is.

    As we know, there's a section of the population that will fall for this stupid rhetoric. These are the kind that will go and blow up either themselves or kill infidels in the name of Jihad.

    It is the duty of every human being (regardless of religious belief) to stop madmen like this stoking the fires of hatred and bigotry. History has taught us valuable lessons when people ignored the likes of Hitler.

  24. Yea I can see its a TYING error ! I am laughing my ass off!! I believe I already mentioned you to do an English course

  25. @Ahmed bin Addu.....

    oh, gosh, you people believe in the rhetoric's of this seyku buffoon of a person gasim as well as seyku nasheed- talk about brain power!!!??

  26. when you ask for jihadh. fist of all lets find out how you got the money and became rich all your money is HARAAM so how can you call for jihaad go to hell man insha allah you will face the corruption you and ilyas did
    its ilyas ibrahim who made you rich both of you are thieves
    you have cheated customs STO and MIFCO stolen all the money with Ilyaas we know everything and has evidence

  27. @Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb,

    you got it all wrong buddy, i said waiting
    and not fighting or going for jihad (god knows how people like gasim interprets this in his bogos mind; that is if he has a mind??)

    and some of the comments here also adds fuel to the fire by demeaning others in the name of religion when the commenters themselves do not know how to respect others with faith.If they want to advocate religious freedom why can't they do it in a rational and polite manner rather than cursing and shouting filth.

    claiming that Islam came only about 1400 years ago is a defect in the one who is saying this as everyone knows that religion has existed ever since the earth paved way for humans!!

    my question is; are these apostates and atheists advocating religious freedom in a rational manner or are they on the brinks of raging war against those who have faith???

    PS;and how do you(just a humble human being and not god)justify and declare that there isn't 80 virgins waiting???? you will only know that after death grips your throat??? so wait and see???

  28. @ismail Nazim

    so don't believe in Islam, who's forcing you, with the way you talk we all know that you dislike and reject religion.

    be your arrogant, ego inflated self but remember, coming out to the public cursing and shouting filth towards the 90% or more who believes in faith will only show what a brain dead person you are????

  29. This Boane Gasim is just nuts..calling for Jihad! what a laugh..jihad should be to abolish alcohol in his resorts, provide pork in the resorts, spas and parlous and looking at half naked women all night and day in the resorts, under the islamic prohibitions these things are unaccepted and prohibited..first clean yourself before you finger point at others, when you are bathing in sin living in the money accumulated from selling oil and getting outrageous profit years ago by being a peopn to Ilyas and getting the oil license, that started his wealthiness, bringing young teenage girls from the islands and handing them to politicians who loved to have short affairs with these girls and sending them back...this is how he rose to money and power. What a crap man, nver saw a school in his life and now power has gone into his head to be a president like as if he is drunk, what a poor character and soul.. best will be to find few teenage girls and add a couple of more wives, better than Jihad nundho?

  30. I wonder how many plane loads of Russian prostitutes he has "entertained" now down on Sun Island, flown down by TMA ??

    Just ask any of the staff on the Island !!!!

  31. Qasim and these other Beerahtehin have forgotten the days they used to go to "Athiriah" to defacate while the chicken feed on it behind their backs.

    Male' is such a dirty and nasty place now because these Beerahtehin have invaded it, throwing rubbish everywhere. If you go to the beach you will see used nappies thrown on the beach. I think the athiriah dhiun mentality still continues. They may show off with the latest mobile phones and flashy cars but sadly their brains are still in the barbaric stage of evolution.

  32. here is what i have for bother reading all that..

    Gasim was a great man...mean he still is.. he helps, assists families and individuals without taking anything. He still does more that the govt does.. but his problems came when he shook hands been bakaman (maumoon). The spoiled corrupted kingpin made gasim much alike him..Gasim today we know still helps the people..the difference is that now he expects a return.

  33. @kkk




  34. Gasim is the protector of Islam, our new prophet. He has special telephone connection to Allah, just like beloved prophet, who was talking to to god for 24 years straight, Gasim is poised to break his record. as Bagee Americans land their CURIOSITY on Mars we Maldivians must concentrate on total Sharia implementation and denounce any Moon explorations and protect our sacred Islamic Moon which was cut into two by our prophet.

  35. Gasim has collected ilegal money to betray the country. We heard the story of Qaaroon. Very similar to him. Qasim is the Qaroon of Maldives. May Allah help us to escape from this goof.

  36. Qasim means that he wants to declare war against MDP and assassinate President Nasheed.

  37. This Laulha is in deep trouble!
    The time has come for Maldivians to give a blind ear to scumbags and to do away with two timing crooks like him!
    There can be few worst crooks like this Laulha!
    Laulha is a real "Chuck-less Drill"!


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